1st Edition

Advances in Personality Assessment Volume 2

    First published in 1983. Volume two of the Advances in Personality Assessment series is devoted to invited papers from a number of distinguished researchers in its field. The range of papers included in the present volume highlights the diversity of the developments in the field, the high quality of conceptualization, and the progress in empirical research.

    Chapter 1 Financial aid from the Benjamin A. and Evelyn P. Strouse Foundation to carry on the dream project is gratefully acknowledged., Zygmunt A. Piotrowski, Albert M. Biele; Chapter 2 Current Research in the Comprehensive Rorschach System, Donald J. Viglione, John E. Exner; Chapter 3 Recent Advances in the Cross-Cultural Study of Personality, H. J. Eysenck, S. B. G. Eysenck; Chapter 4 The Eysenck Psychoticism Scale, Gordon Claridge; Chapter 5 Are Subtle MMPI Items Expendable?, D. Gynther Malcolm, R. Burkhart Barry; Chapter 6 Bender-Gestalt Recall: A Review of the Normative Data and Related Issues, James C. Schraa, Nelson F. Jones, Jerald F. Dirks; Chapter 7 Assessment of Anger: The State-Trait Anger Scale, C. D. Spielberger, G. Jacobs, S. Russell, R. S. Crane;


    Edited by Charles D. Spielberger University of South Florida and James N. Butcher University of Minnesota.