Advances in Renewable Energies Offshore : Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore (RENEW 2018), October 8-10, 2018, Lisbon, Portugal book cover
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Advances in Renewable Energies Offshore
Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore (RENEW 2018), October 8-10, 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

ISBN 9781138585355
Published September 18, 2018 by CRC Press
934 Pages

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Book Description

Advances in Renewable Energies Offshore is a collection of the papers presented at the 3rd International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore (RENEW 2018) held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 8-10 October 2018. The 104 contributions were written by a diverse international group of authors and have been reviewed by an International Scientific Committee. The book is organized in the following main subject areas:

- Modelling tidal currents
- Modelling waves
- Tidal energy devices (design, applications and experiments)
- Tidal energy arrays
- Wave energy devices (point absorber, multibody, applications, control, experiments, CFD, coastal OWC, OWC and turbines)
- Wave energy arrays
- Wind energy devices
- Wind energy arrays
- Maintenance and reliability
- Combined platforms
- Moorings, and
- Flexible materials

Advances in Renewable Energies Offshore collects recent developments in these fields, and will be of interest to academics and professionals involved in the above mentioned areas.

Table of Contents

Keynote lectures

Considerations on future emerging technologies in the ocean energy sector
D. Magagna, L. Margheritini, A. Moro & P. Schild

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) for renewable energies offshore
P.K. Stansby


Modelling tidal currents

How to correctly measure turbulent upstream flow for marine current turbine performances evaluation?
B. Gaurier, G. Germain & G. Pinon

Marine current energy in Eastern Australia: Evolution of currents and mesoscale anticyclonic eddies
B. O’Callaghan, A. Chabchoub & T. Waseda

Depth average tidal resource assessment considering an open channel flow
L.M. Flores Mateos & M. Hartnett

Monitoring tidal currents with a towed ADCP at tidal energy site in Alderney Race (Raz Blanchard)
M. Thiebaut, A. Sentchev & P. Bailly du Bois


Modelling waves

Assessment of the wave spectral characteristics in the Portuguese test zone
C. Lucas, D. Silva & C. Guedes Soares

Wave energy resource assessment: A comparative study for two coastal areas in Japan
K. Sasmal, A. Webb, T. Waseda & S. Miyajima

Wave energy farm performance and availability as functions of weather windows
M. Goteman, J. Mathew, J. Engstrom, V. Castellucci, M. Giassi & R. Waters

Prediction of short-term wind and wave conditions using Adaptive Network-based Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for marine operations
M. Wu, C. Stefanakos & Z. Gao

Methodology for evaluating the economic pay-off of a more powerful wave energy resource
O. Roberts, H. Jeffrey & P. Ruiz-Minguela

Wave height error estimation with the triple collocation method for the Canary Islands
R.B. Fonseca, M. Goncalves & C. Guedes Soares

Performance evaluation of various wave energy converters along the western side of Indian EEZ
R. Patel, G. Nagababu, B.A. Srinivas, S. Singh Kachhwaha, M. Seemanth, S.V.V. Arun Kumar & S. Aich Bhowmick

Validation of wave breaking in intermediate water wave groups for HOS-NWT with laboratory experiments
S.A. Hasan, V. Sriram & R. Panneer Selvam


Tidal energy devices (Design)

Effects of blockage and freestream turbulence intensity on tidal rotor design and performance
B. Cao, R.H.J. Willden & C.R. Vogel

Blade-resolved CFD analysis and validation of blockage correction methods for tidal turbines
G. Tampier Brockhaus & F. Zilic de Arcos

Wake characterisation of an undulating membrane tidal energy converter
M. Trasch, A. Deporte, J.-B. Drevet, B. Gaurier & G. Germain

Design and optimization of a marine current turbine: Effects of pitch angle and twist distribution
T. Karthikeyan & A. Samad


Tidal energy devices (Applications)

Comparison of twin-basin lagoon systems against conventional tidal power plant designs
A. Angeloudis, N. Hawkins, S.C. Kramer & M.D. Piggott

Implementation of tidal energy convertor in low current area
C.H. Jo, S.J. Hwang, J.C.K. Tong & J.C.L. Chan

Concept development for deployment of a modular, floating, tidal-stream device
E.J. Ransley, S. Brown, N. Xie, D. Greaves, R. Nicholls-Lee, L. Johanning, P. Weston & E. Guerrini

