1st Edition

Advancing Genocide Studies Personal Accounts and Insights from Scholars in the Field

By Samuel Totten Copyright 2015

    Advancing Genocide Studies follows in the footsteps of the editor's earlier volume, Pioneers of Genocide Studies. Here a new generation of scholars presents personal essays that reveal their motivation to study genocide, the passion that drives them to continue its study, their primary scholarly interests and efforts, and their perspective on the field as it currently stands.

    The contributors come from diverse backgrounds, numerous different nations and various disciplines: Kjell Anderson (The Netherlands, criminology); Yair Auron (Israel, history and education); Taner Akcam (Turkey and United States, history and sociology); Alexander Alvarez (United States, criminology); Gerry Caplan (Canada, history); Craig Etcheson (United States, international relations); Maureen Hiebert (Canada, political science); Adam Jones (Canada, political science); Henry Theriault (United States, philosophy); Samuel Totten (United States, history and political science); and Ugor Ungor (The Netherlands, history and sociology).

    All the contributors are well known in the field of genocide studies, and all have made important contributions to this area. Variously, they have done important theoretical work, produced new findings vis-a-vis old cases of genocide, and are pursuing new issues and topics within the field of genocide studies. Many have worked "on the ground" and bring a sense of immediacy to various crises.

    Samuel Totten

    Part I Historians and Sociologists

    1 To Study the Armenian Genocide in Turkey: Caught between a Conspiracy of Silence and Murderous Hatred
    Taner Akcam

    2 The Destruction of the Other as the Validation of the Self
    Uur umit ungo;r

    Part II Political Scientists

    3 Seized of Sorrow
    Adam Jones

    4 From Political Scientist to Genocide Studies Scholar and Back Again
    Maureen S. Hiebert

    Part III Criminology and International Human Rights Law

    5 Understanding the Unthinkable
    Kjell Anderson

    Part IV Criminologist

    6 A Scholar of Genocide and Violence
    Alex Alvarez

    Part V Philosopher

    7 Out of the Shadow of War and Genocide
    Henry C. Theriault

    Part VI Educator

    8 My Personal Story as It Relates to Being a Scholar of Genocide Studies
    Yair Auron

    Part VII Independent Researchers

    9 A Quest for Genocide Justice in Cambodia
    Craig Etcheson

    10 A Belated Cause
    Gerald Caplan

    11 A Matter of Conscience: Part II
    Samuel Totten

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    Samuel Totten