1st Edition

Advances in Renewable Natural Materials for Textile Sustainability

Edited By Mohammad Shahid, Aranya Mallick, Sayandeep Debnath Copyright 2025
    416 Pages 98 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    416 Pages 98 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Advances in Renewable Natural Materials for Textile Sustainability promotes sustainable practices in the textile industry through exploring the use of natural materials in textile production. The book delves into the advantages of using natural materials at every stage of textile processing, from fibre production to textile wet processing (dyeing, printing, finishing), and recycling after end use. The chapters provide critical discussions on natural materials for functional and smart textiles, sustainable methods of their preparation, application, and environmental impact of using biobased materials. It also discusses opportunities and challenges.

    • Offers a comprehensive overview of the historical significance of natural fibres in textile production, the environmental impact of textile manufacturing, and the role of natural materials in reducing this impact.

    • Provides examples of successfully implemented sustainable production processes.

    • Discusses upcycling and repurposing of natural textile materials, sustainable textile waste management and recycling, and the use of natural colourants for dyeing and finishing textiles.

    • Covers the use of biobased finishing agents, enzymes, and natural material-based auxiliaries in sustainable textile production and discusses biopolymers and nanocellulose and their potential in textile applications.

    • Explores sustainable textile reinforcement using natural fibres and natural fibre-based composites and their applications.

    • Considers the future of sustainable fashion and the role of natural materials in smart textiles for advanced applications like textile packaging, medical applications, textile sensors, and actuators, among others.

    With its comprehensive coverage, this book is an essential resource for professionals, researchers, and academics in the textile industry and anyone interested in sustainability in the fashion and textiles. It offers valuable insights for readers who want to make more informed choices and contribute to a more sustainable future.

    1. Natural Fibres: A look from a historical perspective. 
    Anaisha Vazifdar and Sayandeep Debnath
    2. Eco-Friendly Natural Fibres Based Sustainable Agro-Textiles for Packaging of Agro-Products. 
    Mayur Basuk and Amit Yadav
    3. Sustainable fibers from Pineapple leaves: Extraction, properties, and applications. 
    Seiko Jose, Shikha Kala, and Kalindri Verma
    4. Hemp: A Traditional Fiber with Modern Applications. 
    Snežana Stanković
    5. Application of Plant Fibre and Biomass in Tissue Paper. 
    Kartick K. Samanta, D. P. Ray, Ananna Patra, S. N. Chattopadhyay, and D. B. Shakyawar
    6. Natural Fiber-based Composites and Their Applications. 
    Akshay Jadhav, Nilesh Jadhav, and Bhagyashri Annaldewar
    7. Natural Fibers in Smart Textiles for Advanced Applications. 
    Akankshya Panda, Saptarshi Maiti, and Ravindra V. Adivarekar
    8. The utilization of natural plant fibers as a sustainable substitute material for textile and other uses. 
    M S Senthil Kumar, Sivasubramanian Palanisamy, P S Sampath, and Syed Thasthagir M
    9. Nanocellulose Fibers and Their Potential in Textile Applications. 
    Noremylia Mohd Bakhori, Mohamad Zaki Hassan, and Mohd Yusof Mohd Daud
    10. Nanocellulose and Its Emerging Applications in Textile Processing. 
    Kaustubh Patankar, Maitreyi Sawant, and Santosh Biranje
    11. Chitosan: A Biobased Sustainable Textile Auxiliary. 
    Adrian Kreuz, Larissa Cadorin, Diofer Barboza da Silva, Vitoria Batista de Oliveira, Maria Eduarda Truppel Malschitzky, Lizandra Maria Zimmermann, Rafal Marcin Lukasik, and Jürgen Andreaus
    12. Cyclodextrins as biobased sustainable textile auxiliaries. 
    Adrian Kreuz, Ivonete Oliveira Barcellos, and Jürgen Andreaus
    13. Enzymes for Sustainable Textile Processing – Recent Advances. 
    Adrian Kreuz, Diofer Barboza da Silva, and Jürgen Andreaus
    14. Textile Dyeing Effluents: Challenges, Characterization, and Sustainable Treatment. 
    Alisha and Sudesh Kumar
    15. Natural materials in functional finishing of textiles. 
    Yuyang Zhou and Xinyue Yan
    16. Natural Plant Extracts for UV Protective Textiles. 
    Vandana Gupta and Saloni Gupta
    17. Insect Repellent Role of Natural Dyes: Recent Advances and Future Prospects. 
    Bisma, Hamid Ali Tanveer, Shahid Adeel, Atya Hassan, Umaira Bilal, and Rony Mia


    Mohammad Shahid is Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Applied Science, Dr. K. N. Modi University, Rajasthan, India. He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India.

    Aranya Mallick is Assistant Professor of Fibre Science and Technology at Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Indian Oil Campus, Bhubaneshwar. He received his Ph.D. in Fibre and Textile Processing Technology from ICT Mumbai, India.

    Sayandeep Debnath is Assistant Professor at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai. He received his M.Tech. in Chemical Processing in Textiles from Government College of Engineering and Textile Technology, Serampore, India.