1st Edition

Agricultural Commodity Markets A Guide to Futures Trading

By Michael Atkin Copyright 1989

    Originally published in 1989, this book is a clear and thorough guide to the workings and purpose of the futures markets. It begins by explaining the role of futures and options in agriculture and their uses in reducing risks and maximizing profits. The state of the futures industry in the USA, Europe, Japan and the smaller exchanges elsewhere during the 1980s is examined, the pattern of price movements analysed, and the major background factors which influence price movements discussed. The regulatory environment in the US and UK is analysed, and there is a thorough explanation of fundamental and technical approaches to price forecasting and of strategies to maximize profits from trading. Detailed profiles of the major agricultural commodities traded on futures markets comprise the second part of this comprehensive handbook. The major markets, price movements, and trading opportunities are outlined for each commodity in turn. The book concludes by discussing the contemporary issues facing futures trading, and the role of the markets in the agricultural trade of developing countries.

    1.Futures Markets and Agriculture 2. Agricultural Options 3. Commodity Futures Exchanges 4. Approaches to Price Analysis 5. Techniques for Successful Trading 6. Grains 7. Oilseeds, Oilmeals and Oils 8. Livestock and Meat 8. Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa 10. Other Commodities 11. The Future of Futures.


    Michael Atkin was an economist with the International Finance Corporation in Washington D.C.