1st Edition

Advances in River Sediment Research

Edited By Shoji Fukuoka, Hajime Nakagawa, Tetsuya Sumi, Hao Zhang Copyright 2013

    Sediments, which constitute the surface of the Earth, start their journey to rivers with the energy obtained from rainfalls, fl oods and other natural processes. Due to transport of sediments, rivers develop with various appearances and functions, and play a crucial role in the activities of human beings and the life cycles of other species. River sediment, as a conventional topic for river management, has been the topic of continuing research since ancient times, and since then significant progresses in river sediment research has been made. Nowadays, river sediment is much more connected to the activities of mankind and other species, following the increasing awareness of the co-existence of humans and nature.

    Advances in River Sediment Research comprises the proceedings of the 12th International Symposium on River Sedimentation (ISRS2013, Kyoto, Japan, 2-5 September 2013). The book contains two keynote papers and 274 peer-reviewed regular contributions from all over the world, and covers recent accomplishments in theoretical developments, numerical simulations, laboratory experiments, field investigations and management methodologies of river sediment related issues. The book may serve as a reference book for graduate students, researchers, engineers and practitioners in disciplines of hydraulic, environmental, agricultural and geological engineering.

    Keynote lectures

    A reverse flow system for the sediment flushing from large reservoirs
    T. Takahashi

    Mechanism and prediction of bank failure
    Y.T. Li, F. Wang, J.W. Tang & L.L. Zhu

    Technical papers

    Sediment yield

    Sediment source: A key parameter of catchment sediment yield
    D.E. Walling

    Area method in landslide depth estimation for slate and shale hillslopes
    C.C. Wu & P.H. Wang

    Sedimentation study of Putah South Canal, California, USA
    A. Shvidchenko, R. MacArthur, T. Hanes & A. Rabidoux

    Using 210Pbex measurements and the SEdiment Delivery Distributed (SEDD) model to estimate erosion rates in a small agricultural catchment in southern Italy
    P. Porto, D.E. Walling, A. Capra & C. La Spada

    Numerical modeling of soil erosion on DEM-based systems
    Y.H. Hsu, K.T. Lee, R. Kaur & S.Y. Cao

    Experimental analysis for fine-grained and large-grained soils involved in debris flow at the solid-fluid transition
    A.M. Pellegrino & L. Schippa

    Simulation of suspended sediment load using data-driven models: A comparative study
    S. Heng & T. Suetsugi

    Study on multi-stages landslide due to rainfall
    R.K. Regmi, K. Jung, H. Nakagawa & T. Ide

    A study on mechanism of large-scale landslides and the prediction
    C.Y. Chen, S. Ikkanda, M. Fujita & D. Tsutsumi

    Numerical simulation of debris flows induced by deep-seated catastrophic landslides
    Y. Nishiguchi, T. Uchida, T. Ishizuka, Y. Satofuka & K. Nakatani

    Case study on 2006 flash flood disaster in Putih River of Jember, East Java, Indonesia
    A.P. Rahardjo, D. Legono, Istiarto, Y.T. Kurniawan & S. Hardjosuwarno

    The changes of annual mean suspended load at up reach of Changjiang River after the Wenchuan earthquake
    Y.J. Zhou, S.M. Yao, H.T. Xu & J. Wang

    Depositional process of wood-sediment-water mixture flows at an open type of check dam
    K. Hashimura, H. Hashimoto, S. Ikematsu, M.I. Rusyda & T. Miyoshi

    Sediment transport

    Development mechanism of sand bars in anabranching rivers
    Z.W. Li, Z.Y. Wang & G.A. Yu

    Linear stability analysis of meander formation originating from alternate bars
    R. Shimada, Y. Shimizu, K. Hasegawa & H. Iga

    Study on method to determinate the gravel shoal regulation water level in the straight transition section of the upper reaches of the Changjiang River
    Y. Liu, Z.Z. Xie, X.Q. Hu, S.F. Yang & H.H. Liu

    Study on morphological process in gravel-bed river driven by vegetation
    Y. Shimizu & S. Iwami

    An explicit finite-volume depth-averaged 2-D model of morphodynamic processes near marsh edges and vegetation patches
    W. Wu

