1st Edition

Advances in Structures, Volume 2 Proceedings of the ASSCCA 2003 Conference, Sydney, Australia 22-25 June 2003

    728 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book, based on proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Structures, includes contributions on current research in composite design, fire engineering, light gauge construction, advanced structural analysis, concrete filled tubes and seismic retrofit.

    Composite 1. Partial interaction behaviour of continuous composite steel-concrete beams 2. Evaluation of finite elements for the study of the ultimate behaviour of steel-concrete composite beams 3. Effects of partial shear connection in semi-continuous composite beams 4. Double skin composite panels subject to static and impact loads 5. Local and post-local buckling of steel-concrete composite panels under combined states of stresses 6. Shear resisting mechanism and shear strength equation for full and open sandwich beams 7. Experimental behaviour of composite beams under hogging bending 8. Modeling of semi-rigid composite joints 9. Systemic improvements to structural steel decking 10. Built-up columns encased in concrete 11. Testing elements of moment resisting connections for composite frames 12. Ultimate shear strength of perforated rib shear connector 13. Web-side-plate steel and composite framing connections 14. Development of bolted end plate connections for steel reinforced concrete composite structures 15. Experimental study on steel-concrete composite plate girders 16. Experiments on prestressed concrete decks in two-girder composite bridges 17. Girders with corrugated steel webs: Buckling modes and numerical modelling 18. Experimental study on open box bridges with precast decks 19. A study on global and local behavior in continuous composite girder bridge and its analysis by multi-scale method 20. Analysis of variability of the long-term deflection of a new kind of composite bridge deck 21. Fatigue durability of composite girder bridge with channel-shaped precast PC deck slabs 22. Advances in prestressed concrete bridges with external prestressing Concrete filled tubes 23. Research study on the structural performance of concrete filled steel tubular beam-columns 24. Locally unstable tubular columns with concrete in-fill 25. Interaction buckling of concrete filled columns using high strength steel 26. Structural behavior of slender steel tubular columns infilled with fiber reinforced concrete 27. Experimental study on concrete filled double tubular steel columns under axial loading 28. Concrete filled steel tubes: Determination and visualization of cross-section behavior 29. Investigation into the behavior of a novel steel section for concrete filled tubular columns under axial and cyclic loadings 30. Tests and mechanics model for concrete-filled double skin steel tubular stub columns 31. Recent developments in concrete-filled steel tubular structures in China 32. Rapid development of CFST arch bridges in China 33. The advantages of concrete filled steel tubes (CFST) applied in residential buildings 34. Behavior of steel beam to circular CFT column connections 35. Load-deformation relations of diaphragm-stiffened connections between H-shaped beams and circular CFT columns 36. A moment-rotation curve for CFT square columns and steel beams according to reliability analysis 37. A moment-rotation curve for CFT square columns and steel beams 38. Flexibility of beam to column connections in hollow construction 39. Strengthen behaviour of reinforcing bar in CFT structures 40. Eccentricity ratio effects on the behavior of eccentrically loaded CFST columns 41. Equation of ultimate N-M interaction curve of circular CFT column 42. Eccentrically loaded high strength concrete-filled square steel tubes Concrete 43. Design of RC solids using stress analysis 44. Mesomechanical model for the fracture process of concrete 45. Properties of adjusted density high-performance concrete 46. Parametric study on the computational behaviour of hollow beams designed using the Direct Design Method - numerical factors 47. Effect of longitudinal steel on ductility of a R.C. flexural member: A direct approach 48. Slab cracking control in composite decks by means of fractionated castings 49. Bond test of lapped rebars and concrete: Some preliminary results 50. Effects of high strength concrete and reinforcement on column slenderness 51. Examination of cover spalling in high strength columns 52. Behavior of high-strength concrete columns subjected to blast loading 53. Shrinkage cracking in restrained reinforced concrete members 54. Time-dependent cracking and deformation in reinforced concrete structures - a numerical model 55. Numerical simulation of performance of concrete structures as a function of service time 56. Tensile creep study of repair material at early age 57. Non-conventional structural forms for concrete sludge digesters 58. Behaviour of fibre reinforced RPC deep panels 59. Additional CFRP non-prestressed reinforcement in concrete structures Seismic 60. Experiments and analytical simulation of bare-type CFT column bases 61. The effect of cyclic loading on the bond strength of concrete plugs embedded in tubular steel piles 62. Seismic retrofit for rectangular R/C columns by steel and CF jackets 63. The influence of distribution of masonry infill panels on the seismic response of R.C. framed structures 64. Study on behavior of twin-column RCFT pier under horizontal cycling load 65. Rectangular reinforced concrete columns subjected to simulated seismic displacements 66. Nonlinear seismic response of reinforced concrete structures 67. Strength and deformation characteristics of slender SRC beam-column frames 68. Importance of composite steel concrete structures in earthquake resistant design - a critical review 69. An advanced seismic protection technology: The damped cable system 70. Energy limit method for strength design of reinforced concrete beams 71. Seismic behavior of steel encased reinforced concrete beam-columns 72. Method of judging collapse of SRC and RC columns failed by shear and axial force 73. Experimental behaviour of end plate minor-axis steel and composite joints under cyclic loading 74. Application of rational end cross members consisting of composite structure for seismic restrainers in earthquake to steel girder bridges 75. Large scale tests on composite beam-to-column connections under cyclic loading 76. Behavior of bare type column base connection in steel reinforced concrete structures 77. Study on two types of joints of steel-concrete composite beam and reinforced concrete column 78. Cyclic analysis of PR steel frames with composite reinforced concrete infill walls 79. Influence of partially-restrained connections on the overall seismic behavior of steel-concrete composite frames: A mechanical modeling approach 80. Analytical design model for seismic shear strength of beam-column joints in reinforced concrete buildings 81. Earthquake resistance performance of flexible-stiff mixed structure for effective use of high-strength steel 82. Seismic behaviour and design procedures for steel V-braced frames 83. Probabilistic displacement-based seismic design of SDOF system 84. Seismic torsional response of single-storey steel structures with flexible roof diaphragms 85. Cyclic behavior of buckling-restrained brace members - numerical study and experiment 86. Brittle fracture of beam-column welded joints containing defects 87. Reliability of full-strength end-plate connections: Design criteria and Monte Carlo simulation 88. Experimental study on the cyclic behavior of bolted end-plate connections 89. Seismic performance of multi-story frames incorporating composite shear walls 90. Seismic behavior of composite shear walls failed in overturning collapse mechanism 91. The cyclic response of reinforced concrete shear walls 92. Damage analysis of reinforced concrete panels under cyclic shear 93. Seismic performance of cold-formed steel framed houses with wall-stud shear walls Retrofitting 94. Strengthening steel sections using carbon fibre reinforced polymers laminates 95. Flexural behaviour of reinforced concrete beams retrofitted using CFRP strips 96. Experimental study on seismic retrofit for existing R/C building by using CHS bracing 97. Ductility improvement mechanism of concrete columns by wrapping of FRP sheets


    G.J. Hancock, M.A. Bradford, T.J. Wilkinson, B. Uy, K.J.R. Rasmussen