1st Edition

Agri-environmental Policy in the European Union

Edited By Henry Buller, Geoff Wilson, Andrea Holl Copyright 2000
    310 Pages
    by Routledge

    This title was first published in 2000:  This volume provides a detailed examination of agri-environmental policy within ten European states. Individual chapters consider the agricultural and environmental policy contexts within each state and examine the range and significance of agri-environmental policy proposed in addition to their spatial and territorial impact, their policy-making implications and their consequences for the structures, institutions and actors of national farming policy both across and within national borders. Drawing from ten national profiles and the data sets provided, the book provides a comparative analysis of implementation trends, filling a gap in the literature on this topic. Taking European legislation as its starting point, the comparative section of the book examines how Member States have responded to EU imperatives in their budgetary commitments, in their implementation strategies and in the policy outputs that result. The study identifies similarities across European nations in the territorial and agricultural focus of agri-environmental policy and draws attention to the alternative.

    Introduction - the emergence of Regulation 2078, Henry Buller, et al; France - farm production and rural product as key factors influencing agri-environmental policy, Henry Buller and Helene Brives; Denmark - implementation of new agri-environmental policy based on Regulation 2078, Erling Andersen, et al; Sweden - agri-environmental policy and the production of landscape qualities, Helene Carlsen and Knut Per Hasund; Greece - late implementation of agri-environmental policies, Leonidas Louloudis, et al; United Kingdom - from agri-environmental policy shaper to policy receiver?, Kaley Hart and Geoff A. Wilson; Germany - complex agri-environmental policy in a federal system, Annegret Grafen and Jorg Schramek; Spain - first tentative steps towards an agri-environmental programme, Begona Peco, et al; Austria - towards an environmentally sound agriculture, Michael Groier and Elisabeth Loibl; Switzerland - agri-environmental policy outside the European Union, Hansjorg Schmid and Bernard Lehmann; Portugal - agri-environmental policy and the maintenance of biodiversity-rich extensive farming systems, Peter Eden and Miguel Vieira; Regulation 2078 - patterns of implementation, Henry Buller; conclusions - agri-environmental policy beyond Regulation 2078, Geoff A. Wilson, et al.


    Professor Henry Buller (Edited by) ,  etc. (Edited by) ,  Geoff A. Wilson (Department of Geography, King's College, London) (Edited by) ,  Andreas Holl (Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute, Horsholm, Denmark) (Edited by)