1st Edition

Advances in Marine Structures

Edited By Carlos Guedes Soares, Wolfgang Fricke Copyright 2011
    746 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    In recent years significant advances have been made in the development of methods and modeling procedures for structural assessment of marine structures. Various assessment methods are incorporated in the methods used to analyze and design efficient ship structures, as well as in the methods of structural reliability to be used to ensure the safety and environmental behaviour of the ships. Advances in Marine Structures deals also with the fabrication of ship structures, and collects the papers presented at the 3rd International Conference on Marine Structures (MARSTRUCT 2011, Hamburg, Germany, 28-30 March 2011). The book is divided into six sections:

    - Methods and tools for establishing loads and load effects

    - Methods and tools for strength assessment

    - Experimental analysis of structures

    - Materials and fabrication of structures

    - Methods and tools for structural design and optimisation

    - Structural reliability, safety and environmental protection

    Advances in Marine Structures is intended for academia, research organizations, classification societies, shipyards companies, ship design offices, governmental bodies, consultants, and shipowners working in the area of design analysis of marine structures and related areas.

    Methods and tools for loads and load effects

    Influence of raised invar edges on sloshing impact pressures—numerical investigations
    S. Brizzolara, D. Villa, T. Gazzola, N. Tryaskin, N. Moirod, J. De Lauzon & L. Diebold

    Modal approach to fluid structure interaction applied to a ship in waves
    C. Cabos, B. Dilba, M. Krömer & A. Schwenkenberg

    Sensors location and data processing algorithms of an optical fibers hull strength monitoring system
    A. Grasso, A. Vergine, D. Dimou, M. Samuelides, N. Tsouvalis & A. Ferrari

    A hydroelastic investigation into the dynamic response characteristics of bulk carriers
    L. Kaydıhan, B. Uğurlu & A. Ergin

    Numerical prediction of slamming loads on a rigid wedge subjected to water entry using an explicit finite element method
    H. Luo, S. Wang & C. Guedes Soares

    On estimation of extreme ship response using upcrossing spectrum
    W. Mao & I. Rychlik

    Utilization of a whole ship finite element analysis from wave loads to structural strength at real sea state
    Y. Ogawa & M. Oka

    Environmental and operational uncertainties in long-term prediction of slamming loads of containerships
    J. Parunov, M. Ćorak & I. Senjanović

    Efficient calculation of fluid structure interaction in ship vibration
    M. Wilken, A. Menk, H. Voss & C. Cabos

    Methods and tools for strength assessment

    Ultimate strength

    Buckling analysis of composite delaminated ship plates under shearing
    E.F. Beznea & I. Chirica

    Shear buckling analysis of the composite plates with cut-outs
    E.F. Beznea & I. Chirica

    Robust ultimate strength formulation for stiffened plates subjected to combined loads
    S.-R. Cho, H.-S. Kim, J.-B. Koo, H.-M. Doh & Y.-K. Chon

    Rapid analysis techniques for ultimate strength predictions of aluminum structures
    M.D. Collette

    A revisit on design and analysis of stiffened shell structures for offshore applications
    P.K. Das, K.K. Subin & P.C. Pretheesh

    Finite elements modeling of delaminations in composite laminates
    M. Gaiotti, C.M. Rizzo, K. Branner & P. Berring

    Shakedown of welding-induced residual stress and effect on stiffened plate strength and behaviour
    L.G. Gannon, N.G. Pegg, M.J. Smith & Y. Liu

    Geometrical effects on strength and deformability of corroded steel plates
    M.R. Islam & Y. Sumi

    Methods to cope with up heaval buckling of high temperature offshore pipelines in Mexico’s Bay of Campeche
    J. Ochoa Z., J.E. Iturriaga F. & S. Meléndez P.

