New theories and testing techniques related with Unsaturated Soil Mechanics have proven to be valuable tools to study a broad spectrum of geo-materials which includes rocks, rock fills, frozen soils and domiciliary solid wastes. These new theories and testing techniques have permitted the analysis of several traditional problems from a new perspective (e.g., swelling or collapsible soils and compacted soils or pavements materials), and they have also shown their efficiency to study new energy-related problems like CO2 sequestration and nuclear waste disposal.

    Advances in Unsaturated Soils is a collection of papers from the 1st Pan-American Conference on Unsaturated Soils organized in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, in February 2013. The volume includes 76 research papers coming for all over the world, as well as 7 keynotes papers by well known international researchers. The contributions present a variety of topics including:

    • Advances in testing techniques

    • Unsaturated soil behavior

    • Constitutive modeling and microstructure

    • Numerical modeling

    • Geotechnical problems

    Advances in Unsaturated Soils is expected to become a useful reference to academics and professionals involved in Unsaturated Soil Mechanics.

    Organization committees

    Keynotes lectures

    Interactions between atmosphere and geosphere—difficulties in measuring evaporation
    G.E. Blight

    Interpretation of soil-water characteristic curves when volume change occurs as soil suction is changed
    D.G. Fredlund & S.L. Houston

    Ventilation effects in an argillaceous rock tunnel examined via unsaturated soil mechanics
    A. Gens & B. Garitte

    Compacted soils: From physics to hydraulic and mechanical behaviour
    S. Leroueil & D.W. Hight

    Rockfill mechanics
    L.A. Oldecop & E.E. Alonso

    Unsaturated soil mechanics in the design and performance of pavements
    H. Sahin, F. Gu, Y. Tong, R. Luo & R.L. Lytton

    Estimation of the 1-D heave of a natural expansive soil deposit with a light structure using the modulus of elasticity based method
    S.K. Vanapalli & H.H. Adem

    Advances in testing techniques

    Physical modelling of the effect of partial saturation on the stability of geocell walls
    D. Gómez

    Calibration in the laboratory of capacitance sensors for water content monitoring
    F. Avanzi, M. Caruso & C. Jommi

    Unsaturated soil response under plane strain conditions via true triaxial testing
    L.R. Hoyos, J.A. Cruz & A. Lizcano

    Measuring water retention properties of a series of bentonite clays in a wide range of suctions
    D. Marcial

    Physical modeling of the mechanical improvement of unsaturated silt through heating
    C.J.R. Coccia, A. Casady & J.S. McCartney

    Triaxial cell for nonisothermal shear strength of compacted silt under high suction magnitudes
    N.A. Alsherif & J.S. McCartney

    Measurement of friction on piles over neutral plane in expansive soils
    C. Mendoza

    On the use of unsaturated properties of a sandy material for centrifuge model preparation
    W.F. Morales, J. Laue & S.M. Springman

    Application of electrical resistivity for the control of water content and density in loess
    V. Rinaldi

    A method for making a homogeneous specimen of unsaturated clay using micro-wave
    H. Suzuki, Y. Okano, K. Ueno & R. Uzuoka

    Centrifuge modelling of wetting-induced collapse in embankment base
    L. Thorel, I.M. Khokhar, V. Ferber & B. Caicedo

    A practical method for suction estimation in unsaturated soil testing
    M.F. Amaral, A.V. da Fonseca, E. Romero & M. Arroyo

    Preparing unsaturated samples of decomposed granite for laboratory controlled CPTs
    H. Yang & A.R. Russell

    Estimating soil hydraulic parameters from capillary rise tests
    T.C. Zapata & O.M. Vilar

    Geophysical investigation of cracking in unsaturated soils
    G. Jones, M. Zielinski & P. Sentenac

    Unsaturated soil behavior

    Water retention behavior and hydraulic properties

    Preferential flow and mass transport modeling in a heterogeneous unsaturated soil
    L.B. Bien, R. Angulo-Jaramillo, D. Predelus, L. Lassabatere & T. Winiarski