    Bed morphological changes near a finite submerged patch of vegetation in open channel flows
    H.S. Kim, I. Kimura & Y. Shimizu

    Simple 1-D model for dune development in a closed conduit under the previous experimental conditions
    T. Hosoda, M. Langhi & T. Kimura

    Effect of oblique dunes on flow field and sediment transport
    D. Weij, M. Nabi, J. Sieben & S. Giri

    Quasi 3D numerical simulation for flow and bed variation with various sand waves
    T. Uchida & S. Fukuoka

    Bedload transport direction induced by bed form orientation: Large scale modelling
    S. Giri, Q. Ye, A. Talmon, D. Weij & A. Sieben

    Growing and decaying processes and resistance of sand waves in the vicinity of the Tone River mouth
    S. Okamura & S. Fukuoka

    Numerical study of dissipation and regeneration of fluvial sand dunes under variable discharges
    M. Nabi, I. Kimura, Y. Shimizu & S. Giri

    Analysis on trends of runoff and sediment load of the Yellow River
    H.L. Shi, C.H. Hu, Y.G. Wang & Q.Q. Tian

    Suppression of alternate bar migration in a straight river due to vegetation enlargement
    H. Ikeda & K. Iimura

    Problems for the long-term use of the Three Gorges Project
    J.Y. Lu & Y. Huang

    Study on the sedimentation and operating level in the Three Gorges Reservoir
    J.X. Mao & J.M. Xie

    Human impact on morphology and sediment budget in the Tedori River, Japan
    M.H. Dang, S. Umeda & M. Yuhi

    Influence of Jamuna Bridge on river morphology
    A. Yorozuya, Md.S. Islam, M. Kamoto & S. Egashira

    Hydro-morpho-bio-dynamic interactions in river modelling
    G.D. Silvio & M. Nones

    Numerical simulation of the natural processes of river meandering over realistic time scales
    K. Asahi, Y. Yoshida, Y. Shimizu, J. Nelson & G. Parker

    Three-dimensional gravel motions in numerical movable bed channel with particles of various shapes and sizes
    T. Fukuda, S. Fukuoka & T. Uchida

    Pre- and post-construction geomorphological studies of the partially closed Ackerman’s Cut near RM 614, the Mississippi River
    T. Nakato & K. Toda

    Variational data assimilation for parameters estimation of suspended sediment transport
    R.X. Lai, F.X. Zhang, M. Wang & X.Y. Xu

    Assessment of pollutant routing method for quantification of trapped sediment in a reservoir
    A.Z. Abdul Razad, H. Sakeh & T.A. Mohamed

    Simulation and prediction of morphological changes of the All American Canal
    C.T. Yang & J. Ahn

    Analysis and research on riverbed evolution and morphological relationships of Guan He River
    X.Y. Gao, M.C. Zhu & Z.R. Gao

    Case study: Movable-bed model scaling for bed load sediment supply in the Old Rhine (France)
    K. El kadi Abderrezzak, F. Lebert, M. Chavatte, D. Aelbrecht & A. Clutier

    On the flow resistance and bed variations during Hii River flood
    Y. Okada, S. Fukuoka & K. Tachi

    Correlation between flow-sediment regime and mainstream planform of Jingjiang reach
    Y. Liu, S.Yao, C. Huang & L. Zheng

    Equilibrium state of river bed with three grain size groups of sediment
    M. Sekine, Y. Hiramatsu & Y. Kadoi

    Response of reach-scale bankfull channel geometry to discharge and sediment load in the LYR
    X.J. Li, J.Q. Xia, Y.P. Wang & T. Li

    The changing relationship of the Jingjiang River and Dongting Lake after operation of the Three Gorges Project
    X.H. Guo, Y.H. Zhu, G. Qu & Y. Liu

    Erosion-deposit variation of the river channel in Wuhan reach after the operation of Three Gorges Project
    Z.F. Cui & X. Zhang

    On the modelling of sediment saltation mechanism under unidirectional turbulent flows
    M. Nabi, Y. Shimizu, I. Kimura & S. Giri

    Large eddy simulation for vertical sorting of graded sediment in sheet-flow regime
    E. Harada, H. Gotoh & N. Tsuruta

