1st Edition

Agri-Based Bioeconomy Reintegrating Trans-disciplinary Research and Sustainable Development Goals

Edited By Chetan Keswani Copyright 2021
    330 Pages 22 Color & 22 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    330 Pages 22 Color & 22 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This volume concentrates on the recent scientific advancements in agricultural biotechnology and reintegrates it with socio-economic, industrial and intellectual property aspects of agricultural biotechnology and its implications for accomplishing the sustainable development goals. Adopting a unique approach, this book amalgamates science and business perspectives from an insider’s viewpoint on the agro-biotech industry, laying the foundations for students and professionals alike.

    This book:

    • Is a first of its kind by addressing the recent issues emerging in agro-based economies.
    • Will be a single-point source for recent advancements in agro-based global bioeconomy.
    • Empowers the utilization of biotechnology to address worldwide ecological issues by supporting sustainable resolutions for global agricultural markets.
    • Gives both foundational hypothesis and functional direction on commercialization and regulatory issues.
    • Empowers the usage of adaptable approaches that can adjust to and uphold socially and financially valuable agro-based technologies.

    1 Agricultural Biotechnology and the Sustainable Development Goals

    [Kathleen Hefferon]

    2 Exploring New Organizational Concepts for Agriculture in the Bioeconomy

    [Davide Viaggi, Matteo Zavalloni and Stefano Targetti]

    3 Assessing the Potential of Agri- and Biobased Industries in Transition Economies:

    Needs and Opportunities in the Case of the Greek Bioeconomy

    [Emmanuel G. Koukios, Lazaros S. Karaoglanoglou, Sofia Papadaki, Nikolaos Kourakos

    and Dimitrios P. Koullas]

    4 IPRs to Innovation Are as Bioeconomy to Sustainable Development: How Is It All


    [Dhanay Cadillo Chandler]

    5 Cross-Fertilization between Human, Veterinary and Plant-Derived Vaccines: One

    Health and Global Patent Landscape in Vaccinology 4.0

    [Cristina Possas, Adelaide Maria de Souza Antunes, Alessandra Moreira de Oliveira,

    Flavia Maria Lins Mendes, Suzanne de Oliveira Rodrigues Schumacher and Akira Homma]

    6 Potential of Ecosystem Services in an Agri-Based Bioeconomy: The Traditional

    Vietnamese Integrated Farming System VAC

    [Le Hung Anh and Petra Schneider]

    7 On the Sustainability of Direct-Seeded Rice

    [Serge Svizzero]

    8 Integrated Biocycles Management for Harmonization of Agri-Based Bioeconomy in

    Tropical Natural Resources

    [Cahyono Agus, Pamungkas Buana Putra, Marinus K. Harun and Enggal Primananda]

    9 A Paradigm Shift towards Sustainability: Utilizing Agricultural Waste as a Valuable

    Resource in Various Agricultural Endeavours

    [Robert Nepomuceno, Cristine Marie B. Brown and Marilyn B. Brown]

    10 Compost and Compost Tea from On-Farm Composted Agri-Wastes Improve the

    Sustainability of Horticultural Organic Cropping Systems

    [Ugo De Corato]

    11 Cultural, Economic and Environmental Impact of Conservation and Sustainable

    Exploitation Management Areas (UMA) of Freshwater Turtles in Tabasco, Mexico

    [Claudia Elena Zenteno Ruiz, Casiano Alberto Méndez Sánchez, Diana Ivette Triana

    Ramírez and Angel Sol Sánchez]

    12 Innovation to Produce Basic Food in Recycled Containers in Saline Soils of the Coast

    of Tabasco, Mexico

    ngel Sol Sánchez and Gloria I. Hernández Melchor]

    13 A Comprehensive Review of Commercial Production of Microbial Fertilizers

    [Arash Hemati, Nasser Delangiz, Behnam Asgari Lajayer and Mansour Ghorbanpour]

    14 Microbial Solubilizers of Rock-Forming Minerals: Opportunities and Challenges

    [Julio Alves Cardoso Filho]

    15 Advances in Creation and Development of Bacteriophage Collections: Viral Genomes

    Resources for Biotechnology and Agriculture

    [Galina Novik and Victoria Savich]

    16 The Interaction between Microorganisms and Soil Processes and Their Effects on

    Nutrient Availability and Plant Production

    [Arash Hemati, Nasser Delangiz, Behnam Asgari Lajayer and Mansour Ghorbanpour]

    17 Agricultural Bioeconomy and Sustainable Proposals for Turkey

    [İrfan Kalaycı]

    18 Utilization of Agricultural Waste in Agri-Based Biogas Production and Sustainable


    [Manoj Kumar Chitara, Sadhna Chauhan and Rajesh Pratap Singh]

    19 Secreted Antigens of Bacilli: The Methodology for Immunochemical Investigation of

    Dynamics of Concentration per Bacterial Cell

    [E.P. Kiseleva, K.I. Mikhailopulo, D. Kołożyn-Krajewska and G.I. Novik]

    20 Increasing the Tolerance of Water-Deficit Stress in Plants with Integrated Application

    of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers

    [Solmaz Kazemalilou, Behnam Asgari Lajayer and Mansour Ghorbanpour]


    Dr. Chetan Keswani is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Biochemistry, Institute of Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. He has keen interest in regulatory, commercialization and intellectually property issues of agriculturally important microorganisms. He is an elected Fellow of the Linnaean Society of London, UK and received Best Ph.D. Thesis Award from the Uttar Pradesh Academy of Agricultural Sciences, India in 2015. He is an editorial board member of several reputed agricultural microbiology journals and has edited nine volumes on the subject.

    "the volume is a useful contribution to the burgeoning literature on the bioeconomy with interesting examples and country case studies." - Anwar Naseem, Rutgers University