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Advances in Ergonomics in Manufacturing

ISBN 9781439870396
Published July 10, 2012 by CRC Press
532 Pages 273 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Meeting the needs of the manufacturing and service sectors of contemporary industry, this volume is concerned with the human factors, ergonomics, and safety issues related to the design of products, processes, and systems, as well as the operation and management of business enterprises. This book will be of special value to researchers and practitioners involved in the design of products, processes, systems, and services, which are marketed and utilized by a variety of organizations around the world.

Table of Contents

Human Oriented Organization
Organizational Innovations and Knowledge Based Enterprises. Theoretical Postulates and Empirical Issues, E. Pawlowski, Poland
Chosen Methods Supporting Management of Enterprise's Agility, S. Trzcielinski, Poland
Workforce Diversity and Ergonomic Challenges for Sustainable Manufacturing Organizations, A. Hussain, R. Marshall, S. Summerskill and K. Case, UK
Integrative Production Technology for High-Wage Countries - Resolving the Polylemma of Production, C. Brecher, W. Karmann, S. Kozielski and C. Wesch-Potente, Germany
Management Audit as Part of an Ergonomics Management in Production Systems, M. Bierwirth and R. Bruder, Germany
Ergonomic Intervention Plan for Machinery Operators, M. Drzewiecka, B. Mrugalska and L. Pacholski, Poland
Human-Machine-Systems for Future Smart Factories, D. Zuehlke, Germany
The Role of Ergonomic Factors in the Modeling of Project Management Organization, P. Pietras, Poland
User-Centered Design of a Game-Based, Virtual Training System, D. Goreky, Germany, G. Lawson, UK, K. Mura, Germany, S. Hermawati, UK, and M. Overby, Denmark
Age-Appropriate Workplace Engineering with the Aid of Cardboard Engineering, G. Meyer and P. Nyhuis, Germany
A Flexible Intelligent Algorithm for Identification of Optimum Mix of Demographic Variables for Integrated HSEE-ISO Systems: The Case of a Gas Transmission Refinery, M. Azadeh, Z. Jiryaei and B. Ashjari, Iran, and M. Saberi, Australia
Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Based Occupational Health Management System for Indian Workers Exposed to Risk of Heat Stress, Y. Anand, S. Srivastava and K. Srivastava, India
Adaptive Assembly Planning for a Nondeterministic Domain, D. Ewert, M. Mayer, D. Schilberg and S. Jeschke, Germany
Planning-Modules for the Manual Assembly Using Virtual Reality Technics, L. Goldhahn and K. Mueller-Eppendorfer, Germany
Learning and Forgetting in Production-Inventory Systems with Perishable Seasonal Items, I. Abdul, Nigeria, and A. Murata, Japan

Work Study - Improving the Skills, Quality and Effectiveness
Influence at Years of Experience on Operation Concerning Kyoto Style Earthen Wall, A. Goto, H. Sato, A. Endo, C. Narita, Y. Takai and H. Hamada, Japan
Comparison of Painting Technique of Urushi Products between Expert and Non-Expert, A. Goto, A. Endo, C. Narita, Y. Takai, Y. Shimode and H. Hamada, Japan
Subjective Evaluation of Kyo-Yuzen-Dyed Fabrics with Different Material in Putting-Past (Nori-oki) Process, T. Furukawa, A. Endo, C. Narita, T. Sasaki, Y. Takai, A. Goto and H. Hamada, Japan
Human Motion of Weaving "Kana-ami" Technique by Biomechanical Analysis, K. Tsuji, Y. Takai, A. Goto, T. Ota and H. Hamada, Japan
Subjective Evaluation for Beauty of Texture on Metal Surface with Chasing Operation, M. Nishina, G. Sasaki, Y. Takai, A. Goto and H. Hamada, Japan
Biomechanical Analysis of "Kyo-Gashi" Techniques and Skills for Japanese Sweets Experts, A. Goto, Y. Takai and H. Hamada, Japan
Analysis of Operation and Eye Movement Concerning Master of Wire Net, A. Goto, Y. Takai, T. Ota, H. Hamada and K.-I. Tsuji, Japan
Highly Cultured Brush Manufactured by Traditional Brush Mixing Technique "KEMOMI", S. Kawabata, T. Kamada, M. Nasu, K. Nakahara, H. Tsukuda, A. Goto and H. Hamada, Japan
Virtual Agent Assistance for Maintenance Tasks in IPS² - First Results of a Study, U. Schmuntzsch, C. Sturm, R. Reichmuth and M. Roetting, Germany
Involving Users in the Design of Augmented Reality-Based Assistance in Industrial Assembly Tasks, K. Mura, D. Gorecky and G. Meixner, Germany
A New Method for Forecasting the Learning Time of Sensorimotor Tasks, T. Jeske and C. Schlick, Germany

