1st Edition

African Marriage and Social Change

By Lucy P. Mair Copyright 1969

    First Published in 1969. Building upon the author's previous work, Survey of African Marriage and Family Life, this title's findings are intended to produce for policy-makers a picture of the forces producing changes in family relationships and the instability of marriage to which legislators, civil or religious, could refer when deciding what practices to treat as permissible and what to forbid. For this reason it has laid more emphasis than is usual in works of theoretical anthropology on specific aspects of African marriage where it has been assumed that the divergence was most marked.

    Chapter 1 General Characteristics of African Family and Marriage; Chapter 2 Southern Africa; Chapter 3 East Africa; Chapter 4 Central Africa; Chapter 5 West Africa; Chapter 6 General Conclusions;


    Neville Rubin, Eugene Cotran School of Oriental and African Studies, London