Advances in Occupational, Social, and Organizational Ergonomics  book cover
1st Edition

Advances in Occupational, Social, and Organizational Ergonomics

ISBN 9781138117631
Published June 7, 2017 by CRC Press
860 Pages

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Book Description

Worldwide, the attention for health, innovation, and productivity is increasing. In all situations, humans interact with their environment, which is the concern of the field of ergonomics. The need for knowledge and its applications is large and this book contributes to knowledge development as well as its application. The content varies from the effect that a complete new office interior has on its occupants, to the most efficient design of gloves for those wearing them. It examines topics as diverse as the facilitation of human interaction through work place design, the effects of vibration, and the improvement of the latest virtual reality applications.

This book is concerned with issues in Occupational, Social, and Organizational ergonomics. It contains a total of 90 articles. The authors of the articles represent 24 countries on five continents. These articles range from individual to multi-organizational perspectives in many different settings. Explicitly, the articles are organized according to the following themes:

I: Participation and Collaboration
II: Human Performance
III: Health and Well-being
IV: Working and Working Environment
V: Environment and Living Environment
VI: Virtual Environment
VII: Macro-ergonomic Aspects

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Table of Contents

Participation and Collaboration
Participatory Ergonomics in a Mobile Factory: Ergonomic Device to Decrease Neck Pain, S.A. Miguez, P. Vink, and M.S. Hallbeck
Reflection-for-Action: A Collaborative Approach to the Design of a Future Factory, A. Wikberg Nilsson and S. Johansson
Collaboration between Design and Production by Exploiting VR/AR and PLM - Case Metso Minerals, S.-P. Leino, M. Vehviläinen, S. Kiviranta, A. Mäkiranta, P. Nuutinen, I. Hokkanen, P. Multanen, P. Rantanen, J Heikkilä, and T. Martikainen
Trust Development in Distributed Multi-Cultural Teams: Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation, Y. Liu
Adaptive Coordination and Shared Leadership in High-Risk Teams: A Framework for Future Research, G. Grote and M. Kolbe
Collaborative Design of Workplaces: The Role of Boundary Objects, O. Broberg, R. Seim, and V. Andersen
Measuring Cross-Cultural Stimulus-Responses on the Internet, E. MacKerrow and J. Watkins
Design and Testing of a Support of ad hoc Communication for Tacit Workers, F. Hickmann, A. de Jong, D. Keyson, and S. Viegers
The Multidisciplinarity in the Development of Work Systems Conception Works Projects: A Review of Theoretical-Practical about the Subject, L. Gontijo, G. Balbinotti, A. Motter, and M. Guaragni
Using Operational Sequence Diagrams to Assess Interagency coordination in Traffic Incident Management, R. Feyen

Human Performance
Globalizing Project Managers' Creative Tension, An Overview, A. Bikfalvi, P. Porkka,  H. Aramo-Immonen, N. Mancebo, J. Kantola, and H. Vanharanta
Job-Redesign in Knowledge Work, O.H. Sørensen and D. Holman
Human Performance Technology and Working Reliability, O. Burov, V. Kamyshin and O. Burova
How Novice Instructor Can Learn a Stable Evaluation in Report Assignment with No Predetermined Rules, T. Akasaka and Y. Okada
Act and Anticipate Hazard Perception Training for Young-Inexperienced Drivers, A. Meir, A. Borowsky, T. Oron-Gilad, Y. Parmet, and D. Shinar

