1st Edition

Advances in Mechanics: Theoretical, Computational and Interdisciplinary Issues Proceedings of the 3rd Polish Congress of Mechanics (PCM) and 21st International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM), Gdansk, Poland, 8-11 September 2015

    Advances in Mechanics: Theoretical, Computational and Interdisciplinary Issues covers the domain of theoretical, experimental and computational mechanics as well as interdisciplinary issues, such as industrial applications. Special attention is paid to the theoretical background and practical applications of computational mechanics.

    This volume contains 132 contributions presented at the PCM-CMM-2015 Congress held on 8-11 September, 2015 in Gdańsk, Poland. The Congress is a joint scientific event of the 3rd Polish Congress of Mechanics (PCM) and the 21st International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM).

    Advances in Mechanics: Theoretical, Computational and Interdisciplinary Issues will be of interest to researchers and designers dealing with mechanics and its applications.

    Interactions between mechanical systems and continuum mechanical models in the framework of biomechanics and vehicle dynamics
    J. Ambrósio

    Multiscale mechanics of dynamical metamaterials
    M. Geers, V. Kouznetsova, A. Sridhar & A. Krushynska

    Consistent plate theories—a matter still not settled?
    R. Kienzler & P. Schneider

    Experimental attempts for creep and fatigue damage analysis of materials—state of the art and new challenges
    Z.L. Kowalewski, P. Grzywna & D. Kukla

    Micro and nano fluid mechanics
    T.A. Kowalewski, P. Nakielski, F. Pierini, K. Zembrzycki & S. Pawłowska

    Shape memory materials and structures: Modelling and computational challenges                               
    M. Kuczma

    Advanced mechanics in High Energy Physics experiments                                                                    
    T. Kurtyka

    Hierarchic isogeometric analyses of beams and shells                                                                           
    B. Oesterle, M. Bischoff & E. Ramm

    Finite element method simulations of linear and nonlinear elasticity problems with error control and mesh adaptation 
    W. Rachowicz, A. Zdunek & W. Cecot

    Physics and computations of turbulent dispersed flows: Macro-consequences from micro-interactions                                                                                                                          
    A. Soldati

    Finite strain analyses of deformations in polymer specimens                                    
    V. Tveergaard

    Regular contributions Experimental tests for the determination of mechanical properties of PVC foil                                    
    A. Ambroziak

    Asymptotic solution for free vibration of weakly nonlinear oscillator with two serially connected springs                                                                                                                                    
    J. Awrejcewicz, R. Starosta & G. Sypniewska-Kaminska

    Strain hardening effect on elastic-plastic contact of a rigid sphere against a deformable flat                
    Ł. Bąk, F. Stachowicz, T. Trzepieciński, S. Bosiakov & S. Rogosin

    Multiscale evolutionary optimization of functionally graded materials                                                 
    W. Beluch & M. Hatłas

    Optimization of structural topology using unstructured Cellular Automata                                          
    B. Bochenek & K. Tajs-Zielińska

    A mesh-free particle model for simulation of trimming of aluminum alloy sheet                                 
    L. Bohdal & R. Patyk

    New method of generating Strut and Tie models using truss topology optimization                            
    K. Bołbotowski & T. Sokół

    The influence of imperfect interfaces on the overall mechanical response of metal-matrix composites                                                                                                                    
    G. Bolzon & P. Pandi

    The effect of technological parameters of shot peening on the surface roughness of 51CrV4 steel                                                    
    M. Bucior, L. Gałda, F. Stachowicz & W. Zielecki

    Analysis approach for Diffusor Augmented Small Wind Turbine Rotor                                                 
    J. Bukała, K. Damaziak, M. Krzeszowiec, J. Małachowski, M. Tomaszewski, K. Kroszczyński & K. Sobczak

    Geometric analysis of a 1-dof, six-link feeder                                 
    J. Buśkiewicz

    Modal approach in the fluid-structure interaction in aerospace                                                              
    W. Chajec & A. Dziubiński

    Investigations on the chip shape and its upsetting and coverage ratios in partial symmetric face milling process of aluminium alloy AW-7075 and the simulation of the process with the use of FEM                                                                                                                               
    J. Chodór & L. Żurawski

    Sensitivity analysis of behavior of sandwich plate with PU foam core with respect to boundary conditions and material model 
    M. Chuda-Kowalska & M. Malendowski

    Distribution of damages in unconventionally reinforced concrete slabs subjected to impact loads                                                                                                                                        
    K. Cichocki & M. Ruchwa

    Experimental verification of the relationships between Young’s modulus and bone density using DIC                                       
    Ł. Cyganik, M. Binkowski, P. Popik, Z. Wróbel, G. Kokot, A. John, T. Rusin, F. Bolechała & R. Nowak

    Construction of stress trajectories in optimal, non-homogeneous elastic bodies                            
    S. Czarnecki & P. Wawruch

