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1st Edition

Against the Grain Genetic Transformation of Global Agriculture

By Marc Lappe, Britt Bailey Copyright 1999
    ISBN 9781853836572
    176 Pages
    Published August 1, 1999 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138179790
    176 Pages
    Published April 24, 2017 by Routledge

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    The world's food production is undergoing a rapid and revolutionary transformation, but little is known about it and less is being done to question the wisdom of it. Within a very few years, much of what we eat will have been genetically engineered, without proper consideration of the issues of public health, consumer choice and ecological stability. Against the Grain argues that the consequences of this huge experiment could be catastrophic, and at the very least have been underestimated or ignored by the industries exploiting the new technologies. The authors have unearthed government and industry documents which show these new methods to be far from fail-safe or risk free. Comprehensively supported with facts and references, the book provides a full account of the science and technologies involved in producing 'transgenic plants'. It also explains the scale and speed of what is going on, and argues for full public accountability and control of new developments - before it is too late.

    Foreword * Introduction * The Argument for Biotechnology * Profiling Genetic Engineering * Dangers in Herbicides * Are We Ready for Roundup Ready(Tm) Foods? * Destroying a Miracle * Regulatory Review * Transgenic Products and Food Production: The World Food Problem * Biotechnology's Impact on Agriculture * Ethical Issues and Long-Term Consequences * Labelling * Recommendations * Conclusions: Against the Grain * Glossary * Index
    'An important contribution to a necessary debate.' Spore 'Thoroughly researched... this book will be vital to serious food campaigners.' Earthmatters 'A compelling case for the argument that, without strict regulation, genetic engineering may destroy the ecological diversity upon which our world depends.' Sunday Times 'Rich with critical detail and anchored by thorough research.' Foresight 'Do read this book, and if you cannot buy it, order it from your local library.' Land Heritage 'Recommended reading for anyone concerned with the state of the world food system.' People and the Planet 'A clear, concise introduction to the subject.' Permaculture This excellent little book will make you think hard about the risks of transferring this technology to Europe... Against the Grain makes a powerful case that the drive for profit risks squandering the real promises of biotechnology.' Plantlife 'A valuable, politically oriented contribution to the debate... very useful in this difficult field.' Ileia Seeds for Agrobiodiversity This publication helps to shape our viewpoint by a thorough analysis of the situation. Contains a glossary of terms, useful in this difficult field.' Leisa Magazine 'Against the Grain presents complex and formidable challenges that have emerged in the transformative process of agriculture.' 'The argument-based procedure that the authors have followed in presenting the consequences of biotechnology and transgenic food crops will encourage readers of various fields of interest... whilst the glossary of terms will help readers from a range of backgrounds to understand the technical aspects of such issues as Roundup-ready crops.' Local Environment Journal

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