Simulation of a horizontal axis tidal turbine for direct driven reverse-osmosis desalination
F. Greco & A. Jarquin-Laguna


Tidal energy devices (Experiments)

Experimental investigation of a novel tidal supercharger driven by tidal energy for reverse osmosis seawater desalination
C. Ling, X. Lou, J. Li & Y. Zhang

Towing tank testing of a controlled-circulation Darrieus turbine
L. Chatellier, J.M.R. Gorle, F. Pons & M. Ba

Wave tank experiments of a floating, tidal-stream energy device
N. Xie, E.J. Ransley, S. Brown, D. Greaves, R. Nicholls-Lee, L. Johanning, P. Weston & E. Guerrini

Computational analysis and experimental verification of a boundary integral equation model for tidal turbines
Z. Sarichloo, F. Salvatore, F. Di Felice, M. Costanzo, R. Starzmann & C. Frost


Tidal energy arrays

Unsteady loading in a tidal array due to simulated turbulent onset flow
H. Mullings & T. Stallard

Numerically modelling spatial distribution of O&M costs for tidal platforms
J. McDowell, P. Jeffcoate, T. Bruce & L. Johanning

Axial-flow hydrokinetic turbine array: Optimization and performance prediction
L. Sharma & D. Chatterjee

Competition effects between nearby tidal turbine arrays—optimal design for Alderney Race
Z.L. Goss, M.D. Piggott, S.C. Kramer, A. Avdis, A. Angeloudis & C.J. Cotter


Wave energy devices (Point absorber)

OES Task 10 WEC heaving sphere performance modelling verification
K. Nielsen, F. Wendt, Y.-H. Yu, K. Ruehl, I. Touzon, B.W. Nam, J.S. Kim, K.-H. Kim, S. Crowley, W. Sheng, A. Kurniawan, D. Ogden, S. Girardin, A. Babarit, R. Costello, S. Giorgi, A. Roy, H. Bingham, R. Read, M.M. Kramer & S. Thomas

Hydrodynamic analysis of different geometries of a wave energy absorber buoy
M.N. Berenjkoob, M. Ghiasi & C. Guedes Soares

Wave diffraction by a floating fixed truncated vertical cylinder based on Boussinesq equations
S.C. Mohapatra, H. Islam & C. Guedes Soares

Numerical study on nonlinear hydrodynamic performance of a heaving buoy type wave energy converter under nonlinear wave condition
S.J. Kim, W. Koo & M.J. Shin


Wave energy devices (Multibody)

Optimal wave energy converter geometry for different modes of motion
A. Garcia-Teruel & D.I.M. Forehand

Semi-submersible platform concept for a concentric array of wave energy converters
J.F. Gaspar, T.S. Hallak & C. Guedes Soares

Hydrodynamics of a new two body wave energy converter in the frequency domain
M. Kamarlouei & C. Guedes Soares

Moored multi-float WEC M4 and hybrid with wind: Experiments and modelling
P.K. Stansby, E. Carpintero Moreno & T. Stallard


Wave energy devices (Applications)

Initial development of a generic method for analysis of flexible membrane wave energy converters
A. McDonald, Q. Xiao, D.I.M. Forehand, H. Smith & R. Costello

Verification of a boundary element model for wave forces on structures with porous elements
E.B.L. Mackay, A. Feichtner, R.E. Smith, P.R. Thies & L. Johanning

Passivity preserving moment-based finite-order hydrodynamic model identification for wave energy applications
N. Faedo, Y. Pena-Sanchez & J.V. Ringwood

Conceptual design of compliant mechanical wave energy converter
S. Chandrasekaran, V.V.S. Sricharan & S. Joseph


Wave energy devices (Control)

A review of fault tolerant design in wave energy converters
M. Kamarlouei, J.F. Gaspar, C. Guedes Soares, B.F. Cruz & M.J.G.C. Mendes

A reduced wave-to-wire model for controller design and power assessment of wave energy converters
M. Penalba & J.V. Ringwood

Control of a wave energy converter using a multi-agent system and machine learning methods
N. Pereira, D. Valerio & P. Beirao

Study on the time-variability of hydrodynamic coefficients for wave energy converter heave plates
S. Saeidtehrani, B. Butcher, A. Brown & K. Niemeyer


Wave energy devices (Experiments)

Experimental assessment of a 6-float M4 wave energy converter
E. Carpintero Moreno & P.K. Stansby

Experimental study of behaviour and efficiency on a backward bent duct buoy
H. Diaz, S.A. Sannasiraj & C. Guedes Soares

