1st Edition

Advances in Personality Assessment Volume 10

Edited By James N. Butcher, Charles D. Spielberger Copyright 1995
    192 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    The Advances in Personality Assessment Series began in the early 1980s to facilitate the rapid dissemination of important new developments in theory and research on all aspects of personality assessment. Impressed with the extensive research on test development and validation that was going on at that time, the editors were concerned with the limited publication resources devoted to personality assessment. With this series, they hoped to provide a publication opportunity and resource for reports of personality assessment research and/or clinical practice that might not conveniently fit in journal format because of length, focus, or content.

    The first nine volumes have accomplished this goal exceptionally well by highlighting new empirical and theoretical developments, providing descriptions of new scale development, and in publishing timely reviews of important research. Volume 10 -- the last in the series -- continues in the same tradition as the previous volumes, with chapters devoted to scale construction, theoretical interpretation, and empirical analysis. The editors conclude the series knowing that an important void has been filled. They close with a feeling of both accomplishment and a slight sense of regret now that their efforts for more than a decade are at an end, as well as assurance that the torch has been passed on to others.

    Contents: Preface. R. Schiller, A. Tellegen, J. Evens, An Idiographic and Nomothetic Study of Personality Description. J.N. Butcher, K. Han, Development of an MMPI-2 Scale to Assess the Presentation of Self in a Superlative Manner: The S Scale. W. Linden, F. Wen, D.L. Paulhus, Measuring Alexithymia: Reliability, Validity, and Prevalence. M. Almagor, Y.S. Ben-Porath, Relations Between Mood and Personality: Findings From the Israeli Mood Studies. S. Karson, R.B. Gesumaria, A Comparison of the Benefits of Two Therapeutic Community Treatment Regimens for Inner-City Substance Abusers. N.C. Weed, J.N. Butcher, Y.S. Ben-Porath, MMPI-2 Measures of Substance Abuse. L.A. Penner, B.A. Fritzsche, J.P. Craiger, T.S. Freifeld, Measuring the Prosocial Personality. S.L. Caine, B.N. Kinder, B.C. Frueh, Rorschach Susceptibility to Malingered Depressive Disorders in Adult Females.


    University of Minnesota., University of South Florida.