1st Edition

Advances in Modeling the Management of Stormwater Impacts

By William James Copyright 1997
    536 Pages
    by CRC Press

    538 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The latest book in the popular series demonstrates state-of-the-art methods, models, and techniques for water quality management. This book includes a CD-ROM that collects hundreds of hard-to-find literature citations from the gray literature.

    1. Models for Water Quality Control by Stormwater Ponds 2. Integration of US Army Corps of Engineers' Time-Series Data Management System with Continuous SWMM Modeling 3. On Integrating Continuous Simulation and Statistical Methods for Evaluating Urban Stormwater Systems 4. Use of Continuous Simulation for Evaluation of Stormwater Management Practices to Maintain Base Flow and Control Erosion 5. The Feasibility of Using Continuous SWMM for Water Resources Conservation Planning 6. Development and Initial Refinement of a Water Balance Model as a Planning Tool for Stormwater Management Application 7. SWMM Graphics 8. Thermal Enrichment of Stormwater by Urban Pavement 9. Contrary to Conventional Wisdom, Street Sweeping Can be an Effective BMP 10. Observations of Infiltration through Clogged Porous Concrete Block Pavers 11. Contaminants from Four New Pervious and Impervious Pavements in a Parking-lot 12. Energy Losses in a Tangential Helicoidal-Ramp Inlet for Dropstructures 13. Uncertainties in Metering Stormwater Flows 14. City of Toronto Experience: The Process of Environmental Approval for the Western Beaches Storage Tunnel 15. A Study of the Impacts and Control of Wet Weather Sources of Pollution on Large Rivers 16. Cost Effectiveness of Urban Runoff and Combined Sewer Control Options 17. Modeling Methodology for Determining Pollutant Concentrations and Loadings for Combined Sewer Overflows: A Simplified CSO Model 18. Modeling Fecal Coliform in Mill Creek 19. StormTreat System Installation at Elm Street, Kingston, Massachusetts 20. Issues regarding the Application of a Mass-Balance Equation to an Urban Creek 21. Setting of Total Maximum Daily Loads for an Urban Water Body 22. Wastewater Information Management System: Flow Modeling and Sewer Connection Permit Applications 23. Application of WASP5E to Model Phosphorus Removal Dynamics in a Stormwater Wetland 24. Modeling Retrofitted Extended-Detention Wet Ponds and Wetland Pockets 25. Techniques Used in an Urban Watersh


    James, William