1st Edition

African Interventionist States

By Roy May, Oliver Furley Copyright 2001
    306 Pages
    by Routledge

    This title was first published in 2002: Examining the recent phenomenon in conflicts in Africa, this text addresses situations where African states and African military intervene in conflicts either in neighbouring states or beyond. While this trend has been widely observed, this is the first in-depth research that deals with such issues. It breaks new ground in identifying the key issues, actors and actions, and includes analysis of military capacities of African states and the way in which armies are used, including the increasing role of private security companies and mercenaries. The changing attitudes among members of the OAU are examined, in particular the increasing acceptance of interventionism and the blurring of boundaries. The most significant cases of intervention are examined together with less well-documented examples such as Lesotho and Guinea Bissau. This engaging account makes for a compelling resource for academics and practitioners alike.

    Contents: Legal and Military Issues: Introduction, Oliver Furley and Roy May; African interventionist states and international law, Jeremy Levitt; African military capabilities in insurrection, intervention and peace support operations, Tony Clayton. The Interveners: Tanzania’s intervention in Uganda, Oliver Furley and Roy May; Angola, Norrie McQueen; Ethiopia and Eritrea: insecurity and intervention in the Horn, Christopher Clapham; Sudan, Peter Woodward; SADC’s intervention into Lesotho: an illegal defence of democracy?, Roger Southall; From intervened to intervener: Rwanda and military intervention in Zaire/DRC, Mel McNulty. Victims of Intervention: DRC: Africa’s scramble for Africa, Gerry Cleaver and Simon Massey; Sierra Leone: a victim of intervention, Gerry Cleaver; Intervention in Guinea-Bissau, Simon Massey; Interventionist companies: privatizing the military option, Gerry Cleaver.


    Roy May, Oliver Furley

    'Students of African politics...will find much of importance...to ponder in this timely volume.' Commonwealth and Comparative Politics