Working and Working Environment

Work Seats: A Short Historical Outline, J. Charytonowicz
The Effects of Expectations and An Office Environment on Comfort Experience, C. Bazley and P. Vink
Office Ergonomics Interventions: Examining the Effects on Musculoskeletal Risk, Environmental Control and Comfort, M. Robertson, B. Amick, Y.H. Huang, and G. Kernan
Order-Picking in Deep Cold - A Gender-Related Analysis of Subjectively Assessed Efects, M. Penzkofer, K. Kluth, and H. Strasser
Age-Related Physiological Strain of Male Order-Pickers in Deep Cold, K. Kluth, M. Penzkofer, and H. Strasser
Ergonomic Assessment: Risk Exposure among Construction Workers, P. Joshi, P. Sharma, and A. Sharma
Glovebox Gloves: Effects on Forearm Muscle Activity for Gripping with Maximal and Sub-Maximal Efforts, P.-C. Sung, P.-J. Cheng, and C.-L. Lee
Factors Affecting Success and Failure in a Return-to-Work Program Established for a Department of Defense Aircraft Maintenance Facility, E. Irwin, K. Streilein, and R. Slife
Innovative Ways of Working: A Comparison of a Traditional and a Flexible Office Environment on Office Space Use, Performance, Privacy and Satisfaction, M. Blok, L. Groenesteijn, M. Formanoy, E. de Korte, and P. Vink
The Effects of Correlated Color Temperature and Illuminance on Color Discrimination, W. Cheng, Y. Lin, and Y. Sun
Investigating Manual Work Using Human Factors Approaches and Behavioral Analysis, G. Lawson, G. Tosolin, C. Leva, S. Sharples, A. Langley, S. Shaikh, and P. Liston
Perceived Time, Temporal Order and Control in Boundaryless Work, H. Lund, H. Hvid, and A. Kamp
Shaping Usability Engineering Methods to Fit the IT Applications Development Process, D. Dunkle
Safety Climate in Truck Transportation: Field Studies of Their Levels Correlated with Aafety Outcomes, Y. Li and K. Itoh
Usability Group Management Methods: How to Create a Cohesive, Innovative and High-Performing Team, L. Tudor, R. Ramarajan, and H. Wang
Evolving Problem-Solving Performance by Mixed-Culture Dyadic Teams, R. Warren
Measuring Performance of Office Work: An Overview of Test-Procedures, H. Gebhardt, I. Levchuk, C. Muehlemeyer, and K. Bux

Health and Well-Being
Prevention of Work-Related Stress in Practice – A Participatory Approach, C. Ipsen, P. L. Jensen, and V. Andersen
The Intermittent Duty of Information and Communication Technology Among Immediate Superiors of Social and Health Care Services - A Research and Development Project, S. Tuomivaara and K. Eskola
Ergonomic Conditions for Social Integration of the Disabled, J. Olszewski
The Paradox of Lean in Healthcare: Stable Processes in a Reactive Environment, A.P. Nielsen and K. Edwards
Professional Assessment and Collective Standards - Lean in a Cancer Department, P. Hasle
Status of Ward Nurses in Health Care Industry of Uttarakhand State of India: An Approach through Hospital Ergonomics, I. Karki and P. Sharma
Survey of Health Problems for Long-Haul Flight Travelers, B.-S. Liu and C.-C. Wu,
An Approach to Study the Body Vack Discomfort of Economy Class Aircraft Passenger, C. F. Tan, W. Chen, and M. Rauterberg
Ergonomics in the Context of Prevention, Educational Proposal and Current Situation in Colombia, E. Cadavid and L. M. Sáenz
The Evaluation of an Assistive Chair Design for the Elderly, C. Huang
Psychological Aspects of Residential Bathroom Design, A. Jaglarz
The Effects of Repetitive Lifting on Lumbar Spinal Motion in a Young and Middle-Aged Population, M. Boocock, G. Mawston, and R. Smith
Discomfort and Other Measures for the Assessment of Postural Load, D. Kee and L. Lee
Evaluation of Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands Muscles Fatigue of Sewers Using Myotonometric Method and Effectiveness of Early Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation, Z. Roja, V. Kalkis, H. Kalkis, and I. Roja
Ergonomic Assessment of Farm Activities of Women Farmers of Mountain of India: Approach Towards Drudgery Reduction, A. Kaliya, P. Sharma, S. Singh, and I. Karki
Influences of Office Tasks on Body Dynamics Using Dynamic Office Chairs, L. Groenesteijn, P. Vink, R. Ellegast, K. Keller, and H. Berger
Whole-Body Vibration Exposure and Musculoskeletal Complaints in Urban Mail Carriers, H.-C. Chen, Y.-P. Liu, and C.-T. Chiang
The Relationship between the Subjective Perception of Physical Capability and Muscular Strength During Repetitive Lifting Tasks, R.-L. Jang
Good Ergonomic Setup for Healthy Posture at Work, S. Singh and P. Sharma
Ergonomic Assessment of Dairy Activities Performed by Rural Women of Punjab (India), K. Oberoi, S. Sharma, and P. Kataria
Musician Related Cumulative Muscular Disorders as Assessed Using a Taiwanese Questionnaire Survey, C.-L. Chen
Designing Lifting Task in Shoe Industry using Genetic Algorithm, S. Srivastava, K. Srivastava, N. Swati, and N. Singh
Prevalence of Low Back Pain in Long Distance Truck Drivers of Mountainous Terrain, M. Goon, S. Ghoshal, B. Chandrasekaran, and B. C. Sharma
Ergonomics Aspects of CNC-Units - A Survey among Trainees, A. Klussmann I. Levchuk, A. Schafer, and K.-H. Lang
Identification of Hazards at a Constant Work Place by Means of the Map of System Work, T. Musiol and J. Grzesiek
Occupational Safety Management and Application of Economic Guidelines in the Shaping of Working Conditions in Supermarkets, K. Lis and J. Olszewski
A Challenge for the Future: Efficient, Attractive and Sustainable Factories, S. Johansson and A. Wikberg Nilsson

