Advances in Spatio-Temporal Analysis  book cover
1st Edition

Advances in Spatio-Temporal Analysis

ISBN 9781138372528
Published August 9, 2018 by CRC Press
250 Pages

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Book Description

Developments in Geographic Information Technology have raised the expectations of users. A static map is no longer enough; there is now demand for a dynamic representation. Time is of great importance when operating on real world geographical phenomena, especially when these are dynamic.  Researchers in the field of Temporal Geographical Information Systems (TGIS) have been developing methods of incorporating time into geographical information systems. Spatio-temporal analysis embodies spatial modelling, spatio-temporal modelling and spatial reasoning and data mining. Advances in Spatio-Temporal Analysis contributes to the field of spatio-temporal analysis, presenting innovative ideas and examples that reflect current progress and achievements.

Table of Contents

Advances in spatio-temporal analysis: An introduction
Xinming Tang, Yaolin Liu, Jixian Zhang & Wolfgang Kainz

Spatial modelling

An integrated model for topology and qualitative distance in discrete space
Jianhua He &Yaolin Liu

Boolean operations on triangulated solids and their applications in 3D geological modelling
Honggang Qu, Mao Pan, Bin Wang,Yong Wang & Zhangang Wang

Towards uncertainty-based geographic information science – theories of modelling uncertainties in spatial analyses
Wenzhong Shi

The expression of spherical entities and generation of voronoi diagrams based on truncated icosahedron DGG
Xiaochong Tong, Jin Ben, Yongsheng Zhang & Li Meng

A fuzzy spatial region model based on flou set
Qiangyuan Yu, Dayou Liu & Jianzhong Chen

Spatio-temporal modelling

A spatial database extension of analytical fields representing dynamic and continuous phenomena
Bin Chen, Fengru Huang &Yu Fang

Design and implementation of a unified spatio-temporal data model
Peiquan Jin, Lihua Yue &Yuchang Gong

Spatio-temporal indexing mechanism based on snapshot-increment
Lin Li, Zhangcai Yin & Haihong Zhu

Temporal topological relationships of convex spaces in space syntax theory
Hani Rezayan, Farid Karimipour, Mahmoud R. Delavar & Andrew U. Frank

Spatio-temporal data model: An approach based on version-difference
Huibing Wang, Xinming Tang, Bing Lei & Liang Zhai

An algebra for moving objects
Shengsheng Wang, Dayou Liu, Jie Liu & Xinying Wang

Spatio-temporal analysis

Interfacing GIS with a process-based agro-ecosystem model – Case study North China Plain
Georg Bareth & Zhenrong Yu

An activity-based spatio-temporal data model for epidemic transmission analysis
Tao Cheng, Zhilin Li & Jianhua Gong

Visual exploration of time series of remote sensing data
Ulanbek D. Turdukulov, Menno J. Kraak & Valentyn Tolpekin

Time series analysis of land cover change – The National Carbon Accounting System trial in Fujian province, China
Xiaoliang Wu, Peter Caccetta, Suzanne Furby, Jeremy Wallace & Min Zhu

3D modelling of groundwater based on volume visualization technology
Zhiyong Xu, Xiaofang Wu, Guorui Zhu & HuiwuYan

Spatial reasoning and data mining

Spatial data mining and knowledge discovery
Deren Li & Shuliang Wang

Genetic neural network based data mining and its application in police case analysis
Hanli Liu, Lin Li & Haihong Zhu

Qualitative spatial reasoning about Internal Cardinal Direction relations
Yu Liu,Yi Zhang, Xiaoming Wang & Xin Jin

Data mining technology in predicting the demand for cultivated land
Zuohua Miao &Yaolin Liu

Statistical data mining for nfgis database content refinement
Liang Zhai, Xinming Tang, Lan Wu & Lin Li

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Prof. Xinming Tang is Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of Geo-informatics of the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping of China. He is currently serving as Chair of the ISPRS WG II/1(2004–2008). His research interests cover fuzzy GIS, Temporal GIS, land cover and land utilization, national fundamental GIS and Remote Sensing.

Prof. Yaolin Liu is Dean of the School of Resource and Environmental Science, Wuhan University, China. He is currently Chair of the ISPRS WG II/2(2004–2008). His research interests include urban environment, land management and cadastre, land use planning, land information systems, urban information systems and database generalization.

Prof. Jixian Zhang is President of Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping, China. He is currently serving as Chair of the ISPRS WG VII/6(2004–2008). His research interests are remote sensing data processing, satellite photogrammetry, image recognition and geographic information system.

Prof. Wolfgang Kainz is professor at the Department of Geography and Regional Research, University of Vienna, Austria. He is currently President of the ISPRS TC II (2004–2008). His research interests include spatial decision support systems, spatial data handling, spatial data uncertainty, cartographic modelling and visualization.


"… each paper contains interesting ideas on its own, and readers may be able to make connections from their unique perspectives. … the book fills the void of strong emphases on formalization and logic models."

— May Yuan, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, University of Oklahoma in Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, Vol. 75, No. 3, March 2009


"This is a book for the TGIS specialist, or for someone intent on becoming one. In short, this book is dense but thorough." - The Photogrammetric Record 24(125): 103 (March 2009)