1st Edition

Advances in Mathematical Analysis and its Applications

Edited By Bipan Hazarika, Santanu Acharjee, H M Srivastava Copyright 2023
    378 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    378 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Advances in Mathematical Analysis and its Applications is designed as a reference text and explores several important aspects of recent developments in the interdisciplinary applications of mathematical analysis (MA), and highlights how MA is now being employed in many areas of scientific research. It discusses theory and problems in real and complex analysis, functional analysis, approximation theory, operator theory, analytic inequalities, the Radon transform, nonlinear analysis, and various applications of interdisciplinary research; some topics are also devoted to specific applications such as the three-body problem, finite element analysis in fluid mechanics, algorithms for difference of monotone operators, a vibrational approach to a financial problem, and more.


    • The book encompasses several contemporary topics in the field of mathematical analysis, their applications, and relevancies in other areas of research and study.
    • It offers an understanding of research problems by presenting the necessary developments in reasonable details
    • The book also discusses applications and uses of operator theory, fixed-point theory, inequalities, bi-univalent functions, functional equations, and scalar-objective programming, and presents various associated problems and ways to solve such problems
    • Contains applications on wavelets analysis and COVID-19 to show that mathematical analysis has interdisciplinary as well as real life applications.

    The book is aimed primarily at advanced undergraduates and postgraduate students studying mathematical analysis and mathematics in general. Researchers will also find this book useful.

    1. Some applications of double sequences

    Dragan Djurčić and Ljubiša D.R. Kočinac

    2. Convergent triple sequences and statistical cluster points

    Mehmet Gürdal and Mualla Birgül Huban

    3. Relative Uniform Convergence of Sequence of Positive Linear Functions

    Kshetrimayum Renubebeta Devi and Binod Chandra Tripathy

    4. Almost convergent sequence spaces defined by Nörlund Ma- trix and generalized difference matrix

    Kuldip Raj and Manisha Devi

    5. Factorization of the infinite Hilbert and Cesàro operators

    Hadi Roopaei

    6. On Theorems of Galambos-Bojanić-Seneta Type

    Dragan Djurčić and Ljubiša D.R. Kočinac

    7. On the spaces of absolutely p-summable and bounded q-Euler difference sequences

    Taja Yaying

    8. Approximation by the double sequence of LPO based on mul- tivariable q-Lagrange polynomials

    Behar Baxhaku and P. N. Agrawal

    9. Results on interpolative Boyd-Wong contraction in quasi- partial b-metric space

    Pragati Gautam and Swapnil Ve

    10. Applications of differential transform method on some func- tional differential equations

    Anil Kumar, Giriraj Methi, and Sanket Tikare

    11. Solvability of fractional integral equation via measure of non- compactness and shifting distance functions

    Bhuban Chandra Deuri and Anupam Das

    12. Generalized Fractional Operators and Inequalities Integrals

    Juan E. Nápoles Valdés and Florencia Rabossi

    13. Exponentially biconvex functions and bivariational inequali- ties

    Muhammad Aslam Noor and Khalida Inayat Noor

    14. On a certain subclass of analytic functions defined by Bessel functions

    B. Venkateswarlu, P. Thirupathi Reddy, and Shashikala A

    15. A note on meromorphic functions with positive coefficients defined by differential operator

    B. Venkateswarlu, P. Thirupathi Reddy, and Sujatha

    16. Sharp coefficient bounds and solution of the Fekete-Szegö problem for a certain subclass of bi-univalent functions asso- ciated with the Chebyshev polynomials

    Amol Bhausaheb Patil

    17. Some differential sandwich theorems involving a multiplier transformation and Ruscheweyh derivative

    Alb Lupaş Alina

    18. A Study on Self Similar, Nonlinear and Complex Behaviour of the Spread of COVID-19 in India

    Dibakar Das, Sankalpa Chowdhury, Gourab Das, Anuska Chanda, Swapnesh Khamaru, and Koushik Ghosh


    Bipan Hazarika