Environment and Living Environment
Eco-Ergonomics in Architecture, A. Skowronski
Building with Reclaimed Materials in View of Ergonomic Design, M. Skowronski and J. Charytonowicz
Beauty and Ergonomics of Living Environment, W. Bonenberg
Temporary Architecture - Building, Exploitation, Demolition, P. Nowakowski
Ergonomic Harmonization of Universal Mobility Design in Urban Environment, S. Horino and K. Kogi
Ergonomic Assessment of Old Age Homes and Related Health Hazards on Elderly People, S. N. Kashyap and P. Sharma
Visibility Profiles of Stadium Stands Derived from Profiles of Comfortable Stairs, Z. Pelczarski
Ergonomic Assessment of Interiors in Residential Dwellings and Impact on Residents, S. Agarwal, P. Sharma, and L. Gupta
Ergonomic Design of School Furniture: Challenges for the Portuguese Schools, I. Castellucci, M. A. Gonçalves, and P. M. Arezes
Design Development of Toilet Chair on Ergonomic Principles through CAD, N. Kaur, P. Sharma, and K. Oberoi

Virtual Environment
Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies for Supporting Heterogeneous Multidisciplinary End-Users across Product Lifecycle, S. Kiviranta, M. Poyade, and K. Helin
ManuVAR Training: Supporting the Implementation and Design of VR/AR Quality-Improvement Tools for Manual Handling, P. Liston, S. Cromie, M.-C. Leva, K. Helin, and M. D’Cruz
Integration of Human Factors Methods to the ManuVAR Product Lifecycle Management Model, S. Aromaa, J. Viitaniemi, C. Leva, and B. Krassi
Supporting Workers through the Combination of Mixed Reality and Mobile Devices in Wide Areas, N. Frangakis, I. Karaseitanidis, R. Blach, and T. Gleue
A Virtual Interactive Training Application to Support Manual Work, M. Strauchmann, T. Haase, J. Viitaniemi, S. Kiviranta, and P. Vink
ManuVAR PLM Model, Methodology, Architecture, and Tools for Manual Work Support throughout System Lifecycle, B. Krassi, S. Kiviranta, P. Liston, S.-P. Leino, M. Strauchmann, A. Reyes-Lecuona, J. Viitaniemi, J. Sääski, S. Aromaa, and K. Helin
From Teaching Machines to the Exploitation of Virtual and Augmented Reality: Behaviour Analysis Supporting Manual Workers in Aerospace Industry within the European Project ManuVAR, G. Tosolin and A. Valdina
Augmented Reality in Factory Environments - System Usability and Human Factors Studies, J. Sääski, G. Karaseitanidis, and T. Salonen
ManuVAR: A Framework for Improving Manual Work through Virtual and Augmented Reality, B. Krassi, M. D'Cruz, and P. Vink
Development of 3D Ergonomics Requirement Models for Cabin Development, A. Sundin, J. Landen, A. Hedberg, and J. Holler
Usability Evaluation of Target Expansion Schemes in Selecting Targets with a Mouse, D. Lee, S. Kwon, and M. K. Chung
Consumer Perception of Mobile Phone Attributes, T. Zhang, P.L.P. Rau, and J. Zhou
The Human Factor in Lean Software Development, A. Borucki and L. Pacholski

Macro-Ergonomic Aspects
Ecological Aspects of Macroergonomics, S. Janik and D. Grygiel
Ergonomics' Contributions to a Company’s Innovation Strategy, J. Dul
The Social Role of Ergonomics and Material Environment Design, K. Lis
The Leader Impact on Proergonomic Activities, E. Jasinska, W. Jasinski, and S. Janik
Macroergonomic Development of Industrial Production Processes, L. Pacholski and B. Mateja
The Guidelines for the Sociotechnical Subject: The Practical Results about the Subject, G. Balbinotti, L. Gontijo, A. Trautvein, A. Motter, and M. Robertson
Ergonomics in Industrial Design Education Process: A Conceptual and Methodological Experience, L. M. Sáenz
Ergonomic Aspect of Urban and Social Dynamics, A. Bonenberg

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