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Aging in Place

Edited By James Callahan Jr Copyright 1993
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    by Routledge

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    by Routledge

    "Aging in place" is among the newer terms to be included along with "senior citizen," "golden agers," and others in the lexicon of gerontology. Since aging is a lifelong process and each of us occupies three-dimensional space, we are, of course, always aging in place, but two factors have caused aging in place to emerge as a salient concern for gerontological policy makers. The first is the explosive growth of homeownership after World War II, the other is the perception that thousands of older people have been flowing into nursing homes unnecessarily when they can and should remain in their own home or apartment.

    Introduction: Aging in Place James J. Callahan, Jr. Where Elders Live Phyllis H. Mutschler

    Psychological Aspects of Staying at Home Barry S. Fogel

    Strategies for Home Modification and Repair Jon Pynoos

    Aging in Place: The Role of Families Barbara M. Silverstone and Amy Horowitz

    If You Build It, They May Not Come Leah Dobkin

    The Hartford House: Home Modifications in Action Beverly Hynes-Grace

    Frail Elders and the Suburbs Patrick H. Hare

    Aging in Place: The Role of Formal Human Services John N. Morris and Shirley A. Morris

    Aging in Place: The Experience of African American and Other Minority Elders John H. Skinner

    Aging in Place: Rural Issues Theodore H. Koff

    Supportive Services in Senior Housing: New Partnerships Between Housing Sponsors and Residents Susan C. Lanspery

    Supportive Services in Senior Housing: Preliminary Evidence on Feasibility and Impact Judith Feder, William Scanlon and Julia Howard

    Aging in Place From North to South Margaret Clemons

    The Bay Area Independent Elders Program: Community Support as a Resource for Aging in Place Lori Andersen

    Moving from Outdoor to Indoor Plumbing: Decreasing the Risk of Institutionalization Among Appalachian Elders William S. Hubbard, Rosemary Blieszner, and Jeffrey W. London

    Neighborhoods That Make Sense: Community Allies for Elders Aging in Place Patrick Cullinane

    With Elders in Mind Mary Sit


    James Callhan Jr