1st Edition

African Language Review

Edited By D. Dalby Copyright 1967

    The Sierra Leone Language Review is the African Language Journal of Fourah Bay College, the University College of Sierra Leone. The Journal is devoted to the detailed study of languages in Sierra Leone and neighbouring areas of West Africa, and also to the more general study and discussion of African languages and language-problems.

    Chapter 1 Vestiges of Portuguese in the Languages of Sierra Leone, A. T. VON S. BRADSHAW; Chapter 2 Susu studies and literature: 1799–1900, P. E. H. HAIR; Chapter 3 The Function of the Song in Mende Folktales, GORDON INNES; Chapter 4 Julius Caesar in Krio, THOMAS DECKER; Chapter 5 Sierra Leone Items in the Gullah Dialect of American English., P. E. H. HAIR; Chapter 6 Phonemic Interpretation Problems in Some West African Languages., P. M. BENDOR-SAMUEL; Chapter 7 The Dia-Phonemic Principle in Field Work, DAVID W. CRABB; Chapter 8 Emotional Bias in the Translation and Presentation of African Oral Art, B. W. ANDRZEJEWSKI; Chapter 9 STUDIES DEVOTED TO S. W. KOELLE'S POLYGLOTTA AFRICANA, E. C. ROWLANDS; Chapter 10 Fula Dialects in the Polyglotta Africana, D. W. ARNOTT; Chapter 11 Nigerian Cross River Languages in the Polyglotta Africana: Part II, F. D. D. WINSTON; Chapter 12 Mel Languages in the Polyglotta Africana, DAVID DALBY;


    D. Dalby