Human Factors in Work Systems
Industrial Robots – The New Friends of an Aging Workforce? D. Bortot, B. Hawe, S. Schmidt and K. Bengler, Germany
The Effect of Anthropomorphic Movements of Assembly Robots on Human Prediction, S. Kuz, A. Heinicke, D. Schwichtenhoevel, M. Mayer and C. Schlick, Germany
Design and Implementation of a Comprehensible Cognitive Assembly System, C. Brecher, S. Müller, M. Faber and W. Herfs, Germany
Navigation as a Key for Self-Optimizing Assembly Processes, R. Schmitt, P. Jatzkowski and A. Schönberg, Germany
Assembly Motion Planning Using Controlled Collisions, C. Brecher, D. Behnen, T. Breitbach and W. Herfs, Germany
Improving Operator’s Conformity with Expectations in a Cognitively Automated Assembly Cell Using Human Heuristics, M. Mayer and C. Schlick, Germany
Cooperative Disassembly of Human and Robot Using an Augmented Vision System, B. Odenthal, M. Mayer, W. Kabuß and C. Schlick, Germany
Artificial Intelligence in Optimizing Environmental Factors Towards Human Performance, A. Ismail, B. Deros and Y. Yusoff, Malaysia
Perceptions of Traffic Enforcers on Road Traffic Noise and Its Potential Non-Auditory Effects, A. Matias, K. Baraquel, M. Barrios, L. Millare and C. Ocampo, Philippines
Temporal Strategy and Performance during a Short-Cycle Fatiguing Repetitive Task, T. Bosch, S. Mathiassen, D. Hallman, M. de Looze, E. Lyskov, B. Visser and J. van Dieёn, The Netherlands
Kitting as an Information Source in Manual Assembly, A. Brolin, Sweden/UK, G. Bäckstrand, P. Thorvald and D. Högberg, Sweden, and K. Case, Sweden/UK
A Biomechanical Evaluation of Dynamic and Asymmetric Lifting Using the AnyBody™ Commercial Software: A Pilot Study, X. Jiang and A. Sengupta, USA
Real-Time Measuring System of Eye-Gaze Location and Writing Pressure in Calligraphy, A. Murata, K. Inoue, T. Hayami and M. Moriwaka, Japan
Use of a Monocular See-Through Head-Mounted Display While Walking: A Comparison of Different User Interfaces, K. Tanuma, K. Kurimoto, M. Nomura and M. Nakanishi, Japan
A Game System for Visually Impaired Utilizing Kinect, N. Takahashi, T. Shogen, Y. Ikegami and M. Ohkura, Japan
A Case Study of Participatory Ergonomics in the Quality Assessment of a Drilling "Dog House", M. Camilli, G. Forte, G. Massara, L. Spirito, C. Strinati and S. Mastrangelo, Italy

Toward an Ergonomic Product
A Calculation Model for Ergonomics Cost-Benefit Analyses in Early Product Development Stages, A.-C. Falck and M. Rosenqvist, Sweden
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Haptic Feedback on a Steering Wheel for BSW, J. Chun, G. Park, S. Oh, J. Seo, I. Lee, S. Choi and S. Han, South Korea
Identifying Affective Satisfaction Elements of a Smartphone Application, J. Park, S. Han, J. Park and H. Kim, South Korea
Identifying Elements of User Value for Smartphones Through a Longitudinal Observation, J. Park and S. Han, South Korea
Development of an Affective Satisfaction Model for Smartphones, H. Kim, S. Han, J. Park and J. Park, South Korea
Determination of Ringtone Volumes of Mobile Phones: Applying Signal Detection Theory, H. Moon and S. Han, South Korea
Design and Evaluation of Methods to Aid One-Handed Input in Mobile Touch Screen Devices, S. Oh, S. Han, J. Seo and D. Park, South Korea
Evaluation Method for Product End-Of-Life Selection Strategy, Z. Ghazalli, Malaysia, and A. Murata, Japan
Studying Customer Experience for Chinese Fast-Food Service, N. Chen, P.-L. Rau and M.-Q. Wang, China
Effects of Preference on Crape Structure of Saijo Japanese Paper, H. Hu, Y. Takai, N. Saiki, T. Tsujinaka, M. Ochi, A. Goto and H. Hamada, Japan
One New Anthropometrical Method for Body Measurement in Motion, Y. Wang, China
Experimental Measurement of Body Size and Practice of Teaching and Research, X. Zhou and S.-Z. Hu, China
A study on Shoe Sizing Systems: Foot Anthropometry of Filipino Children Aged 7-12, A. Matias, R. Macaranday, J. Mangubat, R. Reyes and J. Tan, Philippines
The Customer Requirements for Sandals-Inspirations for Design, S. Tsang, J. Ho and A. Chan, Hong Kong
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