    Influence of cracks on soil water characteristic curve
    S. Azam, M. Ito & F. Khan

    Influence of suction on the permeability of unsaturated soils
    B. Melbouci & F. Ghanem

    Evaluation of the suction calibration curves for Whatman 42 filter paper
    K.V. Bicalho, K.F. Cupertino & A.I. Bertolde

    Soil water characteristic curves of lime-treated highly expansive soils
    T.Y. Elkady & A.M. Al-Mahbashi

    Water retention properties of a demolition waste
    A.M.J. Gómez, M.M. Farias, M.P. Cordão-Neto, M.V.R. Souza & I.F. Otálvaro

    Water infiltration in final cover layer of landfills in northeast region of Brazil
    R.L. Lopes, J.F.T. Jucá & M.O.H. Mariano

    Water retention properties of a residual soil from Caracas
    A. Luis & D. Marcial

    Air permeability of cover soil from the Bandeirantes landfill in São Paulo, Brazil
    F.A.M. Marinho & P.F. Teixeira

    Water retention curves for a tropical soil contaminated by vinasse
    M.G. Miguel & S.Y. Pereira

    Permeability studies with blend of fly Ash and Rice Husk Ash stabilized soil subgrade
    N.L. Patil, S. Sharma & H. Sood

    Capillary rise in pores with rough walls
    L.E. Vallejo

    Volumetric and elastic behavior

    Multi-dimensional swelling behavior of Al-Qatif expansive soils
    M.F. Abbas, T.Y. Elkady & M.A. Al-Shamrani

    Soil characterization and compressibility parameters of Bogotá clay due to suction changes
    G.E. Ávila, A. Ledesma & A. Lloret

    Cyclic behavior of unsaturated unbound aggregates for pavements
    B. Caicedo, O. Coronado, J.M. Fleureau & A. Gomes-Correia

    Small strain shear modulus of an unsaturated sandy soil
    G.B. Georgetti & O.M. Vilar

    Swelling behavior of expansive clays incorporating mineralogy and pore size distribution via SWCC
    A. Pedarla, A.J. Puppala & L.R. Hoyos

    Drying-wetting tests on sand—silt mixtures: Impact of volumetric changes on the retention curves
    M. Morvan, D. Branque, H. Wong & B. Colin

    Collapse behaviour of a natural loess from Northern France
    J.A. Muñoz-Castelblanco, P. Delage, J.M. Pereira & Y.J. Cui

    Elastic response of unsaturated soils
    C. Murillo, B. Caicedo, L. Thorel & C. Dano

    Evaluation of soil matric suction, microstructure and its influence on collapsible behavior
    J. Ramos & Y. Valencia

    An experimental study on the stiffness of a lime-treated clayey soil
    A.M. Tang, M.N. Vu & Y.J. Cui

    Effects of relative humidity cycling on the hydro-mechanical behaviour of two clayey rocks from North-East Spain
    J.A. Pineda & E. Romero

    Laboratory experiments on swelling due to crystal growth in sulphate argillaceous rocks
    A. Deu, E.E. Romero & I.R. Berdugo

    Shear and tension behavior

    Solute suction and shear strength in saturated soils
    V.Y. Katte & G.E. Blight

    Effect of pre-shearing/suction histories on residual shear strength of unsaturated soils
    L.R. Hoyos, C.L. Velosa & A.J. Puppala

    Review of factors affecting formation of cracks in clay layers
    C. Lozada

    Evaluating the impact of thermal variations on the penetration test parameters
    G. Franchomme, S. Rosin-Paumier & F. Masrouri

    Using fracture mechanics theory to evaluate the unconfined compressive strength of unsaturated fissured clays
    L.E. Vallejo

    Fractal evaluation of the fragmentation of clays due to desiccation
    L.E. Vallejo

    Critical combination of tensile and shear stresses causing the crack propagation path in brittle clays subjected to uniaxial compression
    L.F. Vesga & L.E. Vallejo

    Crack propagation and threshold strength of fissured clays subjected to cyclic loading
    L.F. Vesga & L.E. Vallejo

