African Nationalism and Revolution  book cover
1st Edition

African Nationalism and Revolution

Edited By

Gregory Maddox

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ISBN 9780815313915
Published August 1, 1993 by Routledge
400 Pages

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Book Description

The study o f African history as an academic discipline is a rather new field and one that still has its detractors both w ithin and outside academics. This collection o f articles highlights for students and scholars the modern era in African history. It brings together published research on the colonial era in Africa, an era relatively brief but one that saw
dramatic change in African societies.

Table of Contents

Series Introduction vii
Volume Introduction xi
Nationalist Historians in Search of a Nation:
The ‘New Historiography’ in Dar Es Salaam
Donald Denoon and Adam Kuper 1
Ethnicity and National Integration in West Africa
/. Wallerstein 23
The Roots of African Despotism: The Question of
Political Culture
Ibrahim K. Sundiata 35
In Lieu of Orthodoxy: The Socialist Theories of Nkrumah
and Nyerere
Steven Metz 59
Ethnicity and Leadership in Africa: The ‘Untypical’ Case
o f Tom Mboya
David Goldsworthy 75
The State of Ambivalence: Right and Left Options in Ghana
Judith Marshall 95
Military Violence Against Civilians: The Case of the Congolese
and Zairean Military in the Pedicle, 1890—1988
Mwelwa C. Musambachime 109
The Social Origins of Ugandan Presidents: From King
to Peasant Warrior
Ali A . Mazrui 131
Uganda Before, During, and After Amin
Bert N. Adams 153
The Movements of National Liberation
Basil Davidson 165
The Revolution in Portugal’s African Colonies: A Review Essay
John S. Saul 181
The Nationalist Revolution in Eritrea
John Markakis 203
VI Contents
The Death of Chaminuka: Spirit Mediums, Nationalism,
and the Guerilla W ar in Zimbabwe
Terence Ranger 223
The Zimbabwean War of Liberation: Struggles W ithin
the Struggle
Norma Kriger 244
Obstacles to Guerrilla Warfare— A South African Case Study
Sheridan Johns 263
Rethinking the ‘Race-Class Debate’ in South African
Deborah Posel 300
Street Sociology and Pavement Politics: Aspects of Youth
and Student Resistance in Cape Town, 1985
Colin Bundy 317
Sources of Class Consciousness: South African W omen
in Recent Labor Struggles
Iris Berger 345
Class Formation and Ideology: The Transkei Region
Duncan Innes and Dan O'Meara 363

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Gregory Maddox