1st Edition

Affinity Modification Of Biopolymers

By Dmitri G Knorre Copyright 1989

    The goal of this book is to give a systematic description of the main principles of affinity modification and applications, consideration of possibilities, and restrictions of the method. Modification within specific complexes is a special case of chemical modification which is widely used in the nonaddressed version in biochemistry and related areas. Therefore, we have included in the first introductory paper chapter of the book general considerations of chemical modifications of biopolymers and the application of biopolymers.

    1. Molecular Recognition and Chemical Modification of Biopolymers � Two Main Components of Affinity Modification 2. Affinity Modification � Organic Chemistry 3. Affinity Modification � Experimental Methods 4. Affinity Modification � Physical Chemistry 5. Affinity Modification in Biochemistry, Biology, and Applied Science


    Dmitri G Knorre