1st Edition

Aesthetic Facial Anatomy Essentials for Injections

Edited By Ali Pirayesh, Dario Bertossi, Izolda Heydenrych Copyright 2020
    258 Pages 347 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    258 Pages 347 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    258 Pages 347 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    With the ever-increasing popularity of injectable toxins and fillers, all clinical practitioners in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures need to be experts in the anatomy of the face. This is a detailed and informative guide from international experts to all aspects of the facial anatomy of the presenting clinical patient - how it changes with age, how it differs in different patients, how it is layered, and what danger zones it may contain. An integral ebook contains videos demonstrating how injection can best be accomplished in each of the anatomical areas considered.




    A. Aesthetic Regions of the Face

    Alessandro Gualdi, Michele Pascali, Heidi A. Waldorf, Rene van der Hulst, Philippe Magistretti, and Dario Bertossi

    B. Facial Layers

    Eqram Rahman, Yves Saban, Giovanni Botti, Stan Monstrey, Shirong Li, and Ali Pirayesh

    C. Aging of Skin, Soft Tissue, and Bone

    Daria Voropai, Steven Dayan, Luis Fernando Botero, Chiara Botti, Leonard Miller, and Ali Pirayesh

    D. Myomodulation

    Mauricio de Maio and Izolda Heydenrych

    E. Botulinum Toxins

    Massimo Signorini, Alastair Carruthers, Laura Bertolasi, Neil Sadick, Wolfgang G. Philipp-Dormston, and Dario Bertossi

    F. Absorbable Soft Tissue Fillers: Core Characteristics

    Ali Pirayesh, Colin M. Morrison, Berend van der Lei, and Ash Mosahebi

    G. Complications of Absorbable Fillers

    Maurizio Cavallini, Gloria Trocchi, Izolda Heydenrych, Koenraad De Boulle, Benoit Hendrickx, and Ali Pirayesh

    1. Forehead

    Izolda Heydenrych, Fabio Ingallina, Thierry Besins, Shannon Humphrey, Steven R. Cohen, and Ines Verner

    2. Temporal Region and Lateral Brow

    Krishan Mohan Kapoor, Alberto Marchetti, Hervé Raspaldo, Shino Bay Aguilera, Natalia Manturova, and Dario Bertossi

    3. Periorbital Region and Tear Trough

    Colin M. Morrison, Ruth Tevlin, Steven Liew, Vitaly Zholtikov, Haideh Hirmand, and Steven Fagien

    4. Cheek and Zygomatic Arch

    Emanuele Bartoletti, Ekaterina Gutop, Chytra V. Anand, Giorgio Giampaoli, Sebastian Cotofana, and Ali Pirayesh

    5. Nose

    Dario Bertossi, Fazıl Apaydın, Paul van der Eerden, Enrico Robotti, Riccardo Nocini, and Paul S. Nassif

    6. Nasolabial Region

    Berend van der Lei, Jinda Rojanamatin, Marc Nelissen, Henry Delmar, Jianxing Song, and Izolda Heydenrych

    7. Lips

    Ali Pirayesh, Raul Banegas, Per Heden, Khalid Alawadi, Jennifer Gaona, and Alwyn Ray D’Souza

    8. Perioral Region

    Krishan Mohan Kapoor, Philippe Kestemont, Jay Galvez, André Braz, John J. Martin, and Dario Bertossi

    9. Chin and Jawline

    Ash Mosahebi, Anna Marie C Olsen, Mohammad Ali Jawad, Tatjana Pavicic, Tim Papadopoulos, and Izolda Heydenrych

    10. Neck and Décolletage

    Kate Goldie, Uliana Gout, Randy B. Miller, Fernando Felice, Paraskevas Kontoes, and Izolda Heydenrych

    Video Appendix: How I Do Regional Treatments



    Ali Pirayesh MD, FCC (Plast) is an internationally renowned Plastic Surgeon and owner of Amsterdam Plastic Surgery Clinic. He is the President of the Netherlands Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a Consultant of Gent(BE) University Burns Unit, and co-inventor of a non-profit artificial skin (Glyaderm). He is passionate about global education on Anatomy, Plastic Surgery, and Aesthetic Medicine and restoring faces of (acid) burn victims.

    Dario Bertossi MD is a Facial Plastic Surgeon specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery and Otolaryngology, with expertise in restoring facial function and in Aesthetic Facial Surgery. A Clinical Associate Professor and Chief of Maxillofacial Plastic Surgery Unit at the University of Verona, Italy, he is an educator on Anatomy in Aesthetic Facial Surgery and in Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation and publishes innovative surgical techniques with universities worldwide.

    Izolda Heydenrych MD is a Dermatologist in private practice, Director of the Cape Town Cosmetic Dermatology Centre, Honorary Consultant (Dermatology) at the University of Stellenbosch, immediate Past President of the South African Society of Dermatologic Surgery, Director of HeyEd Academy, and Founder of the HeyEd Foundation for Facial Palsy. Her special interests include procedural safety and non-surgical treatment of facial palsy; she lectures extensively internationally.

    "...a treasure trove of essential anatomy and techniques relating to face/neck fillers and neurotoxins."

    - Doody's Review