1st Edition

Advances in New Heat Transfer Fluids From Numerical to Experimental Techniques

Edited By Alina Adriana Minea Copyright 2017
    546 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Heat transfer enhancement has seen rapid development and widespread use in both conventional and emerging technologies. Improvement of heat transfer fluids requires a balance between experimental and numerical work in nanofluids and new refrigerants. Recognizing the uncertainties in development of new heat transfer fluids, Advances in New Heat Transfer Fluids: From Numerical to Experimental Techniques contains both theoretical and practical coverage.

    List of Contributors  Preface  1. Experimental studies on the influence of metal and metal oxide nanofluid properties on forced convection heat transfer and fluid flow  Viswanatha Sharma Korada, Seshu Kumar Vandrangi, Subhash Kamal, and Alina Adriana Minea  2. Comparative methods in convective heat transfer enhancement by nanofluids: entropy generation Vincenzo BIANCO, Oronzio MANCA, Alina Adriana MINEA, and Sergio NARDINI  3. Static and flow heat transfer status of ethylene glycol-based nanofluids S M Sohel MURSHED and Carlos A. NIETO DE CASTRO  4. Carbon based nanofluids characteristics: basics and applications on heat pipes Gabriela HUMINIC, Angel HUMINIC, Florian DUMITRACHE, and Claudiu FLEACĂ  5.  Numerical studies on metallic nanofluids flow and heat transfer in tangential microtube heat sink with multiple inlets Dorin LELEA  6. Heat transfer augmentation with nanocomposite based hybrid nanofluids flowing in a tube with inserts L. Syam SUNDAR, Manoj K. SINGH, and Antonio C.M. SOUSA  7. Magnetohydrodynamic with nanofluids for heat transfer applications Fatih SELIMEFENDIGIL and Hakan F. OZTOP  8. Enhancing the Thermal Properties of Water and Ethylene Glycol with Nanoadditives and Surface Functionalization Ronald J. WARZOHA  9. Rheological characteristics of nanofluids for advance heat transfer S M Sohel MURSHED and Patrice ESTELLÉ  10. Heat transfer enhancement in cavities filled with nanofluids Teodor GROSAN, Mikhail A. SHEREMET, and Ioan POP  11. New high temperature heat transfer and thermal storage molten salt-based nanofluids: preparation, stabilization and characterization Rosa MONDRAGON, Nuria NAVARRETE, Alexandra GIMENO-FURIO, Leonor HERNANDEZ, Luis CABEDO, and J. Enrique JULIA  12. Liquid metals as heat transfer fluids for science and technology Alexandru ONEA, Sara PEREZ-MARTIN, Wadim JÄGER, Wolfgang HERING, and Robert STIEGLITZ  13. Comparison of environmentally friendly working fluids for Organic Rankine cycles Kostantinos BRAIMAKIS, Tryfonas ROUMPEDAKIS, Aris-Dimitrios LEONTARITIS, and Sotirios KARELLAS  14. Thermodynamic properties of refrigerants with low GWP Sergio BOBBO and Laura FEDELE  15. Refrigerants for vapour compression refrigeration systems: a review on natural and artificial heat transfer fluids Rodrigo LLOPIS, Daniel SÁNCHEZ, and Ramón CABELLO


    Minea Alina Adriana is full professor at Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” from Iasi, ROMANIA. She received the dr.habil. title in 2013 with a thesis on Heat Transfer Enhancement for reducing Energy Consumptions. Her current research interests are in heat transfer for industrial equipments, and nanofluids for heat transfer enhancement techniques. She is currently a member in Regional Board of Editors Journal of Thermal Science, member in Editorial Board MEHTA Press: Journal of Engineering, as well.