    Multiobjective optimization of electrothermal microactuators by means of Immune Game Theory MultiObjective Algorithm                                                                                                          
    A. Długosz & P. Jarosz

    Detection of damages in a riveted plate                                                                                                  
    Ł. Doliński, M. Krawczuk, M. Palacz & A. Żak

    Nonlinear dynamic response of periodically inhomogeneous Rayleigh beams                                      
    Ł. Domagalski & J. Jędrysiak

    Investigation of turbulent boundary layers at moderate Reynolds number in the vicinity of separation                          
    A. Dróżdż, W. Elsner & A. Kępiński

    Design of fuzzy logic controller for the unloading system in mechatronic device for gait reeducation                              
    S. Duda, D. Gasiorek, G. Gembalczyk, S. Kciuk & A. Mezyk

    The reliability assessment for steel industrial building                                                                           
    A. Dudzik & U. Radoń

    Optimal design of eigenfrequencies for functionally graded piezoelectric plate by two-scale model and harmony search                                         
    G. Dziatkiewicz

    Reliability analysis of reinforced concrete components: A comparative study                                       
    P. Evangeliou, A. Roy, M.A.N. Hendriks, R. Steenbergen & A. de Boer

    Nonlinear model of spacecraft relative motion in an elliptical orbit                                                      
    P. Felisiak, W. Wróblewski & K. Sibilski

    Reliable mechanical characterization of layered pavement structures                                                    
    T. Garbowski & A. Venier

    The impact of fire situation on the static and stability response of the bearing steel structure             
    A. Garstecki, K. Rzeszut, Ł. Polus, M. Klój & M. Terech

    Form finding of tensegrity structures via singular value decomposition of compatibility matrix         
    W. Gilewski, J. Kłosowska & P. Obara

    Technical coefficients for continuum models of orthotropic tensegrity modules                                   
    W. Gilewski & A. Al Sabouni-Zawadzka

    Truss model of origami inspired folded structures                                                                                 
    W. Gilewski & J. Pełczyński

    Parametric analysis of Istanbul’s ring road viaduct for three levels of seismic load                              
    K. Grębowski, M. Hirsz, K. Wilde & A. Nadolny

    New method of modelling nonlinear multi-bolted systems                                                                   
    R. Grzejda

    Fretting wear simulation in model studies                                                                                              
    S. Guzowski & M. Michnej

    Dynamics analysis of the RUSP linkage with joint friction modelled by the Stribeck effect                
    A. Harlecki & A. Urbaś

    Dynamic response of a sandwich beam with a periodic core due to fuzzy stochastic moving load                                                                                                                            
    R. Idzikowski, P. Śniady & K. Misiurek

    Numerical methods for the assessment of bridge safety barriers                                                           
    K. Jamroz, S. Burzyński, W. Witkowski, K. Wilde & G. Bagiński

    XFEM analysis of intermediate crack debonding of FRP strengthened RC beams                              
    I. Jankowiak

    Performance of the parallel FEAP in calculations of effective material properties using RVE                                                                                                                              
    P. Jarzebski & K. Wisniewski

    Receptance coupling for turning with a follower rest                                                                             
    M. Jasiewicz & B. Powałka

    Analysis of the influence of differences in strength parameters of steel S235 on passive safety of lighting columns                                                                                                                                 
    T.I. Jedliński & J. Buśkiewicz

    Tolerance modelling of dynamics of microstructured functionally graded plates                                  
    J. Jędrysiak

    Tolerance modelling of vibrations of visco-elastic thin periodic plates with moderately large deflections                                                                                                                                      
    J. Jędrysiak

    Thermoelastic phenomena in functionally graded laminates                                                                  
    J. Jędrysiak & E. Pazera

    Inverted joined-wing multidisciplinary optimization                                                                             
    M. Kalinowski

    Plane anisotropy parameters identification based on Barlat’s model                                                      
    P. Kałduński

    Reliability of some axisymmetric shell structure by the response function method and the generalized stochastic perturbation technique                                                                            
    M. Kamiński & B. Pokusiński

    A method of estimating the stability coefficient of a considerably degraded cooling tower                 
    T. Kasprzak, P. Konderla, R. Kutyłowski & G. Waśniewski

    Numerical analysis of contact between 3-D beams with deformable circular cross-section                  
    O. Kawa & P. Litewka

    Analysis of wave propagation in a bolted steel joint                                                                               
    R. Kędra & M. Rucka

    An application of the discrete wavelet transform to defect localization in plates                                   
    A. Knitter-Piątkowska & M. Guminiak

    Optimally tuned fuzzy control for smart, possibly damaged piezocomposites                                       
    P. Koutsianitis, G.A. Drosopoulos, G.K. Tairidis, G.E. Stavroulakis & G. Foutsitzi

