1st Edition

Agency, Health And Social Survival The Ecopolitics Of Rival Psychologies

By Caroline New Copyright 1996

    This text addresses the interface of sociology and psychology which, it argues, is the key to political change. Offering a comparison of a range of psychotherapeutic theories of human nature, including those of Freud and Anna Freud, Klein and Kleininans and Lacan, humanisticpsychology, and feminist, trans-cultural and other radical psychotherapies, the book focuses on each theory's psychological concept of health and its political implications.

    Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Starting points; Chapter 3 Conflicting concepts of health; Chapter 4 Freud and the inevitability of discontent; Chapter 5 Melanie Klein: A social emotion; Chapter 6 Jacques Lacan: Exposing the myth of agency; Chapter 7 Humanistic psychology: Saved by synergy; Chapter 8 Four radical approaches; Chapter 9 Conclusion: If humanly possible;


    Caroline New