    Constitutive modelling and microstructure

    Hydro-mechanical formulation considering fluid compressibility
    S.R.C. Brant-P-de-Jesus, M.P. Cordão-Neto & I. Fernandes-Gomes

    Volumetric behavior of unsaturated-reconstituted soils
    G.J. Burton, D. Sheng & E. Romero

    Micromechanical study of the compressibility of unsaturated granular materials
    R. Barata & R. Cardoso

    Progressive emergence of double porosity in a silt during compaction
    F. Casini, J. Vaunat, E. Romero & A. Desideri

    State surface of wetting-drying cycles at the equilibrium stage
    E. Jahangir, F. Masrouri & H. Nowamooz

    Assessment of the critical state strength of unsaturated aggregated soils
    E.J. Murray, R.M. Jones & V. Sivakumar

    Incorporating a microstructural state variable in constitutive modeling
    N.M. Pinyol, E.E. Alonso & A. Gens

    Effect of loading and suction history on time dependent deformation of coarse crushed slate
    E. Romero, C. Alvarado & E.E. Alonso

    DEM modeling of unsaturated rockfill. Scale effects
    M. Tapias, E.E. Alonso & J.A. Gili

    Incorporation of the soil-water characteristic curve hysteresis in pavement design
    D.C. Rosenbalm & C.E. Zapata

    Results of unsaturated tests on metastable soils
    J.C. Ruge, R.P. da Cunha & D. Mašín

    Numerical analysis of unsaturated soil behaviour under large deformations
    B.C.F.L. Lopes & M.P. Cordão-Neto

    Numerical modelling

    Study of the influence of climatic effects on the soil temperature and suction changes
    K.V. Bicalho, G.P.W. Vivacqua & Y.J. Cui

    Numerical analysis of effect of rainfall infiltration on unsaturated soil
    E.F. Garcia, C.A. Riveros & J.C. Saldarriaga

    The impact of moisture diffusion on the structural degradation of asphalt mixtures
    S. Caro

    Shafts by the Sequential Excavation Method: Mechanical vs Hydro-mechanical calculations
    C.C. Dias, A.T. Gomes & J. Vaunat

    A lattice model for liquid transport in unsaturated porous materials
    C. Fahy, P. Grassl & D. Gallipoli

    Numerical simulation of a shallow foundation on an unsaturated silt
    N.A. González & A. Gens

    Cyclic macroelement for shallow footing over unsaturated soil
    B. Kafle & F. Wuttke

    BEST method: Characterization of soil unsaturated hydraulic properties
    L. Lassabatere, R. Angulo-Jaramillo, T. Winiarski & D. Yilmaz

    Unsaturated flow of unfrozen water in frozen soils
    A. Shastri, M. Sanchez & A. Lizcano

    Probabilistic analyses of slope stability under infiltration conditions
    I.F. Otálvaro & M.P. Cordão-Neto

    Modeling gas hydrate bearing sediments using a coupled approach
    M. Sanchez, A. Shastri & J.C. Santamarina

    Effect of soil replacement option on surface deflections for expansive clay profiles
    A. Bharadwaj, S.L. Houston, W.N. Houston, B. Welfert & K.D. Walsh

    Geotechnical problems and soil atmosphere interaction

    Capillary barrier dissipation by new wicking geotextile
    M. Azevedo & J.G. Zornberg

    Suction stress influence on strength parameters used in geotechnical engineering
    R. Baltodano-Goulding

    Quantification and modeling of water flow in sandy soils in Northeast Thailand
    S. Seltacho, V. Sriboonlue, N. Suwanang, W. Wiriyakitnateekul & C. Hammecker

    A rainfall threshold for the occurrence of landslides in manmade slopes in residual soils in the northwest of Colombia
    C.H. Hidalgo & A.P. de Assis

    Use of artificial intelligence in Soil compaction modeling
    E.L.P. González

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    Bernardo Caicedo, Carol Murillo, Laureano Hoyos, Julio Esteban Colmenares, Ivan Rafael Berdugo