1st Edition

Advances in Personality Assessment Volume 9

Edited By Charles D. Spielberger, James N. Butcher Copyright 1992

    In keeping with the goals of this series, which are to facilitate the rapid dissemination of important new developments in theory and research on all aspects of personality assessment, the eight chapters in this volume examine a wide range of topics. These include research investigations and clinical applications involving traditional assessment techniques -- such as the Rorschach and the MMPI-2 -- and promising but less known procedures. Specific topics examined in the individual chapters range from the assessment of appreciation of humor to assessment of marital distress. A review of the contents of this volume once again demonstrates the diversity in assessment philosophy, theoretical orientation, and research methodology that characterizes the field of personality assessment.

    Contents: M.E. Procidano, The Nature of Perceived Social Support: Findings of Meta-Analysis Studies. W. Ruch, Assessment of Appreciation of Humor: Studies with the 3 WD Humor Test. B. Fehr, D. Samsom, D.L. Paulhus, The Construct of Machiavellianism: Twenty Years Later. B.J. Porter, S. Roll, Personality and Perception: Rorschach and Luescher Correlates of Jungian Types as Measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. G.G. Perry, B.N. Kinder, Susceptibility of the Rorschach to Malingering: A Schizophrenia Analogue. S. Hjemboe, J.N. Butcher, M. Almagor, Empirical Assessment of Marital Distress: The Marital Distress Scale for the MMPI-2. A.F. Greene, D.D. Schocken, C.D. Spielberger, Angina Pectoris and Personality: Development and Validation of the Anginal Syndrome Questionnaire. J.L. Deffenbacher, Trait Anger: Theory, Findings, and Implications.


    Charles D. Spielberger, James N. Butcher

    "...a welcome new entry in the small field of critical reviews and overviews of assessment topics...the new series is likely to be very useful. Certainly the present book is useful and intellectually stimulating. The welcome mat is out."
    Review of Volume 1 in the Journal of Personality Assessment

    "Readers will find these chapters on a wide range of topics in personality assessment both intellectually stimulating and useful....This volume is recommended to both clinicians and researchers."
    Contemporary Psychology