    Analysis of sloping brace stiffness influence on stability and load bearing capacity of a truss             
    M. Krajewski, P. Iwicki, N. Sałyk & A. Łukowicz

    Experimental investigation of the innovative flow control blowing devices                                          
    A. Krzysiak

    Influence of aluminum layer thickness on the fatigue properties of super-nickel alloy and crack detection by non-destructive techniques                                                                                
    D. Kukla & Z.L. Kowalewski

    Topology optimization as a tool for road pavement structure analysis                                                   
    R. Kutyłowski & M. Szwechłowicz

    GPR simulations for diagnostics of a reinforced concrete beam                                                            
    J. Lachowicz & M. Rucka

    Application of polymer element in reduction of temporary steel grandstand vibrations                       
    N. Lasowicz & R. Jankowski

    Frequency response function of structures with viscoelastic dampers                                                   
    M. Łasecka-Plura & R. Lewandowski

    Influence of temperature on dynamic characteristics of structures with VE dampers                           
    R. Lewandowski, M. Przychodzki & Z. Pawlak

    Modified Hu-Washizu variational principle as a general basis for FEM plasticity equations                
    J. Lewandowski & K. Myślecki

    Electro-mechanical multiple-point beam-to-beam contact                                                                     
    P. Litewka

    HSρ—an isotropic material interpolation scheme based on Hashin-Shtrikman variational bounds     
    T. Łukasiak

    Modelling of the vibration reduction system used for protection of working machine operators                                                                                                                                   
    I. Maciejewski & T. Krzyzynski

    Modelling of phase changes in thin metal film subjected to ultrafast laser heating using the two-temperature model                                                                                                            
    E. Majchrzak & J. Dziatkiewicz

    Sensitivity analysis of temperature field in the heated tissue with respect to the dual-phase-lag model parameters                                                                                                  
    E. Majchrzak, Ł. Turchan & G. Kałuża

    Multiscale model of the proximal femur with implanted bone scaffold                                                 
    P. Makowski & W. Kuś

    Reference FEM model for SHM system of cable-stayed bridge in Rzeszów                                         
    A. Mariak, M. Miśkiewicz, B. Meronk, Ł. Pyrzowski & K. Wilde

    Numerically-based quantification of internal forces generated in a steel frame structure with flexible joints when exposed to a fire                                                                                             
    M. Maślak, M. Pazdanowski & M. Snela

    Numerical modelling of detonation in mining face cut-holes                                                                
    L. Mazurkiewicz, J. Małachowski, P. Baranowski, K. Damaziak, W. Pytel & P. Mertuszka

    Stress convergence in adaptive resolution of boundary layers in the case of 3D-based first- and higher-order shell models                                                                                   
    Ł. Miazio & G. Zboiński

    Experimental tests and numerical simulations of full scale composite sandwich segment of a foot- and cycle- bridge                                                                                                                     
    M. Miśkiewicz, K. Daszkiewicz, T. Ferenc, W. Witkowski & J. Chróścielewski

    Numerical analysis and in situ tests of the grot rowecki bridge in Warsaw                                            
    M. Miśkiewicz, Ł. Pyrzowski, K. Wilde & J. Chróścielewski

    Numerical analysis of the carpentry joints applied in the traditional wooden structures                       
    A. Mleczek & P. Kłosowski

    Numerical modeling of biological tissue freezing process using the dual-phase-lag equation               
    B. Mochnacki & E. Majchrzak

    Real-time hybrid simulation using materials testing machine and FEM                                                 
    W. Mucha

    Rolling contact problems for plastically graded materials                                                                      
    A. Myśliński & A. Chudzikiewicz

    Structural optimization of contact problems using piecewise constant level set method                       
    A. Myśliński & M. Wróblewski

    Multiscale analysis of metal matrix composite with ceramic reinforcement using Johnson-Holmquist constitutive model                                                                                         
    W. Ogierman & G. Kokot

    Influence of geometrical and physical irregularities on dynamic characteristics of a passively damped structure                                                                                                              
    A. Olszewska & Z. Pawlak

    Impact of an unsecured excavation on an underground pipeline                                                     
    R. Ossowski & K. Szarf

    Computable two-sided a posteriori error estimates for h-adaptive finite element method                     
    O.Yu. Ostapov, O.V. Vovk & H.A. Shynkarenko

    Cancer ablation during RF hyperthermia using internal electrode                                                          
    M. Paruch

    Self-sustained oscillations of the axisymmetric free jet at low and moderate Reynolds number                                                                                                                                    
    A. Pawłowska, S. Drobniak & P. Domagała

    On decreasing the optimization problem size                                                                                         
    M. Pazdanowski

    Gum Metal—unique properties and results of initial investigation of a new titanium alloy—extended paper                                                                                                                             
    E.A. Pieczyska, M. Maj, T. Furuta & S. Kuramoto

