1st Edition

Africa A Geographical Study

By Alan B Mountjoy, Clifford Embleton Copyright 1965

    First published in 1965, Africa provides a geographical, political, economic and social description of the continent. Contemporary Africa is a continent of change and revolutions. The diversity and limitations of the African environment gives us a fuller understanding of the explosive dynamism of the African economic and social scene. This book will be of interest to students of geography, economy, anthropology and political science.

    List of Maps and Diagrams List of Plates Preface Introduction 1. The Physical Basis 2. Historical and Political Revolution 3. The Human Geography 4. North-West Africa 5. The Sahara 6. The Nile Basin and Horn of Africa 7. East Africa 8. The Eastern Islands 9. The Zambezi-Limpopo Lands 10. South Africa 11. South-Western Africa 12. Equatorial Africa 13. West Africa 14. Conclusion General Bibliography Index


    Alan B. Mountjoy and Clifford Embleton