Prototyping and wave tank testing of a floating platform with point absorbers
M. Kamarlouei, J.F. Gaspar, M. Calvario, T.S. Hallak, C. Guedes Soares, M.J.G.C. Mendes & F. Thiebaut


Wave energy devices (CFD)

Simulations of floating wave energy devices using adaptive mesh refinement
C. Eskilsson & J. Palm

Validation of a CFD-based numerical wave tank of the Wavestar WEC
C. Windt, J.V. Ringwood, J. Davidson, E.J. Ransley, M. Jakobsen & M. Kramer

Simulation of motions and forces for a generic wave energy converter using RANS CFD
I. Pregnan Johannesen & G. Tampier Brockhaus

Parametric excitation of moored wave energy converters using viscous and non-viscous CFD simulations
J. Palm, L. Bergdahl & C. Eskilsson


Wave energy devices (Coastal OWC)

Hydrodynamic analysis of a land-based oscillating water column device using fully nonlinear numerical wave flume
A. Abbasnia & C. Guedes Soares

The Pico OWC wave power plant: Its life from conception to closure 1986–2018
A.F.O. Falcao, L.M.C. Gato, A.J.N.A. Sarmento & A. Brito-Melo

Non-conventional overtopping breakwater for energy conversion
E. Di Lauro, P. Contestabile & D. Vicinanza

The application of numerical simulation to overtopping type wave generator equipment
T. Takahashi, M. Minami & H. Tanaka


Wave energy devices (OWC)

Parametric motion detection for an oscillating water column spar buoy
G. Giorgi & J.V. Ringwood

Behavior of U-oscillating water column arrays
G. Malara & F. Arena

Application of a stepped sea bottom condition to improve hydrodynamic performance of OWC devices
K. Rezanejad & C. Guedes Soares

A practical estimation method of PTO and a sea test of a PW-OWC type Wec using a wave dissipating double caisson
K. Kihara, Y. Hosokawa, K. Masuda & T. Ikoma

Optimization of OWC power efficiency and structural integrity
M.L. Jalon & F. Brennan

Wave-to-wire model of the Tupperwave device and performance comparison with conventional OWC
P. Benreguig, J. Murphy, M. Vicente & S. Crowley

Numerical and experimental investigation of the hydrodynamic performance of a fixed dual-chamber OWC device
R. Wang & D. Ning

Investigation into multi-oscillating water column wave energy converters and a novel concept
S. Doyle & G.A. Aggidis

Numerical validation of hydrodynamic characteristics of open-sea U-type oscillating water column wave energy converter
S. John Ashlin, S.A. Sannasiraj, V. Sundar, G. Malara, F. Arena & A. Romolo

Influence of damping on an oscillating water column WEC integrated with a breakwater
S.N. Rajan, D. Karmakar & C. Guedes Soares

Performance of an OWC type WEC replaced from a wave dissipating double-caisson
T. Ikoma, H. Eto, K. Masuda & S. Shibuya


Wave energy devices (Turbines)

Test results of a twin-rotor turbine for OWC wave energy converters
B.S. Lopes, L.M.C. Gato, A.F.O. Falcao & J.C.C. Henriques

Development of a counter-rotating impulse turbine for bi-directional airflow
M. Takao, R. Sasaki, M.Md. Ashraful Alam, S. Okuhara & Y. Kinoue

Wells turbines dynamic simulation using CFD and a lumped parameter model
T. Ghisu, F. Cambuli, P. Puddu & I. Virdis


Wave energy arrays

Wave energy converter arrays: Motion response of inter-connected array
B. Howey, G. Iglesias, K.M. Collins, M. Hann, D. Greaves, R. Gomes & J.C.C. Henriques

Design of an optimization scheme for the WaveSub array
E. Faraggiana, I. Masters & J. Chapman

Trapping phenomena by an array of vertical bottomless cylindrical bodies
S.A. Mavrakos, I.K. Chatjigeorgiou & D.N. Konispoliatis

Analysis of interaction effects between WECs in four types of wave farms
S.-H. Yang, J.W. Ringsberg & E. Johnson


Wind energy devices

A review of the biofouling parameters influencing the drag force coefficient of offshore structures
A. Bakhtiari, F. Schoefs & H. Ameryoun

CART—a compact and robust wind turbine design for south Asia
F. Adam, M. Schroeter, V.V. Manh & P. Dierken