    River sedimentation research by integrated modeling
    S. Wang, Y. Jia, M. Altinakar & T. Zhu

    Numerical simulation of river channel processes with bank erosion in steep slope curved channel using unstructured grid system
    T. Arimitsu, T. Deguchi & I. Fujita

    Hydrodynamic forces on saltating particles in turbulent channel flow
    C. Ji, A. Munjiza, E. Avital & J.J.R. Williams

    Bar instability accompanied by bank erosion
    M.J. Uddin, N. Izumi & K. Hasegawa

    Experimental and numerical study of long term sedimentation in a secondary channel: Example of the Beurre island on the Rhône River, France
    B. Camenen, E. Andries, J.-B. Faure, M. de Linares, F. Gandilhon & G. Raccasi

    Loess step-pools in an ephemeral Gully in Loess Plateau, Northwest China—morphologic features and possible development mechanism
    G.A. Yu, Z.Y. Wang, J.S. Yang & H.Q. Huang

    Effect of cross slope behind stream-wise groins on the ship wave and sediment transportation
    J. Yagisawa & N. Tanaka

    Soil erosion process and hydraulic characteristics in sloped grass plots
    P.Q. Xiao, H.B. Liu & C.G. Wang

    Investigation of sediment effects on the velocity contours in the curved open channel with rigid and mobile bed
    H. Bonakdari, S. Baghalian, A. Cheraqi & M. Fazli

    Bankfull discharge prediction in the lower Wei River
    L.Y. Li, J.S. Wang, X.Y. Hu, H.Q. Cao, M.H. Chu & B.S. Wu

    How the river improvement works have been conducted in the Lower Tone River and how effective they are
    N. Iwaya & S. Fukuoka

    The fluvial evolution characteristics and its influence on deep water channel regulations in Tongzhou Shoal river reach of Yangtze estuary
    H. Xu, D.W. Wu,Y.F. Xia, D.J. Du, Y.C. Wen & S.Z. Zhang

    Study on representative tide type in lower Yangtze River
    Y.C. Wen, Y.F. Xia, S.Z. Zhang, X.J. Wang & H. Xu

    Study on recent evolution and channel regulation schemes of Hechangzhou braided channel
    F.L. Yang, H.H. Liu, Z.M. Fu, F. Chen, T. Han, K.C. Gao & Z.T. Xie

    Cumulative sediment reduction to the Lower Mekong River from planned dams
    G.M. Kondolf, Z.K. Rubin, C. Alford & J.T. Minear

    A study on wave equation and solutions of shallow water on inclined channel
    M. Arai & H. Nakagawa

    Creation of meandering configuration in straight rivers by using groynes on either bank
    A. Tominaga & H. Suetsugu

    Sediment transfer in the extreme volcanic environment (case study of the Kamchatka peninsula)
    S. Chalov, E. Belozerova, D. Shkolny, A. Romanchenko, A. Piotrovsky & G. Mouri

    A numerical model for sediment transport and bed change in rivers with ice
    I.M. Knack & H.T. Shen

    The hump phenomenon and its formation mechanism in the Lower Yellow River
    A.-J. Deng, Q.-C. Guo & J.-G. Chen

    Study of flood flow and gravel riverbed variation analysis in the Satsunai river
    K. Osada, S. Fukuoka & H. Ohgushi

    Experimental study on sediment transport characteristics of dry dams
    Y. Watanabe, Y. Yoshikawa, H. Hayakawa & Y. Kimura

    Linear stability analysis of channel bifurcation by seepage erosion
    A. Pornprommin, P. Kaewnon, R. Thaisiam, W. Thaisiam & N. Izumi

    Interaction between waves of alluviation and incision in mixed bedrock-alluvial rivers
    G. Parker, R. Fernández, E. Viparelli, C.P. Stark, L. Zhang, X. Fu, T. Inoue,
    N. Izumi & Y. Shimizu

    Estimation of critical discharge at the failure of loose rock chutes
    Z. Ahmad & D.G. Khan

    Cyclic steps by bedrock incision
    M. Yokokawa, A. Kotera, A. Kyogoku & N. Izumi

