1st Edition

Affinity Electrophoresis Principles and Clinical Application

By Jan Breborowicz Copyright 1992
    293 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This book discusses the topic of affinity electrophoresis (AFF-EP), which has become a useful tool for studies of biomolecular interactions. The book will discuss AFF-EP as an analytical method which has been used successfully for the diagnosis, differentiation, and monitoring of patients with various diseases. The book will also discuss other uses for the AFF-EP method.

    Part A: Principles and Technical Details of Affinity Electrophoresis AFF-EP 1. Theoretical Background, Principles, and Technical Details of AFF-EP 2. Comparison of Results Obtained by AFF-EP and Other Affinity Based Techniques Part B: Application of AFF-EP for Basic research Part C: Clinical Application of AFF-EP 1. AFF-EP in Management of Neonates and Children 2. Alpha1 � Fetoprotein AFP, Alpha1, - Acid Glycoprotein AGP, Haptoglobin, and Ceruloplasmin Microheterogeneity in Diagnosis, Differentiation, and Management of Cancer Patients 3. Microheterogeneity of Acute-Phase Proteins in Rheumatic Diseases 4. AFF-EP for Assessment of Liver Damage 5. AFF-EP in Other Pathological States


    Breborowicz, Jan