1st Edition

Ageing Recent Advances and Creative Responses

Edited By Alan Butler Copyright 1985

    Originally published in 1985, Ageing: Recent Advances and Creative Responses contains a selection of the papers contributed to the British Society of Gerontology Annual Conference, held in Leeds in September 1984. The book examines some of the positive and innovative multi-disciplinary work which is going on in the field of human ageing, placing particular emphasis on issues such as: the use of leisure in later life; association and friendship; innovations in the funding of services; the political and social views of older people themselves; the importance of an adequate income and appropriate housing; the psychologist’s role in prevention and early detection of disorders, and work in the community.

    The book will be of value to all academics, policy makers and practitioners with an interest in human ageing and later life, the health and social difficulties encountered by this age group, and the positive responses that can be made by both the providers of services and the elderly themselves.

    Preface.  1. Introduction A. Butler  Part One: The Overview  2. Ageing – Whose Creative Response A. Tinker  3. The Ageing Class: Vanguard of the Evolution E. Midwinter  Part Two: Leisure, Friendship and Association  4. Listening to the Voices of Older Women: Creativity and Social Work Responses A. Froggatt  5. Voluntary Association and the Social Construction of Old Age D. Jerrome  6. Managing Everyday Life: The Trivial Round Made Significant S.O. Daatland  7. Constraints to Creativity: The Case of Leisure Facility Managers M. Bernard  8. The St John’s Senior Centre: A Creative Development V. Ivers  9. Intimacy at a Distance Under the Microscope A. M. Warnes, D. Howes and L. Took  10. Leisure Activities in the Elderly in Urban Shopping Centres: A Case Study Analysis M.J. MacLean, D. Brown and P. Sijpkes  Part Three: Aspects of Social Welfare  11. Short-Term Funded Projects: A Creative Response to an Ageing Population? A. Osborn  12. Innovation in the Care of the Elderly: The Role of Joint Finance E. Ferlie, D. Challis and B. Davies  13. Welfare Benefits and the Elderly: Some Preliminary Results from the G.L.C. Take-up Campaign C.R. Victor  14. Sheltered Housing: Some Unanswered Questions G. Fennell  15. Sheltered Housing: The Warden’s View C. Phillipson and P. Strang  16. Report of a Pilot Study of Delayed Discharges from Hospital: Liverpool 1983-4 R.M. Eley and L.M. Middleton  17. Ageing in Turkey: Patterns, Provisions and Prospects C.S. Gilleard, A.A. Gurkan and E. Gilleard  Part Four: Developments in Psychology  18. Progress Towards the Elucidation of Early Dementia: A Community Study N. Wood, J.R.M. Copeland, R.T. Searle, C. McWilliam, M.E. Dewey, D.M. Forshaw, V.K. Sharma, P. Saunders, J. Collins and C. Clulow  19. The Contribution of the National Adult Reading Test to the Detection of Dementia Amongst Community Dwelling Old People M.G. Binks and A.D.M. Davies  20. Life Stress and Depression in the Elderly: Experiences from a Community Study S.J. Wilkinson, O. James and A.D.M. Davies  21. Sleep and the Elderly: Some Psychological Dimensions and their Implications for Treatment K. Gledhill  22. Attributions of Staff Working with the Elderly: A Pilot Study C. Martin  23. Social Situations and Self-Images of Older Women O. Cibulski  24. A Brief Self-Report Scale for Assessing Personal Engagement in the Elderly: Reliability and Validity K. Morgan, H.D. Dallosso and S.B.J. Ebrahim.  Details of Contributors.  Index.


    Alan Butler