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Advances in Industry 4.0 and Machine Learning: Advances in Industry 4.0 and Machine Learning_Niranjanamurthy

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Industry 4.0 refers to the industrial revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. It involves automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and processes which include cyber-physical systems (CPS), the internet of things, industrial internet of things (IIOT), cloud computing, cognitive computing and artificial intelligence. The revolution of Industry 4.0 is giving manufacturers faster, more flexible, and more efficient processes to produce higher-quality goods and at lower costs. Machine learning is the process of using software engineering principles, and analytical and data science knowledge, and combining both of those in order to take an ML model that’s created and making it available for use by the product or the consumers. Aimed at senior undergraduate students, graduate students and professionals, the proposed series will focus on discussing advanced conspets of Industry 4.0 and Machine Learning. Some of the emerging application areas include manufacturing processes, industrial engineering, eletcronics and communication engineering, computer science and engineering, and electrical engineering.

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Blockchain Technology and Applications

Blockchain Technology and Applications

1st Edition

Edited By Manoj Kumar M V, Annappa B, Likewin Thomas, Sourav Kanti Addya, Niranjanamurthy M
December 13, 2022

Blockchain is an emerging platform for developing decentralized applications and data storage, over and beyond its role as a platform for cryptocurrencies. This reference text provides a comprehensive discussion on blockchain technology from research and application perspective. Discusses ...

Edge Computing Fundamentals, Advances and Applications

Edge Computing: Fundamentals, Advances and Applications

1st Edition

By K. Anitha Kumari, G. Sudha Sadasivam, D. Dharani, M. Niranjanamurthy
December 23, 2021

This reference text presents the state-of-the-art in edge computing, its primitives, devices and simulators, applications, and healthcare-based case studies. The text provides integration of blockchain with edge computing systems and integration of edge with Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud ...

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