1st Edition

Agile Sales Delivering Customer Journeys of Value and Delight

By Brad Jeavons Copyright 2020
    208 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    208 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    If you ever wondered if Agile methodology can be applied to a sales environment, then this is the book for you. A step-by-step process explained from the point of view of someone who has walked the walk, not just talked the talk. A compelling read for anyone who wants to elevate their sales approach above the crowd.

    –Ken Aitken

    Managing Director, SmartFreight

    The sales function, once believed to be exempt from the requirement to practice continuous improvement, is struggling. Now shaken by the age of e-commerce, sales teams are looking for answers. Agile Sales provides a path forward.

    –Robert Hafey

    Author, Lean Safety and Lean Safety Gemba Walks

    The Agile philosophy has grown and achieved success initially through the technology design and development teams of some of the world’s largest, most successful organizations. Recently, it has been adopted by the marketing departments of these organizations and others, and new techniques are evolving for defining, engaging, and providing customers with amazing and unique experiences.

    Sales teams are becoming disrupted by technology and the differentiated experiences marketing teams are providing for their customers online using Agile techniques. Sales organizations have been looking for a way to avoid disruption and get back into the game with value. Sales teams are now beginning to adopt Agile, which is enabling these teams to revolutionize the way they engage customers with value and delightful experiences that result in greater value for the customers and themselves.

    This book outlines how Agile can help sales teams develop a culture of innovation focused on their customers. This book takes the reader through the customer’s buying journey (Agile technique), outlining tips and tricks that have come from Agile deployments within sales functions to help them get started.

    The key benefit for the reader is the introduction of a proven philosophy and techniques that will help them avoid disruption, elevate themselves from the commodity trap, and achieve success again. This book provides the reader with insights into how to achieve sustainable change using real-life case examples. The reader will also experience enjoyment and delight from the stories told and case examples provided.

    List of Figures. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. Introduction. 1 Agile Sales Concept 1: Customer Understanding. 2 Agile Sales Concept 2: Hoshin Kanri. 3 Agile Sales Concept 3: Scrum. 4 Agile Sales Concept 4: Kanban. 5 Agile Sales Concept 5: Sprints. 6 Agile Sales Concept 6: Leader Standard Work. 7 Agile Sales Concept 7: Sales Process Aligned to Your Customer’s Buying Journey. 8 Discovery. 9 Research. 10 Purchase. 11 Delivery. 12 Devotion. 13 Leveraging. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.


    Brad Jeavons is an Organization Improvement Leader whose purpose is helping people reach their potential. He is focussed on assisting organizations achieve excellence for their people, customers, society and the planet.

    Over the past 20 years, Brad has accumulated extensive experience in leadership, sales, manufacturing, logistics, and consulting. He has worked with leading organizations across a broad range of industries such as retail, transport, technology, automotive, food & beverage, health, finance, and many more.

    Brad’s passion for helping people led him to become a writer. There is no more powerful way to share knowledge and experience. Brad’s wide range of expertise has combined to provide unique insights and knowledge towards achieving organizational excellence. His first book, "Agile Sales," has been developed from his experience in Operational and Sales Excellence. Brad for many years, had seen salespeople becoming disrupted by technology such as online stores and knowledge sharing systems. His book Agile Sales, provides salespeople and organizations approaches to build agility and start delivering value to customers again.

    Brad believes that successful organizational transformation requires more than just improvement to process and tools. It also requires a strong focus on leadership, behavior, and culture to sustain.

    "What a great little book! For the first time Continuous Improvement and Sales have been effectively brought together in a practical and highly readable way. It covers all the key topics in improving sales: clear team direction, exceptional culture, systematic approach, helping customers to improve, leader standard work, coaching and support of your sales team, as well as mapping customers’ personas and creating an empathy map. A must buy."

    • Prof. Peter Hines, Founder, SA Partners and Shingo Publication Award Winning Author (Staying Lean and The Essence of Excellence)

    "The sales function, once believed to be exempt from the requirement to practice continuous improvement, is struggling. Now shaken by the age of e-commerce they are looking for answers.  Agile Sales provides a path forward."

    • Robert Hafey, Author, Lean Safety and Lean Safety Gemba Walks

    "An easy to read essential guide to the implementation of continuous improvement in the sales process with lots of practical tips and examples."

    • Chris Butterworth, Shingo Publication Award Winning Author (4+1 and The Essence of Excellence)

    "If you ever wondered if Agile methodology can be applied to a Sales environment, then this if the book for you. A step-by-step process explained from the point of view of someone who has walked the walk not just talked the talk. A compelling read for anyway who wants to elevate their sales approach above the crowd."

