1st Edition

African-American Philosophers 17 Conversations

Edited By George Yancy Copyright 1998

    African-American Philosophers brings into conversation seventeen of the foremost thinkers of color to discuss issues such as Black existentialism, racism, Black women philosophers within the academy, affirmative action and the conceptual parameters of African-American philosophy.


    George Yancy is a book review for the Philadelphia Tribune Magazine and a clinical family therapist at the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia.

    "...George Yancy has authored a thought-provoking book , that is a historic first. African-American Philosophers: 17 Conversations is the first book to present candid interviews with Black philosophers... Yancy's well-received book features the intellectual progeny of pioneering Black philosophers like Alain Locke." -- Tribune, Philadelphia
    "...a great book, and a book to which no generic classification can do justice...What emerges most forcefully from these discussions is a solid appreciation of the deep cultural embeddedness of philosophical practice...an outstandingly enjoyable read." -- Radical Philosophy
    "..a singularly important contribution to contemporary philosophy and black studies." -- James G. Spader, Philadelphia New Observer
    "Yancy characterizes this work as an attempt to move the center of mainstream Euro-American philosophical conversations to include other,equally legitimate streams. The views of these philosophers with varying degrees of 'raced-centered concern' make for fascinating reading to those interested in both philosophy and race relations." -- Booklist
    "Yancy has performed an invaluable service by compiling timely interviews with a diverse group of African American philosphers...Highly recommended for all collections and all academic philosophers." -- Choice
    "George Yancy has provided a great service for African Americans and for the reading public of America in general. His book African-American Philosophers, has entered the world of letters at a very crucial time. It brings to light what one may call the beginnings of a revolution in philosophy and in academia in general. Although Yancy's book is written in a very laid back, personal and intimate style, it still represents a revolutionary moment in the way that it raises the consciousness of the reader...I found th is book to be quite enjoyable and informative. Once I began reading it, I found it hard to put down. I have no doubt that others will have a similar experience. Yancy's book is long over due and should be read by all persons who are wondering, 'where are we going from here?'." -- Tribune
    "[The book's] vivid presenation of the tensions between minority status and its local allegiances on the one hand and the universal concerns of a humanistic discipline like philosophy strikingly illuminates features of the human condition that are of far-reaching significance." -- Nicholas Rescher, University Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh and author of Pluralism
    "Yancy has performed an invaluable service by compiling timely interviews with a diverse group of African American philosophers . . . Highly recommended for all collections and all academic philosophers." -- Choice
    "The interviewees span a wide range of contemporary thought and experience; Yancy is a skilled interviewer whose intelligent and probing questions add depth to his subjects' responses . . . . Recommended." -- Library Journal