1st Edition

Age Matters Re-Aligning Feminist Thinking

    364 Pages
    by Routledge

    364 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume of original chapters is designed to bring attention to a neglected area of feminist scholarship - aging. After several decades of feminist studies we are now well informed of the complex ways that gender shapes the lives of women and men. Similarly, we know more about how gendered power relations interface with race and ethnicity, class and sexual orientation. Serious theorizing of old age and age relations to gender represents the next frontier of feminist scholarship. In this volume, leading national and international feminist scholars of aging take first steps in this direction, illuminating how age relations interact with other social inequalities, particularly gender. In doing so, the authors challenge and transform feminist scholarship and many taken for granted concepts in gender studies.


    Chapter 1 Introduction: Age Matters, by Toni M. Calasanti and Kathleen F. Slevin

    Part 1: Challenges to Feminisms

    Chapter 2 The Personal as Political: Lessons from the Life and Works of Betty Friedan,

    by Ruth E. Ray

    Chapter 3 The Lengthening List of Oppressions: Age relations and the feminist study of inequality, by Neal King

    Chapter 4 From Androgyny to Androgens: Re-Sexing the Aging Body, by Barbara L. Marshall and Stephen Katz

    Chapter 5 Graying the Cyborg: New Directions in Feminist Analyses of Aging, Science, and Technology, by Kelly Joyce and Laura Mamo

    Chapter 6 Intimate Relationships: Learning From Later Life Experience, by Ingrid Arnet Connidis

    Chapter 7 Aging and Gender in Families: A Very Grand Opening, by Katherine R. Allen and Alexis J. Walker

    Chapter 8 Intersectionality and Age Relations: Unpaid Care Work and Chicanas, by

    Anna Zajicek, Toni Calasanti, Cristie Ginther and Julie Summers

    Part 2: Listening to Aging Voices

    Chapter 9 Gendered Ageism/Age(ed) Sexism: The Case of Unemployed Older Workers, by Julie Ann McMullin and Ellie D. Berger

    Chapter 10 Sleep, gender and aging: Temporal perspectives in the mid-to-later life transition, by Jenny Hislop and Sara Arber

    Chapter 11 The Embodied Experiences of Old Lesbians, by Kathleen F. Slevin

    Chapter 12 Gender and Old Age: Lessons from Spousal Carework, by Toni M. Calasanti

    Chapter 13 Maintaining manliness in later life: Hegemonic masculinities and emphasized femininities, by Robert Meadows and Kate Davidson

    Chapter 14 On Being an Aging Woman, by Martha B. Holstein


    Toni M. Clasanti is Professor of Sociology at Virginia Tech.
    Kathleen F. Slevin is Sociology Professor at College of William and Mary.
    They co-authored the book: Gender Social Inequalities, and Aging (2001).