    On the resultant six-field linear theory of elastic shells                                                                          
    W. Pietraszkiewicz

    Explanation of the mechanism of destruction of the cylindrical sample in the Brazilian test               
    J. Podgórski & J. Gontarz

    Stress redistribution at the support of a transversely loaded sandwich panel                                         
    Z. Pozorski & J. Pozorska

    Three-point bending test of sandwich beams supporting the GFRP footbridge design process—validation                                                                                                                                 
    Ł. Pyrzowski, B. Sobczyk, W. Witkowski & J. Chróścielewski

    An adaptive finite element method for contact problems in finite elasticity                                          
    W. Rachowicz, W. Cecot & A. Zdunek

    Vibrations of a double-beam complex system subjected to a moving force                                           
    J. Rusin

    Dynamic behavior of Zymne Monastery Cathedral on soil base with consideration of non-linear deformation of materials
    V.O. Sakharov

    Loadings in rail vehicle due to bulk material                                                                                          
    H. Sanecki

    Dynamics of bodies under symmetric and asymmetric orthotropic friction forces                               
    O.A. Silantyeva & N.N. Dmitriev

    Dynamic and positioning analysis of the feed drive of the rope threading lathe                                   
    P. Sitarz, B. Powałka & A. Parus

    Experimental and numerical evaluation of mechanical behaviour of composite structural insulated wall panels under edgewise compression                                                                                
    Ł. Smakosz & I. Kreja

    A new adaptive ground structure method for multi-load spatial Michell structures                               
    T. Sokół

    Stochastic finite element method SORM study of the corrugated web steel plate girder                      
    D. Sokołowski & M. Kamiński

    Influence of separation gap on the response of colliding models of steel structures under seismic and paraseismic excitations                                                                                                        
    B. Sołtysik & R. Jankowski

    Discrete random variables in reliability calculations of a reticulated shell                                             
    P. Sorn, J. Górski, K. Winkelmann & J. Przewłócki

    The influence of utilizing different materials and their configurations on ballistic panels blast resistance                                                                                                                             
    S. Stanisławek & G. Sławiński

    Numerical modeling of thermopiezoelectricity steady state forced vibrations problem using adaptive Finite Element Method                                                                                                   
    V.V. Stelmashchuk & H.A. Shynkarenko

    Wind tunnel tests of the development and demise of Vortex Ring State of the rotor                            
    K. Surmacz, P. Ruchała & W. Stryczniewicz

    Assessment of the biomechanical parameters of the disabled driver during frontal crash                    
    K. Sybilski, J. Małachowski, P. Baranowski & P. Płatek

    Dynamic response of the steel chimney by the Stochastic perturbation-based finite element method                                                                                                                             
    J. Szafran, K. Juszczyk & M. Kamiński

    Welding deformation in a structure strengthened under load in an empirical-numerical study             
    P. Szewczyk & M. Szumigała

    An influence of notch type on material behaviour under monotonic tension                                         
    T. Szymczak, Z. Kowalewski & A. Brodecki

    Fire performance of composite concrete filled tubular columns exposed to localized fire                    
    W. Szymkuc, A. Glema & M. Malendowski

    Topological optimization of formworks’ meshes for free-form surfaces                                                
    R. Tarczewski & M. Święciak

    A new combined model of dynamic problems for thin uniperiodic cylindrical shells                           
    B. Tomczyk

    Taylor-Couette flow with radial temperature gradient                                                                            
    E. Tuliszka-Sznitko & K. Kiełczewski

    Application of artificial neural networks in man’s gait recognition                                                        
    T. Walczak, J.K. Grabski, M. Grajewska & M. Michałowska

    Reliability assessment of truss towers using Monte Carlo Method, PEM and RSM                             
    K. Winkelmann, M. Oziębło & K. Rybaczyk

    The influence of presumed border conditions on FEM thermal analysis results based on the example of an LNG tank support saddle                                                                              
    J. Zapłata & M. Pajor

    Application of the element residual methods to dielectric and piezoelectric problems                          
    G. Zboiński

    Modelling of the viscoelastic properties of the technical fabric VALMEX                                           
    K. Żerdzicki, P. Kłosowski & K. Woźnica

    Experimental and numerical analysis of wave propagation in ground anchors                                      
    B. Zima & M. Rucka

    Effectiveness of damage detection in 3-D structures using discrete wavelet transformation                 
    K. Ziopaja

    Development of friction constitutive relations for polymers                                                                  
    A. Zmitrowicz

    Investigation of stability and limit load of a truss overhead opened bridge                                           
    Ł. Żmuda-Trzebiatowski, P. Iwicki & M. Krajewski


    Michal Kleiber, Tadeusz Burczynski, Krzysztof Wilde, Jaroslaw Gorski, Karol Winkelmann, Lukasz Smakosz