After the Text : Byzantine Enquiries in Honour of Margaret Mullett book cover
1st Edition

After the Text
Byzantine Enquiries in Honour of Margaret Mullett

ISBN 9780367898861
Published November 1, 2021 by Routledge
404 Pages 45 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

After the Text honours the work of renowned historian Margaret Mullett, who since the 1970s has transformed the study of Byzantine literature.

Her work has been influential in demonstrating the strength and variety of Byzantine texts. Byzantium is renowned for its achievements in architecture and the visual arts. Byzantium is renowned for its achievements in architecture and the visual arts. Professor Mullett's perceptive studies, produced over more than 40 years, have shown that the literature of the Byzantine Empire is of equal beauty and interest, ranging, as it does, from high-style poetry and rhetoric in the classical manner through letters to demotic writings such as fables and the lives of saints. The collection of essays in this volume draws further attention to the wealth and diversity of Byzantine texts, by exploring the Greek literature of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages in all its variety. These studies, by going, like Professor Mullett herself, beyond the texts, illustrate the value of Byzantine literature for interpreting Byzantine history and civilisation in all its richness.

This book is crucial reading for scholars and students of the Byzantine world, as well as for those interested in literary studies.

Table of Contents


Part I: Performance, Narrative and Text 

1. The Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Hypapante) according to Two Byzantine Hymnographers: An Encounter in Liturgical Time and Space

Mary B. Cunningham

2. Variations on the Theme of Death: Two Byzantine Limb-by-Limb Laments 

Barbara Crostini 

3. Theodore Prodromos, Carmina historica, I: Translation and Commentary 

Paul Magdalino and †Ruth Macrides

4. Visually Demolished and Textually Reconstructed: Performing the Middle Ages in Contemporary Crime Fiction

Panagiotis A. Agapitos

5. More than a Story: Lactantius, the Anger of God and the Deaths of the Persecutors 

Oliver Nicholson 

6. Narratives of Fluency: Miracles of Mary and Mariology between Byzantium and the West

Francesca Dell'Acqua

7. What’s in a Name? The Byzantine Chronicles 

Paolo Odorico

8. Kedrenos’ Substitution for Theophanes’ Chronicle 

Roger Scott with John Burke and Paul Tuffin 

9. The Typikon Section in the Lives of Athanasios the Athonite: Sources and Agendas 

Dirk Krausmüller 

10. Constantine the Rhodian’s εἰκών of the Church of the Holy Apostles at Constantinople

Beatrice Daskas

11. Τῇ βασιλίσσῃ μοναχῇ κυρᾷ: An Unedited Letter to Eirene Doukaina (and an Ethopoiia in Verse by her Son for his Father) 

Stratis Papaioannou 

12. Sophocles, Euripides and the Unusual Cento 

Przemysław Marciniak 

13. Letters, Latinitas, and Latent Wordplay: John Milton’s Didactic Epistles to Richard Jones 

Estelle Haan 

Part II: Emotion and Gender

14. The Rose and the Dung Beetle: Theodore Laskaris on ‘Friendship’ and ‘Envy’

Martin Hinterberger

15. Homo Byzantinus: Keeping Women in their Place

Liz James

16. Same-Gender Friendships and Enmity in the Life of Eupraxia

Stavroula Constantinou 

17. Basil the Younger Comes to Stay: Eunuchs and Other Male Friends in Constantinopolitan Households 

Shaun Tougher 

18. Women Remembering Women? The ‘Miracle in Latomos’ Motif in Medieval Macedonia 

Rowena Loverance 

Part III: Text and Physical Context

19. Reading Aesop in Cappadocia 

Robert Ousterhout with assistance from Anna Sitz 

20. Reading an Icon of the Black Mohammed: Georgios Klontzas on Islam

Charles Barber 

21. The Monastery of Christ the Saviour in Sourmaina and the Hagiographical Dossier of St Eugenios 

James Crow 

22. The Transmission of Monumental Art: Travelling Saints and Monastic Networks 

Pamela Armstrong

23. Exploring Thessaloniki – a Mismatch of Art History and Urban History 

Robin Cormack 

24. The Impact of Choir and Organ on Synagogue Architecture. Preliminary Thoughts on the Role of Musical Performance in Balkan Sephardic Communities 

Fani Gargova 


Leslie Brubaker

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Liz James is Professor of Art History at the University of Sussex, UK.

Oliver Nicholson taught Late Antiquity at the University of Minnesota, USA.

Roger Scott taught Classics at the University of Melbourne, Australia.