On the dynamics of the kite carousel
K.N. Luttik, P.S. Anderson, L. Johanning & I.M. Viola

Assessment of long-term extreme response of a floating support structure using the environmental contour method
K. Raed, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares

Analysis of vessel shielding effects during installation of spar floating wind turbine
M.A.A.A. Hassan & C. Guedes Soares

Estimating the offshore wind energy along the Portuguese coast using WRF and satellite data
N. Salvacao, A. Bentamy & C. Guedes Soares

Hydrodynamic identification of NAUTILUS FOWT platform from small scale tests
V. Nava, J. Galvan, M. Sanchez-Lara, C. Garrido-Mendoza, G. Perez-Moran, M. Le Boulluec, B. Augier & R. Rodriguez-Arias


Wind energy arrays

Development and validation of the higher-order finite-difference wind farm simulator, WInc3D
G. Deskos, M.D. Piggott & S. Laizet

Site selection process for floating offshore wind farms in Madeira Islands
H. Diaz, R.B. Fonseca & C. Guedes Soares

Economic aspects of an offshore wind farm located in Cantabria (North of Spain)
L. Feijoo-Diaz, C. Alvarez-Feal, L. Carral-Couce & L. Castro Santos


Maintenance and reliability

[email protected]—one technical solution for offshore wind maintenance
F. Adam, P. Dierken, M.M. Aye & M. Flikkema

An opportunistic condition-based maintenance policy for offshore wind farm
J.C. Kang, L.P. Sun, Y. Lu, J. Sobral & C. Guedes Soares

Weighting the influencing factors on offshore wind farms availability
J. Sobral, J.C. Kang & C. Guedes Soares

Scope and feasibility of autonomous robotic subsea intervention systems for offshore inspection, maintenance and repair
L. Fahrni, P.R. Thies, L. Johanning & J. Cowles

Reliability prediction of bearings of an offshore wind turbine gearbox
U. Bhardwaj, A.P. Teixeira & C. Guedes Soares


Combined platforms

Laboratory tests on an original wave energy converter combining oscillating water column and overtopping devices
L. Cappietti, I. Simonetti, V. Penchev & P. Penchev

Feasibility study of hybrid offshore wind turbine with solar platform in Persian Gulf
M. Bahadori, H. Ghassemi & M. Sadegh Bahadori

Study of a multipurpose platform
M.J. Legaz, P. Mayorga & J. Fernandez

Second order wave drift damping of a TLP floating structure concept for combined wind and wave energy
T.P. Mazarakos & S.A. Mavrakos



Predicting failure of dynamic cables for floating offshore wind
D.G. Young, C. Ng, S. Oterkus, Q. Li & L. Johanning

Comparative study on two different mooring systems for a buoy
G. Xiang, S. Xu, S. Wang & C. Guedes Soares

Mooring system monitoring of offshore renewable energy floating platforms
I. Touzon, A. Garcia-Corcuera, V. Nava, R. Rodriguez & B. de Miguel

Alternative mooring systems for 2nd generation of tidal energy converters
L.R. Nunez, A. Lopez & M. Perez de la Portilla

An overview of synthetic mooring cables in marine applications
S. Wang, S. Xu, G. Xiang & C. Guedes Soares

Comparison between full-scale measurements and numerical simulations of mooring forces in a floating point-absorbing WEC system
X. Lang, S.-H. Yang, J.W. Ringsberg, E. Johnson, C. Guedes Soares & M. Rahm


Flexible materials

Hydroelastic modelling of composite tidal turbine blades
F. Zilic de Arcos, R.H.J. Willden & C.R. Vogel

Parametric design of a hydroelastic energy harvester
S. Costa, L. Chatellier, F. Pons & M. Ba

A procedure for choosing optimal materials of wind turbine flexible blades
V. Cognet, B. Thiria & S. Courrech du Pont



Design of an offshore multipurpose support vessel
N. Almany, M. Tekgoz & Y. Garbatov

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Carlos Guedes Soares is a professor of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal. He received the MSc and Ocean Engineer degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, in 1976, the PhD degree from the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, in 1984, and the Doctor of Science degree from the Technical University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal, in 1991.
Carlos is the President of the Centre for Marine Technology and Engineering (CENTEC), which is a research centre of the Instituto Superior Técnico that is recognized and funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. He has coauthored more than 400 journal papers and 600 conference papers and has been involved in more than 60 international research projects and 20 national projects.