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Advancing Theory in Therapy

About the Series

Most books covering individual therapeutic approaches are aimed at the trainee/student market.

This series, however, is concerned with advanced and advancing theory, offering the reader comparative and comparable coverage of a number of therapeutic approaches.

Aimed at professionals and postgraduates, Advancing Theory in Therapy will cover an impressive range of theories.

With full reference to case studies throughout, each book in the series will:

  • present cutting edge research findings
  • locate each theory and its application within its cultural context
  • develop a critical view of theory and practice.

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Co-Counselling The Theory and Practice of Re-evaluation Counselling

Co-Counselling: The Theory and Practice of Re-evaluation Counselling

1st Edition

By Katie Kauffman, Caroline New
July 15, 2004

The theory behind Co-Counselling argues that emotional expression should be welcomed and that human beings can help each other recover from past distress by taking turns giving and receiving attention. Benefits of the method include the acceleration of personal growth and the reduction of the ...

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Theoretical Developments

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy: Theoretical Developments

1st Edition

Edited By Windy Dryden
January 16, 2003

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy: Theoretical Developments is a cutting edge examination of the theory behind this popular approach within the cognitive-behavioural tradition. Distinguished practitioners and authors discuss the relevance of:· cross-disciplinary factors affecting REBT· REBT as an ...

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