1st Edition

Affordable Housing Governance and Finance Innovations, partnerships and comparative perspectives

    324 Pages
    by Routledge

    324 Pages
    by Routledge

    There is a large shortage of affordable housing across Europe. In high‐demand urban areas housing shortages lead to unaffordable prices for many target groups. This book explores innovations to support a sufficient supply of affordable and sustainable rental housing.

    Affordable housing is increasingly developed, financed and managed by a mix of market, state, third sector and community actors. Recent decades in large parts of the Western world have consecutively shown state-dominated, non-profit housing sectors, an increased role for market forces and the private sector, and the rise of initiatives by citizens and local communities. The variety of hybrid governance and finance arrangements is predicted to increase further, leading to new affordable housing delivery and management models. This book explores these innovations, with a focus on developments across Europe, and comparative chapters from the USA and Australia. The book presents new thinking in collaborative housing, co-production and accompanying finance mechanisms in order to support the quantity and the quality of affordable rental housing.

    Combining academic robustness with practical relevance, chapters are written by renowned housing researchers in collaboration with practitioners from the housing sector. The book not only presents, compares and contrasts affordable housing solutions, but also explores the transferability of innovations to other countries. The book is essential reading for researchers and professionals in housing, social policy, urban planning and finance.




    The emergence of housing cooperatives in Spain


    Collaborative housing models in Vienna through the lens of social innovation


    Towards a Collaborative Way of Living - Innovating Social and Affordable Housing in Italy


    Resident Participation as Innovative Practice: Analysing Involvement within the Housing Association Sector


    Against the stream:

    How a small company builds affordable housing


    Organizational Adaptations of Nonprofit Housing Organizations in the U.S.: Insights from the Boston and San Francisco Bay Areas


    Two modes of co-production in social housing: Comparing UK and Australian experience.


    Monumental Mural Design: The Outcome of Interactive Urban Storytelling


    “Wiener Wohnbauinitiative”- A new financing vehicle for affordable housing in Vienna, Austria


    The carrot and the stick: sustaining private investment in affordable rental housing


    Innovative affordable housing finance delivery model in England


    Energy Performance Fee to cover investments in the energy efficiency of affordable housing


    Keeping Prices Down With Government Support and Regulation: Affordable Housing in Germany




    Gerard van Bortel is Assistant Professor of Housing Management at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

    Vincent Gruis is Professor of Housing Management at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

    Joost Nieuwenhuijzen is managing director of the European Federation for Living (EFL) network. Joost worked for social housing providers in the Netherlands and has an extensive network in the affordable housing industry across Europe. 

    Ben Pluijmers is chairman of the board of the European Federation for Living (EFL). He worked in various executive management positions in the social housing industry.