    Research on channel improvement scheme of the Shipai reach by three-dimensional flow mathematical model
    X.X. Feng, P.Z. Hao & D.Y. Chen

    Suspended sediment movements as 2D Poissonian models
    G. Wilson Jr. & C.S.G. Monteiro

    Morphological variations of different sections in Jingjiang river after TGR operation
    G. Qu, X.H. Guo, Y.H. Zhu & F. Tang

    Analysis on runoff and sediment changing of the Jialingjiang River basin
    F.F. Li, G.J. Cao & G. Xiao

    Characteristics of riverbed deformation along the estuary reach of Huaihe River
    B.Y. Yu, J. Ni, P. Ben & J.Y. Sui

    Experiment on channel formation process using wide width flume
    E. Shima & Y. Watanabe

    Experimental research on the sand waves variation of compound plastic sand of physical model
    X.Y. Hu, J.S. Wang, L.Y. Li & G.Y. Wei

    Computational study of roll waves in shallow flow over erodible bed
    K.Y. Li & J.Q. Zhao

    Impacts of operation on navigation conditions in Middle and Lower Yangtze River (MLYR) of the Three Gorges Reservoir (TGR)
    X.Y. You & J.W. Tang

    Sediment resuspension distinction after dredging project due to wave
    X. Shen & D.L. Hong

    Changes of navigational channel and its regulative strategies on the middle Yangtze River after the Three Gorges Project impoundment
    Y. Huang, G.X. Li, K.C. Gao & Z.H. Li

    Riverbed evolution trend of Laijiapu riverbend downstream from Three Gorges Project
    H.H. Liu, L. Jiang, H.F. Chai & G.P. Zhang

    Fluvial evolution causes and regulation of Dongliu braided reach
    L. Zheng, H.H. Liu, M. Zhang, C.C. Zhou & Y.F. Chen

    Analysis on bed evolution and channel regulation of Madangnan reach of the Yangtze River
    B. Li, G.P. Lei, F.Y. Zhao & L. Tu

    The diffusion coefficient of suspended sediments based on two-fluid model of two-phase flows
    L. Zhang, D.Y. Zhong & B.S. Wu

    Dynamic changes in water depth, velocity and resistance of flow during flood at steep mountain stream
    Y. Asano & T. Uchida

    A field survey on the bathymetry and bed sediment in a multi-spur-dyke field
    X.H. Zhang, W.L. Xu, P.Z. Lin, H. Zhang & H. Nakagawa

    Suspended sediment transport in the Kiso River basin
    Y. Sato, M. Honma, Y. Suzuki & Y. Michihiro

    Low-flow channel variation due to sediment augmentation
    H. Miwa

    Study and application on diffusion character numerical model for the abandon sediment emission during the construction of water-related project
    J. Yuan, Q.X. Xu & W. Zhang

    Analysis on bottom tearing scour in Xiaobeiganliu in the Yellow River in July 1977
    Q. Zhang, E.H. Jiang, Y. Zhang & Y.L. Liu

    A case study—evolution mechanism on bending braided river of Wuhan Tianxingzhou reach under the variable condition of incoming flow and sediment
    B. Wang, S. Yao & H.Y. Yue

    Influence of water level change of Yangtze River on storage process of Dongting Lake
    D. Wang, Y.T. Li, J.Y. Deng & J.J. Fang

    Numerical experiments on characteristics of braided streams observed in Satsunai River
    S. Yamaguchi, T. Inoue, Y. Shimizu & E. Suzuki

    Forced bars in a meandering channel with variable width
    T. Inoue, T. Iwasaki & Y. Shimizu

    Modeling of fluvial processes and waterway regulation for braided channel in the middle Yangtze River, the Jianli reach
    H. Ge, L.L. Zhu & X.B. Zhang

    Fluvial process of braided channel in the middle Yangtze River after the impoundment of Three Gorges Reservoir
    L.L. Zhu, J. Wang & H. Ge

    Application of 1D finite volume model of unsteady flow in Wubu-Tongguan Reach, Middle Yellow River
    L. He

    Fluvial processes and regulation of the transitional reach in bifurcated rivers
    Z.B. Huang, B. Li, C.S. Mao & L. Zheng

