1st Edition

Advances in Personality Psychology Volume 1

Edited By Sarah E. Hampson Copyright 2000
    256 Pages
    by Psychology Press

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    In the first volume of this new series, Sarah E. Hampson brings together a unique collection of critical reviews of key areas of personality psychology and integrative accounts of important work by internationally recognised experts in the field.
    Advances in Personality Psychology includes chapters on cross-cultural evidence for the Big-Five framework for personality description, type and trait approaches to understanding childhood personality, developments in psychometrics, the relationship between hostility and cardiovascular disease, and the connections between personality and emotions. In further chapters the view that personality cannot change in adulthood is challenged and the importance of environmental factors is revealed by an observational study of twins.
    This state-of-the-art volume will provide students, teachers and researchers of contemporary personality psychology with a highly valuable resource on recent developments in this area.

    Chapter 1 Cross-language studies of lexical personality factors, Gerard Saucier, Sarah E. Hampson, Lewis R. Goldberg; Chapter 2 Variable-centred and person centred approaches to childhood personality, Ivan Mervielde, Jens B. Asendorpf; Chapter 3 Personality development in adulthood: the broad picture and processes in one longitudinal sample, Ravenna Helson, Virginia S.Y. Kwan; Chapter 4 Behaviour genetics of personality: the case of observational studies, Peter Borkenau, Rainer Riemann, Frank M. Spinath, Alois Angleitner; Chapter 5 Linking reliability and factor analysis: recent developments in some classical psychometric problems, Jos M.F. ten Berge; Chapter 6 Personality and health: cardiovascular disease, Martha C. Whiteman, Ian J. Deary, F Gerry R. Fowkes; Chapter 7 Personality and emotion: cognitive science perspectives, Gerald Matthews, Douglas Derryberry, Greg J. Siegle;


    Sarah E. Hampson is Professor of Psychology and Health at the University of Surrey and President of the European Association of Personality Psychology.