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Advances in Pavement Design through Full-scale Accelerated Pavement Testing

Edited By David Jones, John Harvey, Imad L. Al-Qadi, Angel Mateos Copyright 2013

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    Internationally, full-scale accelerated pavement testing, either on test roads or linear/circular test tracks, has proven to be a valuable tool that fills the gap between models and laboratory tests and long-term experiments on in-service pavements. Accelerated pavement testing is used to improve understanding of pavement behavior, and evaluation of innovative materials and additives, alternative materials processing, new construction techniques, and new types of structures.  It provides quick comparisons between current and new practice and the ability to rapidly validate and calibrate models with quality data, with minimal risk at relatively low cost. 

    Advances in Pavement Design through Full-scale Accelerated Pavement Testing is a collection of papers from the 4th International Conference on Accelerated Pavement Testing (Davies, CA, USA, 19-21 September 2012), and includes contributions on a variety of topics including:
    - Overview of Accelerated Pavement Testing
    - Establishment of New Accelerated Pavement Testing Facilities
    - Review of the Impact of Accelerated Pavement Testing Programs on Practice
    - Instrumentation for Accelerated Pavement Testing
    - Accelerated Pavement Testing on Asphalt Concrete Pavements
    - Accelerated Pavement Testing on Portland Cement Concrete Pavements
    - Accelerated Pavement Testing to Evaluate Functional Performance
    - Relating Laboratory Tests to Performance using Accelerated Pavement Testing
    - Development and Calibration of Empirical and Mechanistic-empirical Pavement Design Procedures and Models
    - Benefit-cost Analysis of Accelerated Pavement Testing

    Advances in Pavement Design through Full-scale Accelerated Pavement Testing will be useful to academics and professionals involved in pavement engineering.

    Conference organization

    Part 1: Overview of accelerated pavement testing

    A history of modern accelerated performance testing of pavement structures
    R.B. Powell

    A decade of full-scale accelerated pavement testing
    W.J.vdM. Steyn

    Part 2: Establishment of new accelerated pavement testing facilities

    PaveLab and Heavy Vehicle Simulator implementation at the National Laboratory of Materials and Testing Models of the University of Costa Rica
    J.P. Aguiar-Moya, J.P. Corrales, F. Elizondo & L. Loría-Salazar

    The Universidad de los Andes linear test track apparatus
    B. Caicedo, J. Monroy, S. Caro & E. Rueda

    Design and implementation of a full-scale accelerated pavement testing facility for extreme regional climates in China
    D. Zejiao, T. Yiqiu & L. Meili

    Part 3: Review of the impact of accelerated pavement testing programs on practice

    Significant findings from the first three research cycles at the NCAT pavement test track
    R.West & R.B. Powell

    A ten year review of the Florida’s accelerated pavement testing program
    J. Greene & B. Choubane

    Fourteen years of accelerated pavement testing at Kansas State University
    M. Hossain, B.S. Bortz, H. Melhem, S.A. Romanoschi & A. Gisi

    The implementation of accelerated pavement testing findings into industry practice in New Zealand
    B.D. Steven, D.J. Alabaster & B.D. Pidwerbesky

    History of construction contracting methods used at MnROAD
    B.J.Worel &T.R. Clyne

    International case studies in support of successful applications of accelerated pavement testing in pavement engineering
    F. Hugo, M. Arraigada, L. Shu-ming, T. Zefeng & R.Y. Kim

    Part 4: Instrumentation for accelerated pavement testing

    Semi-automated crack analysis system for the Heavy Vehicle Simulator
    K. Sheppard, J. Greene, B. Choubane, J. White & J. Fletcher

    The CAPTIF unbound pavement strain measurement system
    F.R. Greenslade, D.J. Alabaster, B.D. Steven & B.D. Pidwerbesky

    Detection of debonding and vertical cracks with non destructive techniques during accelerated pavement testing
    J.-M. Simonin, V. Baltazart, P. Hornych, J.-P. Kerzrého, X. Dérobert, S. Trichet, O. Durand, J. Alexandre & A. Joubert

    Rut depth measurement method and analysis at the FAA’s National Airport Pavement Test Facility
    I. Song, R. Aponte & G. Hayhoe

    Direct measurement of residual stress in airport concrete pavements
    H. Yin, E. Guo & F. Pecht

    A modular data acquisition system for Heavy Vehicle Simulator tests
    R.Z.Wu, J.D. Lea & D. Jones

    Simulating the effects of instrumentation on measured pavement response
    F. Leiva-Villacorta & D.H. Timm

    Part 5: Accelerated pavement testing on asphalt concrete pavements

    Accelerated loading, laboratory, and field testing studies to fast-track the implementation of warm mix asphalt in California
    D. Jones, R.Z.Wu, B. Tsai, C. Barros & J. Peterson

    Assessment of response and performance of perpetual pavements with warm mix asphalt surfaces at the Ohio Accelerated Pavement Load Facility
    I. Khoury, S.M. Sargand, A. Al-Rawashdeh & W. Edwards

    Structural evaluation and short-term performance of sustainable pavement
    sections at the NCAT pavement test track
    A. Vargas-Nordcbeck & D.H. Timm

    Evaluation of a rubber modified asphalt mixture at the 2009 NCAT test track
    J.R.Willis, R.B. Powell & M.C. Rodezno

    Accelerated performance of a failed pavement on a soft clay subgrade after rehabilitation with high polymer mix at the NCAT pavement test track
    R.B. Powell

    Evaluation of a heavy polymer modified asphalt binder using accelerated pavement testing
    J. Greene, B. Choubane & P. Upshaw

