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1st Edition

Advertising Cultures

ISBN 9781859736784
Published June 1, 2003 by Routledge
236 Pages

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Book Description

Through its artful engagement with consumers, advertising subtly shapes our everyday worlds. It plays upon powerful emotions -- envy, fear, lust and ambition. But the industry itself is far more subtle and complex than many people might assume. Through an innovative mix of business strategy and cultural theory, this pioneering book provides a behind-the-scenes analysis of the link between advertising and larger cultural forces, as well as a rare look into the workings of agencies themselves. How do advertisements endeavour to capture real life? How do advertising agencies think of their audience: the consumer and their corporate client? What issues do agencies have to consider when using an advertisement in a range of different countries? What specific methods are used to persuade us not only to buy but to remain loyal to a product? How do advertisers fan consumer desire? An incisive understanding of human behaviour is at the core of all these questions and is what unites advertisers and anthropologists in their work. While this link may come as a surprise to those who consider the former to be firmly rooted in commerce and the latter in culture, this book clearly shows that these two fields share a remarkable number of convergences. From constructing a Japaneseness that appeals to two very different Western audiences, to tracking advertising changes in the post World War II period, to considering how people can be influenced by language and symbols, Advertising Cultures is an indispensable guide to the production of images and to consumer behaviour for practitioners and students alike.

Table of Contents

1How Advertising Makes its ObjectSteven Kemper2Critical Publicity/Public Criticism: Reflections on Fieldwork in the Bombay Ad World William Mazzarella3Advertising, Production and Consumption as Cultural EconomyDaniel Miller4Imagining and Imaging the Other: Japanese Advertising InternationalBrian Moeran5The Revolution in Marketing Intimate Apparel: A Narrative EthnographyBarbara Olsen6Models, Metaphors and Client Relations: The Negotiated Meanings of AdvertisingTimothy D. Malefyt7Fame and the Ordinary: 'Authentic' Constructions Of Convenience FoodsMarianne Elisabeth Lien8.Psychology Vs Anthropology: Where is Culture in Marketplace Ethnography?Patricia L. Sunderland and Rita M. DennyAfterword: Looking Forward, Looking BackMarietta L. BabaList of ContributorsIndexList of ContributorsMarietta L. Baba is Professor of Anthropology and Dean of Social Science at Michigan State University. Her research interests focus on the interaction of strategic change and organizational culture. She is the author of Beyond Dilbert: The Cultural Construction of Work Organizations in America (Peacock, 2001), Theories of Practice in Anthropology: A Critical Reassessment (AAA, 2000), Trust, Distrust and Information Technology in American Work Organizations (Human Organization, 1999). Dr Baba can be reached at [email protected] Rita Denny, PhD, is a founding partner of Practica Group, LLC, an anthropological consulting firm. She holds an anthropology degree from the University of Chicago. Her interests include linguistic, semiotic and symbolic traditions. Recent publications include 'Consuming values: The culture of clients, researchers and consumers' (ESOMAR, 1999), 'Communicating with clients: Issues of intelligibility' (in B. Byrne and S. Squires (eds) Anthropologists in the Product Development Industry, Greenwood, 2001), and 'Speaking to customers: The anthropology of communications' (in John F. Sherry Jr, (ed.) Contemporary Marketing and Consumer Behavior, Sage, 1995). She can be contacted at [email protected] Kemper, Professor of Anthropology at Bates College, is the author of The Presence of the Past: Chronicles, Politics, and Culture in Sinhala Life (Cornell, 1991) and Buying and Believing: Sri Lankan Advertising and Consumers in a Transnational World (University of Chicago Press, 2001). His research interests range from monasticism and astrology to transnational forces such as advertising and higher education. He can be reached at (207) 786-6083. Marianne Elisabeth Lien is Associate Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo, Norway. She has previously worked as a researcher at the National Institute for Consumer Research in Norway, where she conducted research on nutritional policies, advertising, attitudes to meat, mediations between consumers and suppliers in the marketplace and food production. Her current research interests include topics related to globalization, transnational flows, and salmon farming. She has published Marketing and Modernity (Berg, 1997), and has contributed to several anthologies on markets, consumption and culture.Timothy deWaal Malefyt, PhD, is Director of Ethnographic Insights at BBDO Advertising in New York City. He holds a PhD in anthropology from Brown University. A former professional ballet dancer, his interests include performance, tourism and popular culture. His publications include, 'Gendering the authentic in Spanish flamenco,' in The Pa

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Timothy deWaal Malefyt is Director of Cultural Discoveries at BBDO Advertising, New York. Brian Moeran is Professor of Culture and Communication in the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management, Copenhagen Business School.