    Benchmark study on use of ALPS/ULSAP method to determine plate and stiffened panel ultimate strength
    J.K. Paik, S.J. Kim, D.H. Kim, D.C. Kim, P.A. Frieze, M. Abbattista, M. Vallascas & O.F. Hughes

    Modified Paik-Mansour formula for ultimate strength calculations of ship hulls
    J.K. Paik, D.K. Kim, D.H. Park, H.B. Kim, A.E. Mansour & J.B. Caldwell

    Development of advanced designed formulation to estimate the buckling/ultimate strength of curved plates
    J.-S. Park, M.-S. Chun & Y.-S. Suh

    Ultimate strength assessment of ageing steel plates subjected to random non-uniform corrosion wastage
    J.E. Silva, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

    Comparison of numerical results with experiments on ultimate strength of short stiffened panels
    M. Xu & C. Guedes Soares

    Numerical study of the effect of geometry and boundary conditions on the collapse behaviour of short stiffened panels
    M. Xu & C. Guedes Soares

    Hydro-elastoplasticity approach to ship’s hull girder collapse behavior in waves
    W. Xu, K. Iijima & M. Fujikubo

    A study on the dynamic buckling strength of containership’s bow structures subjected to bow flare impact force
    S.H. Yang, H.L. Chien, C.M. Chou, K.C. Tseng & Y.J. Lee

    Ultimate strength of aluminum Y-stiffened panels
    M.R. Zareei

    Fatigue strength

    Fatigue of high-speed aluminium ships: A master curve formulation
    J.H. den Besten & R.H.M. Huijsmans

    Stress and strain-based approaches for fatigue life evaluation of complex structural details
    M. Biot & L. Moro

    Different finite element refinement strategies for the computation of the strain energy density in a welded joint
    C. Fischer, A. Düster & W. Fricke

    Round-robin on local stress determination and fatigue assessment of load-carrying fillet-welded joints
    W. Fricke, M. Codda, O. Feltz, Y. Garbatov, H. Remes, G. Risso, C. Rizzo & J. Romanoff

    Fatigue estimation of a ship structural detail
    S. Giuglea, A. Chirica, I. Chirica & E.F. Beznea

    Adjoint design sensitivity analysis of crack propagation using molecular-continuum multiscale approach
    H.-L. Jang, M.-G. Kim & S. Cho

    A study of design loads for fatigue strength utilizing direct calculation under real operational conditions
    M. Oka, T. Takami, Y. Ogawa & K. Takagi

    The estimation of stress range distribution due to wide banded random loading obtained by rain-flow counting method
    J.B. Park, K.S. Kim & J. Choung

    Three-dimensional fracture mechanics analyses of surface cracksat welded joints in ship structure
    S. Tanaka, H. Okada & S. Okazawa

    Collision and impact strength

    Ship hull composite plates analysis under blast loads
    I. Chirica, D. Boazu, E.F. Beznea & A. Chirica

    An investigation of a Suezmax tanker grounding accident
    S. Ehlers, D. Polić, A. Klanac & M. Schröder

    Research on anti-collision capability for double-hull design for the column of semi-submersible by numerical simulation
    Z. Hu, G. Chen & J. Yang

    Effect of crushable bow on the overall crashworthiness in ship collision
    Y.T. Huang, K.P. Wu, H.L. Chien, C.M. Chou, K.C. Tseng, C.F. Hung & C.L. Chang

    A study on dynamic grounding of ships
    T.-H. Nguyen, J. Amdahl, L. Garrè & B.J. Leira

    Influence of bulbous bow structures on their collision behaviour
    M. Schöttelndreyer, I. Tautz, J.M. Kubiczek, W. Fricke & E. Lehmann

    Influence of ship motions in the numerical prediction of ship collision damage
    K. Tabri & J. Broekhuijsen

    Numerical prediction of impact loads in rectangular panels
    R. Villavicencio & C. Guedes Soares

    Influence of the neutral axis displacement on the residual strength of a damaged tanker double bottom structure
    R. Villavicencio, C. Guedes Soares, Z. Liu & J. Amdahl

    Numerical simulation of laterally impacted clamped circular steel plates
    R. Villavicencio, L. Sutherland & C. Guedes Soares

    Study on the residual ultimate longitudinal strength of hull girder of a bulk carrier against a sagging moment after ship collision
    Y. Yamada & Y. Ogawa

    Comparison of resistance to penetration of stiffened panels with T- and Y-stiffeners
    M.R. Zareei