    Local scour & erosion

    Flow structure at downstream side of two sequential bridge piers
    C.K. Shrestha, H. Khabbaz & A. Keshavarzi

    Physical model study on scour hole near hydraulic structures
    X. Jia, M. Liu, H.L. Wu, W.H. Li & X.M. Fan

    Characteristics of bed deformation around submerged groins with various angle
    M. Harada, H. Takaoka, T. Oishi, Y. Kayaba & Y. Fujita

    Oscillating-tray experiments on local scour around piles
    N. Scott & D. Liang

    Mitigation of local scour hazard at the foot of single spur dike by using optimum footing
    S.H. Sadat & A. Tominaga

    Local scour and sediment sorting around an impermeable spur-dike with different orientations
    H. Mizutani, H. Nakagawa, K. Kawaike, H. Zhang & Q. Lejeune

    Investigation of the formation of scour hole around groynes with different head shapes
    A.R. Mansoori, H. Nakagawa, K. Kawaike & H. Zhang

    Scour and deposition around spur dykes with head works
    H. Hayashida, Y. Muto, S. Tazoe & T. Tamura

    Application of steady flows for simulating the local scour depth under time varying flows
    T. Esmaeili, T. Sumi, W.Y. Chang & A. Vakili

    Temporal evolution of a scour hole upstream of a slit in a vertical wall
    K. Ota & T. Sato

    Study of circumfluence sediment deposition in downstream approach channel of Three Gorges Project
    G.B. Li, H. Xu & Y.J. Gao

    Translation of meander bends at a bridge site: A case study of the Old Brahmaputra River
    Md. Munsur Rahman, A.K.M.S. Islam, S.K. Bala & Md. Mostadar Rahman

    Soil composition and stability of riverbanks in the middle Yangtze River
    Q.L. Zong, J.Q. Xia, Q.X. Xu & Y.M. Peng

    Soil erosion risk potential with regards to rainfall erosivity
    Z.A. Roslan & Y. Naimah

    Comparative study of different calculation methods on measured amount of riverbed erosion and deposition
    G.L. Duan, Y.B. Peng & Z.M. Wu

    Soil properties and erosion mechanisms of composite riverbanks in the Lower Jingjiang Reach
    J.Q. Xia, Q.L. Zong, Q.X. Xu & Y.M. Peng

    Study on density flow sediment deposition located inside the lower approach channel of Three Gorges Project
    H. Xu, Q.Q. Shang & Y.J. Gao

    Secondary flow structure and its effect on bed variation at a small-angled confluence
    I. Fujita & K. Kadotani

    Characteristics of fluvial channel processes due to bank collapse in the upper Yellow River
    A.P. Shu, J. Gao, F.H. Li & J.T. Sun

    Characterization of seepage erosion from alluvial river banks
    T. Karmaker & S. Dutta

    Hydrodynamic relation between sedimentation and large-scale horizontal gyres in side-cavity zone
    M. Sanjou, I. Nezu, K. Toda & T. Okamoto

    Levee breach observation at Chiyoda experimental flume
    T. Kakinuma, D. Tobita, H. Yokoyama & A. Takeda

    The side overflow through river levee crevasses
    A. Tokugawa & N. Izumi

    Modeling of sand/mud mixtures hindered settling
    L.A. Van, M.U. Zapata & D.P.V. Bang

    Scour depth during flow event 1
    U.C.E. Zanke

    Study of various arrangements of pile groups scouring due to waves
    S. Ghazanfari Hashemi & T. Hiraishi

    Evaluation of canal stability and sediment transport behavior: A case study of New Fuleli Irrigation Canal in Sindh, Pakistan
    B.K. Lashari

    A new method for measuring and calculating flows and bed forms around river banks
    M. Koshiishi, T. Uchida & S. Fukuoka

    An investigation of coherent vortical structures of flow at a circular piled pier
    W.Y. Chang, W.F. Tsai, H.C. Lien, G. Constantinescu, J.S. Lai & C.H. Loh

    Study of stagnation point of water and sediment in north passage of Yangtze estuary
    Y.P. Yang, Y.T. Li, Y.Y. Fan & D. Wang

    Reduction of local scour around side-by-side piers using bed sill
    N. Movahedi, A.A. Dehghani, A.R. Zahiri, M.J. Aarabi & T. Esmaeili