    Accelerated pavement testing of low-volume paved roads with geocell reinforcement
    B.S. Bortz, M. Hossain, I. Halami &A. Gisi

    Accelerated pavement testing of two flexible road pavements to assess long-term structural performance
    J. Ritter, R. Rabe & A.Wolf

    Evaluation of a flexible pavement structure in an accelerated pavement test
    Th. Saevarsdottir & S. Erlingsson

    How low is too low? Assessing the risk of low air voids using accelerated pavement testing
    E. Levenberg, R.S. McDaniel &T.E. Nantung

    Exploratory evaluation of cracking performance of a 4.75mm NMAS overlay using full-scale accelerated loading
    X. Qi, X. Li, N.H. Gibson, T. Clark & K. McGhee

    Rutting resistance of asphalt pavements with fine sand subgrade under full-scale trafficking at high and ambient air temperature
    J.Wu, F. Ye, J. Ling, J. Qian & S. Li

    Initial tests results from the MLS10 Mobile Load Simulator in Switzerland
    M. Arraigada, M.N. Partl & A. Pugliessi

    Part 6: Accelerated pavement testing on portland cement concrete pavements

    Performance of thin jointed concrete pavements subjected to accelerated traffic loading at the MnROAD facility
    T.R. Burnham & B.I. Izevbekhai

    Accelerated pavement testing experiment of a pavement made of fiber-reinforced roller-compacted concrete
    M.L. Nguyen, J.M. Balay, C. Sauzéat, H. Di Benedetto, K. Bilodeau, F. Olard & B. Ficheroulle

    Provisional results from accelerated pavement testing of roller-compacted concrete in South Africa
    L. du Plessis, S.J.H. Louw, G. Rugodho & S. Musundi

    Accelerated pavement testing on slab and block pavements using the MLS10 Mobile Load Simulator
    R. Blab,W. Kluger-Eigl, J. Füssl & M. Arraigada

    Environmental and load effect on dowelled and undowelled portland cement concrete slabs
    S.M. Sargand & I. Khoury

    Study of failure mechanisms in rubblized concrete pavements with hot mix asphalt overlays
    N. Garg, G.F. Hayhoe & L. Ricalde

    Part 7: Accelerated pavement testing to evaluate functional performance

    Accelerated traffic load testing of seismic expansion joints for the new San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge
    D. Jones, R.Z.Wu &T.J. Holland

    Accelerated testing of noise performance of pavements
    H. Bendtsen, J. Oddershede, G. Hildebrandt, R.Z.Wu & D. Jones

    Performance evaluation of unsurfaced pavements using the UIUC Accelerated Transportation Loading Assembly
    D. Mishra & E. Tutumluer

    Use of accelerated pavement testing to validate Ride Quality Index Data
    T.R. Clyne

    Part 8: Relating laboratory tests to performance using accelerated pavement testing

    Towards improved characterization of cemented pavement materials
    R.E.Y. Yeo & W. Young

    Validating permanent deformation tests using accelerated pavement testing
    M.A. Moffatt, G.W. Jameson & J.W.H. Oliver

    The implementation of findings from accelerated pavement testing in pavement design and construction practice
    J. Kwon, M.H.Wayne, G.J. Norwood & J.S. Tingle

    Recommended asphalt binder fatigue performance specification from full-scale accelerated pavement tests considering aging effects
    N. Gibson, X. Qi, A. Andriescu &A. Copeland

    Part 9: Development and calibration of empirical and mechanistic-empirical pavement design procedures and models

    Calibrating full-scale accelerated pavement testing data using long-term pavement performance data
    W.J.vdM. Steyn, J.K. Anochie-Boateng, C. Fisher, D. Jones & L. Truter

    Using point level accelerated pavement testing data for calibration of performance models
    J.D. Lea

    Use of mechanistic-empirical performance simulations to adjust and compare results from accelerated pavement testing
    J.T. Harvey, D. Jones, J.D. Lea, R.Z.Wu, P. Ullidtz & B. Tsai

    Calibration of incremental-recursive rutting prediction models in CalME using Heavy Vehicle Simulator experiments
    E. Coleri, R.Z.Wu, J.T. Harvey & J. Signore

    Lessons learnt from the application of the CalME asphalt fatigue model to experimental data from the CEDEX test track
    A. Mateos, J.P. Ayuso, B. Cadavid & J.O. Marrón

    Modeling of flexible pavement structure behavior – comparisons with Heavy Vehicle Simulator measurements
    A.W. Ahmed & S. Erlingsson

    Evaluation of the aggressiveness of different multi-axle loads using accelerated pavement tests
    J.-P. Kerzrého, P. Hornych, A. Chabot, S. Trichet, T. Gouy, G. Coirier & L. Deloffre

    Accelerated pavement testing-based pavement design catalogue
    W.J.vdM. Steyn

    Part 10: Benefit-cost analysis of accelerated pavement testing

    Developments in evaluating the benefits of implemented accelerated pavement testing results in California
    W.A. Nokes, M. Mahdavi, N.I. Burmas, T.J. Holland, L. du Plessis & J.T. Harvey

    Results of a case study determining economic benefits of accelerated pavement testing research in California
    L. du Plessis,W.A. Nokes, M. Mahdavi, N.I. Burmas, T.J. Holland & J.T. Harvey

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    David Jones (Queen's University Belfast); John Harvey (University of California, Davis, USA Tiger Health Limited; Imad L Al-Qadi (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Urbana, Illinois, USA University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. Angel Mateos