    • Ken Aitken, Managing Director, SmartFreight

    "To my knowledge, there is no better practical guide for applying Agile in a sales environment. This book is filled with practical tips, useful techniques and relatable stories for anyone who is working in a sales environment. Overseeing a professional sales team with a very challenging sales target, I couldn’t help but think I wished I had read it a year ago! The premise of Brad’s work is simple. Sales is about understanding your customers intimately and findings ways to add value to them. Agile is also about understanding customer deeply and focusing everyone, in rapid iterations, to create customer value. This book is suitable for anyone who is interested to learn about Agile and applying it in a sales context."

    • Keivan Zokaei, Shingo Publication Award Winning Author (Creating a Lean and Green Business System)

    ‘In the age of disruption, with a growing focus on customer-centricity, Brad provides a thorough roadmap; informing us what all sales leaders need to understand and execute to ensure the success of themselves and their teams. Born out of Continuous Improvement methodology, and with an overriding focus on cultural leadership; Agile Sales takes the complex and makes it straightforward, applicable & executable."

    • Daniel Pirrone, Consultant, Six Degrees

    "Having worked in businesses for many years, I’ve read plenty of business books. Had I read Brad’s book first, I would not have needed to read many of the others. This book contains a goldmine of useful and practical advice, covering sales but also covering many other aspects. I particularly like the plethora of direct business examples, as well as the frequent summation of topics and useful actions all the way through the book."

    • David Cullen, Director DC Automation

    "Brad Jeavons has crafted an excellent book that takes the concept of ‘sales’ to its rightful place – a focus on the customer’s journey and applying agile principles in order to optimise an organisation’s pipeline of profitable sales delivering value to the customer. Brad shows his dual expertise in sales management and in continuous improvement best practice and provides some great practical examples. Apply the disciplines and mindset described here and be confident of Sales flow: a sustainable and visible sales pipeline."

    • Jon Lindsay Chair, The Executive Connection and Principal, Joined-Up®

    "I have always found Brad to engaging, empathetic, brilliant, questioning, passionate about his work, a great listener and most importantly, natural and honest. When I was reading this book, Brad’s passion flowed off the pages, and it felt like I was sitting down listening to him. The topics are extremely relevant today, and Brad has researched them well. They are presented concisely, finding a great balance between content, examples and guides for implementation. Well done Brad, I look forward to the next book already!"

    • Jason Goode, Packaging Manager, Reece Group

    "If you’re looking for practical tools to help you ignite your sales team, delight customers and grow revenue, Agile Sales will give you all that and more. I have had the pleasure of working with Brad for several years and have seen first-hand how these continuous improvement methodologies have helped teams to develop clarity of purpose, improve culture and build highly effective sales teams with a focus on delivering customer value."

    • Karen Moon, General Manager, Market Strategy & Communications Madison Technologies

    "Part business, part personal development, Agile Sales provides realistic knowledge and learning practices to understand the customer journey and recognises the importance that our values play towards appreciating this journey."

    • Shawn Kerr, General Manager, Battery World Australia Pty Ltd

    "Having witnessed first-hand Brad's passion for sales and agile methodologies and shared his interest in making positive change for almost a decade, I was looking forward to reading this book.  If you are interested in how selling can deliver real value to your customers, that is repaid with loyalty and understanding, then this book is for you."

    • Neil Jorgensen, Marketing and Communications Manager, B&R Enclosures Pty Ltd

    "As our customers have access to more information and need to make purchasing decisions faster than ever, it becomes harder as a salesperson to keep up using traditional sales techniques. This book is a realistic and practical approach to deciding where to focus our sales efforts. By doing so, we can adapt and place our energy on where it should be. Brad has given the roadmap on how to succeed in an ever-changing market. An essential read for any salesperson looking to stand out from the crowd."

    • Boyd Rose, Product Manager, insignia Pty Ltd

    "Brad has captured a range of practical business approaches incorporating sales techniques that change the paradigm as to how to better engage with customers in a valued way that can deliver sustainable results. I had the opportunity to see this approach in action with a visit to the Winson Group office after one of their sales team engaged with our manufacturing business in such a unique way I was intrigued as to the business behind the approach. I was really impacted by the vibrancy and engagement of that team and the results they were generating. I would encourage any business that has challenging markets where lower price is the default position for sale teams to read Brad’s book and load you team on the Agile Sale bus that will lead to better business outcomes."

    • Lester Kirkwood, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Orrcon Steel

    "From graduates to seasoned salespersons, this book provides a concise, end-to-end recipe for sales success. I congratulate Brad on his book, and I commend this book to anyone who provides a product or a service for a customer."

    • Russell Warner, Strategic Partnership Manager ETS

    "The world of sales has become increasing challenging, customers demand more, and the old ways are no longer good enough. Brad has created a toolkit that that brings together established methodologies with practical examples of how to apply them within a commercial environment. This book is an essential read for any sales leader. "

    • Will Edwards, Director of Channels, Domino Printing Sciences