    Turbulence dynamics and mass transfer in side-cavity zones aligned in streamwise direction
    M. Sanjou, K. Sakitani, T. Okamoto, I. Nezu & K. Toda

    Numerical study on 3-D currents structure and coherent events in side-cavity zone for prediction of scour and sedimentation process
    M. Sanjou, I. Nezu, T. Okamoto & K. Toda

    PIV measurements of coherent turbulent flow structure and bursting process around a scour hole
    A. Keshavarzi & J. Ball

    Study of coherent turbulent flow over the ripples using Particle Image Velocimetry
    A. Keshavarzi & J. Ball

    Numerical simulation of landslide dam deformation caused by erosion
    N. Harada, F. Akazawa, S. Hayami & Y. Satofuka

    Numerical modeling of erosion of unsaturated river embankment due to overtopping flow
    H. Nakagawa, H. Mizutani, K. Kawaike, H. Zhang, Y. Yoden & B.B. Shrestha

    Reservoir sedimentation

    A study on the density current at Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba hydropower stations in the downstream of Jinsha River
    Y. Yin, Y.C. Liu & R.D. An

    Reservoir sedimentation and sediment management techniques in the Nile River basin countries
    S.A. Kantoush & T. Sumi

    Sustainable management of sediment fluxes in reservoir by environmental friendly flushing: The case study of the Genissiat Dam on the upper Rhone River (France)
    C. Peteil, F. Fruchart, F. Abadie, S. Reynaud, B. Camenen & L. Guertault

    Influence of reservoir sedimentation on power generation
    H. Okumura & T. Sumi

    Cost-benefit analysis of sediment management in Sutami Dam, East Java, Indonesia
    D.A. Sugeng, S.E. Sartono & Setiyantono

    Sedimentation and its mitigation strategies: A case study of the Ethiopian highlands
    N. Haregeweyn, A. Tsunekawa, M. Tsubo, D. Meshesha & E. Adgo

    Study on sedimentation in medium and small reservoirs and solutions to mitigate sedimentation in Northern mountain of Vietnam
    M.C. Vu

    Importance of selection of processes for modeling long term reservoir sedimentation
    G. Petkovsek & M. Roca

    Numerical simulation of sediment supply from dam reservoirs to downstream by the placed sediment
    T. Sakurai & N. Hakoishi

    Sediment management on the Arase Dam Removal Project
    S. Fukuoka, T. Sumi & S. Horiuchi

    Real-time sediment inflow prediction for sediment bypass operation at Miwa Dam in Japan
    D. Nohara, T. Sumi & S.A. Kantoush

    Sediment flushing operations of Pulangi Hydropower Plant IV Reservoir, Philippines
    G.Q. Tabios III

    Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling in 3D of turbulent suspended sediment transport processes in reservoirs
    O. Sawadogo & G.R. Basson

    Simulating turbidity current in reservoirs with a layer-averaged 2D model
    Y.G. Lai, V.J. Huang & K. Wu

    Sediment relocation trial by Ejector Pump Dredger System (EPDS) in a dam reservoir
    T. Temmyo, Y. Nakamura, Y. Yamagami, M. Kaku, T. Sumi & M.E.M. Shahmirzadi

    Numerical study of flushing half-cone formation due to pressurized sediment flushing
    W.J. Pringle, M.E.M. Shahmirzadi, N. Yoneyama, T. Sumi & S. Emamgholizadeh

    Experimental study of driftwood sinking into turbid water
    S.C. Tsung, J.H. Chen, J.S. Lai & S.Y. Wang

    Sediment model verification of dam area of Three Gorges Project
    H.T. Xu, B.L. Fan, J. Wang & J.C. Huang

    The restriction of sedimentation on the advance impoundment of Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba reservoirs in the flood recession period
    J.Q. Zhao, X. Zhang, Y.T. Li, J.Y. Deng & D. Wang

    The research on optimal operation of reservoir on account of reduction of upstream sediment load
    L. Chen, Z.Y. Li & P. Yan

    Sediment flushing efficiency of empty storage—A case study for shaft spillway
    C.N. Chen, Y.M. Wang & C.H. Tsai

