1st Edition

African Constructions of China Insights from Ghana and Kenya

By Kwaku Opoku Dankwah Copyright 2024
    240 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Marking a constructivist turn in Africa-China scholarship, this book explores African constructions of China. Using Ghana and Kenya as case studies, the book outlines the role of diverse state and non-state actors in defining what China represents to the region, and how it compares to Western powers.

    Resisting Sino- and state-centric analysis of China-Africa relations, this book emphasises the importance of African agency in shaping the discourse. The book demonstrates that the identity construction of a foreign state such as China takes place both at the international level and at a domestic, intrastate level. Domestic constructions of China in Ghana and Kenya reflect internal tensions about future directions for African political and socioeconomic development, and these constructions, in turn, help to justify government policies towards China. The book concludes by questioning the idea of a straightforward win-win relationship and suggests that exploitative, hierarchical relations conventionally associated with North-South interactions may continue in South-South relations.

    This book’s important analysis of the role of domestic non-state actors in shaping African policymaking extends much needed nuance to a sometimes polarised debate. It will be of interest to researchers across the fields of politics, international relations, global development, and African and Chinese Studies.

    Chapter 1: Introduction


    Chapter 2: Domestic Construction of the External Other


    Chapter 3: Development Partner and Model: China’s SSA Win-Win Relationship     


    Chapter 4: Reproaching China: An Irresponsible Neo-Coloniser  


    Chapter 5: African Agency in the China Relationship       


    Chapter 6: African Assessments of the PRC’s Power        


    Chapter 7: Conclusion  


    Dr Kwaku Opoku Dankwah completed his PhD in Politics and International Relations at the University of Adelaide in South Australia in 2022. While doing his PhD, Kwaku tutored and evaluated the Comparative Politics and Public Policy courses at the undergraduate level. Prior to joining the University of Adelaide, Kwaku had educational and professional experiences across Africa, Europe and North America. He schooled at Ohio University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), MINES ParisTech, ENSTA ParisTech and the University of Ghana (UG).