    Ultimate load calculation during stranding
    B. Zipfel & E. Lehmann

    Dynamic analysis

    Methods for hull structure strength analysis and ships service life evaluation, under extreme hydroelastic wave loads, for a large oil-tanker
    L. Domnisoru & A. Chirica

    Dynamic analysis in the marine environment considering FSI—Ship-like structure case
    A. Martínez Cimadevilla

    Experimental analysis of structures

    An experimental study on fatigue crack propagation life of T-joint fillet specimen considering residual stress under storm loading
    S.H. Kim, K.S. Kim, J.H. Lee, C.H. Yu & W.H. You

    Experimental study on slamming load of the trimaran
    S. Peng, H. Sun, J. Yue & W. Wu

    Failures mode analysis of corroded steel structures subjected to compressive load
    S. Saad-Eldeen, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares

    Fatigue tests of butt welds and plates edges of 80 mm thick plates
    H. von Selle, O. Doerk, J.K. Kang & J.H. Kim

    Study on the ultimate strength test of high speed trimaran
    W. Wu, S. Xu, W. Liu, X. Li & J. Yue

    An experimental study on mechanical, fatigue and crack propagation properties of IMO type B CCS materials at room and cryogenic temperatures
    C.H. Yoo, K.S. Kim, J. Choung, C.S. Shim, J.K. Kang, D.H. Kim, Y.S. Suh, Y.L. Shim, H.S. Urm, M.S. Kim & G.B. An

    Materials and fabrication of structures

    A study on laser assisted friction stir welding of C-Mn steel plates
    P. Biswas & N.R. Mandal

    Steel-concrete-steel sandwich structures in ship and offshore engineering
    T.J. Grafton & J.R. Weitzenböck

    Welding of large gaps of block joints in ships using different techniques
    S. Zacke & W. Fricke

    Methods and tools for structural design and optimisation

    Scantling optimization of ship structures considering fatigue at the early design stage
    A. Amrane & P. Rigo

    Underwater noise emissions: Another challenge for ship design
    M. André, T. Gaggero & E. Rizzuto

    Normative framework for noise emissions from ships: Present situation and future trends
    A. Badino, D. Borelli, T. Gaggero, E. Rizzuto & C. Schenone

    Methods and criteria to manage airborne outdoor ship noise
    M. Biot & L. Moro

    Shape design optimization of fluid-structure interactions using SPH and geometrically exact interfaces
    H.-S. Kim, M.-G. Kim & S. Cho

    Finite element-based shape optimization of an asymmetric steel sandwich panel joint
    D. Polić, D. Frank, A. Klanac & S. Ehlers

    Hull/superstructure-interaction in optimized passenger ships
    H. Remes, J. Romanoff, P. Varsta, J. Jelovica, A. Klanac, A. Niemelä, S. Bralic & H. Naar

    Optimization of monopile offshore wind structures
    A. Thiry, F. Bair, L. Buldgen, G. Raboni & P. Rigo

    Isogeometric shape optimization of design-dependent structures
    M. Yoon, B.-Y. Koo & S. Cho

    Structural reliability, safety and environmental protection

    Combination of primary loading effects under various wave scatter diagrams
    N.-Z. Chen, G. Wang, C. Guedes Soares & A.P. Teixeira

    Uncertainty assessment of the ultimate strength of a stiffened panel
    Y. Garbatov, M. Tekgoz & C. Guedes Soares

    Safety analyses for bulk carriers using metamodels of still water loads
    P. Georgiev

    Reliability assessment of intact and damaged bulk carriers
    A.W. Hussein & C. Guedes Soares

    Structural optimization of the hold frame of a bulk carrier considering lifecycle risk
    Y. Kawamura & M. Miyazaki

    A study on long-term prediction of corrosion wastage
    T. Matsukura, Y. Kawamura & E. Khoo

    Optimization of composite maritime structures—effects of uncertainties on design criteria and limits
    L. Sanchez, J.W. Ringsberg & E. Johnson

    Rule development for container stowage on deck
    V. Wolf, I. Darie & H. Rathje

    Reliability analysis of marine structural components using statistical data of steel strength
    B. Yu & D.G. Karr


    Carlos Guedes Soares, Wolfgang Fricke