1st Edition

Advances in Urethane Science & Technology, Volume XIII

By Kurt C. Frisch, Daniel Klempner Copyright 1996

    This book presents the reports on the developments in the field of urethane. It includes information on polyurethane automotive carpet composites, pentane blown polyurethane foams, and applications of polyols derived from renewable resources in polyurethanes and liquid crystalline polyurethanes.

    PU Automotive Carpet Composites for Vehicle Interior Noise Control: Physical Basis of Behavior
    A. Cunningham, ICI Polyurethane Research Centre, Belgium; N.C. Hilyard, Materials Research Institute, Sheffield Hallam University, UK
    Abstract Introduction Background Characterisation of Composite Performance Theoretical Basis Test Methods Test Results-Vibration Test Results-Airborne Conclusions References

    Pentane Blown Polyurethane Foams
    O. Volkert, BASF AG, Germany
    Abstract Introduction Pentanes as Blowing Agents Pentane in Integral Skin Foam Pentane in Rigid Foam Safety Environmental Pollution Toxicology Conclusions References

    Applications of Polyols Derived from Renewable Resources in Polyurethane
    Shaio-Wen Wong and Song-Bo Wang, Polymer Institute, University of Detroit Mercy; James F. Fraves and Innocent Odacha, Department of Biology, Center for Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science, University of Detroit Mercy
    Abstract Introduction Experimental HPLC Analysis Results and Discussion: 1. Urethane Formation 2. Urethane-Isocyanurate Formation Biodegradability Conclusions References

    Phenylene Diisocyanate Based Polyurethane Elastomers
    Ajaib Singh, Research and Development, Adiprener/Vibrathaner, Uniroyal Chemical Company
    Abstract para-Phenylene Diisocyanate (PPDI) Physical Properties Toxicity Reactivity Elastomers Processing Morphology Properties Toughness High Temperature Properties Hydrolytic Stability Flex Fatigue Resistance Dynamic Performance Applications References

    Urethane Elastomers/Liquid Cyrstalline Polyurethane Blends
    J. G„hde, M.-M. Pohl, R. Mix and R. Dany, Institute of Applied Chemistry Berlin-Adlershof; G. Hinrichsen, Technical University of Berlin, Institute of Nonmetallic Materials, Germany
    Abstract Introduction Experimental Results and Discussion Conclusions References

    Liquid Crystalline Polyurethanes
    Piotr Penczek and Barbara Szczepakiak, Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Poland; Kurt C. Frisch, Polymer Institute, University of Detroit Mercy; Aleksandra Wolinska-Grabczyk, Institute of Coal Chemistry, Polish Academy of Science
    Abstract Introduction Preparation Synthesis Properties Applications Conclusions References

    Synthesis and Structure-Property Relationships of Polyurethane Hydrogels
    E. Haschke, Busak"Shamban, Inc.; G. Hill, Vistakon-Johnson & Johnson Vision Products, Inc.; V. Sendijarevic, S. Wong and K. C. Frisch, Polymer Institute, University of Detroit Mercy
    Abstract Introduction Experimental Results and Discussion Conclusions References

    Special Report:
  • Recycling of Polyurethane Polymers
    Michele Modesti, University of Padova, Industrial Chemistry-Engineering Department, Italy
    Abstract Introduction
    Recycling of Materials: Physical Processes: Recycling of Material as Filler, Flake and Particle Rebonding, Hot Compression Molding; Chemical Recycling: Hydrogenation, Hydrolysis, Glycolysis
    Glycolysis Chemistry: Rigid Polyurethane Foams
    Industrial Process Information: Glycolysis of Flexible Polyurethane Foams, Glycolysis of RIM Polyurethanes, Recycling of Microcellular Polyurethane Elastomer Waste, Pyrolysis
    Energy Recovery: Combustion
    Conclusion References
  • Biography

    Kurt C. Frisch (University of Detroit, Michigan, USA) (Author), Daniel Klempner (University of Detroit, Michigan, USA) (Author)