    Study of shape modeling of high alluvial flats and deep trench in Xiaolangdi Reservoir in Yellow River
    W.X. Li, C.H. An, J. Fu & H.B. Ma

    Sediment delivery ratio on flood event scale in Three Gorges reservoir
    R.Y. Huang & B.L. Fan

    Sediment in estuarine & coastal area

    Study on the characteristics of tidal flow and sediment transport of Hangzhou Bay and numerical simulation analysis
    Y.B. Shi, Z.C. Han & L. Gao

    Current- and wave-induced non-equilibrium sediment transport model based on MACS algorithm
    M.R. Soliman & S. Ushijima

    The experimental analysis of evolution on Lingdingyang Beach after building the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
    M.W. Wu, L. Yan, S.Y. Gao & G.Z. Liu

    Topographic changes of tidal flats in the Ota River estuary by flood flows
    T. Gotoh, S. Fukuoka & Y. Miyagawa

    Identification of sediment sources and deposition characteristics in the Fitzroy River Estuary, Queensland, Australia
    G.B. Douglas, P. Ford, M. Palmer, L. Radke & J. Smith

    Numerical and experimental investigation of velocity field of breaking waves
    M.A.C. Niroshinie, T. Suzuki & J. Sasaki

    Tidal river management: An innovative approach for terminating drainage congestion and raising land through sedimentation in the Bhabodaho area, Bangladesh
    A.M. Rezaie & U.K. Navera

    Quasi-three dimensional analysis on the flushing mechanism of sandbar at a river mouth
    M. Tateyama, T. Uchida & S. Fukuoka

    Sediment siltation analysis for a navigation channel project in Jiangsu Coast, China
    C. Zhang, J.H. Zheng, Y. Zhang & K.F. Chen

    Sandy beach development in association with fluvial sediment supply
    R. Azuma, T. Hiraishi & H. Sekiguchi

    Study on river mouth erosion process due to tsunami waves
    M. Roh, M.B. Adityawan & H. Tanaka

    A saving, economic and safe measurement on the dynamic state of urban river mouth
    K. Uno & J. Arai

    Estuary sedimentation control using a tidal reservoir
    Y. Ogawa & K. Sawai

    Assessment of the morphological changes at the Samegawa River mouth, Japan
    M.B. Adityawan, H. Tanaka & H. Nagabayashi

    Experimental study on sediment deposition and scouring in water intake pipelines of power plant at macro-tidal estuary
    X.D. Zhao, X.X. Li & J.Z. Wang

    Water flow and sediment exchange model and its application in channel regulations about shoals and flats in tidal and bifurcated river estuary
    Y.F. Xia, H. Xu, D.W. Wu, G.P. Liu, Y.C. Wen, M.X. Cao & J. Su

    Modeling of resuspension mechanism of deposited organic mud in the tidal estuary
    S. Nakashita, N.R. Touch & T. Hibino

    The monitoring of the evolutional processes of the sand bar in Modaomen Estuary with remote sensing technique
    S.C. Yu, X.Y. Ding, F.H. Yu & L.Z. Yang

    Total sediment flux entering the sea from major Chinese rivers and rough estimation for global land-ocean sediment flux
    C. Liu, C.H. Hu & Y. He

    Relation between sediment conditions of river basin and evolution of front sand islands in Yangtze Estuary
    M. Li, Y.P. Yang, Y.T. Li & Y.Y. Fan

    Cross-shore bottom profile change during a decade in Joetsu-Ogata coast
    Y. Baba & K. Uchiyama

    Study on siltation and flood control for channel regulation project of Guan he Estuary
    Y.F. Xia, S.Z. Zhang, D.W. Wu & H. Xu

    Environmental & ecological aspects of sediment

    Integrated sediment management along a river—lesson in the Yahagi River, Central Japan
    T. Tsujimoto, K. Moriyasu & T. Sugita

    Study on changes in fluvial geomorphology and riparian vegetation along a sand-bed river after dam closure: Pre-dam stage
    C-J. Lee, S-J. Jung, S-Y. Hwang & W. Kim

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    Shoji Fukuoka, Hajime Nakagawa, Tetsuya Sumi, Hao Zhang