1st Edition

Agricultural Resource Use and Management

Edited By

Kimberly Etingoff

ISBN 9781774632017
Published March 31, 2021 by Apple Academic Press
348 Pages 35 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters.

Agriculture is one of the prime users of water, particularly in arid places with already-limited water resources, and its effects are diverse and far reaching. Providing a nuanced study of agricultural resource management, this informative book takes a four-pronged approach, covering research on:

• The impact of agriculture on water

• The impact of agriculture on soil quality and its ecological health

• Energy and greenhouse gases

• The impact of a growing population on agricultural resources

Topics include the connection between chemical fertilizer use in agriculture and stream water quality; beef and dairy production on livestock, dairy, and crops; livestock and greenhouse gases; energy consumption rates in agriculture; efficient farming techniques, such as precision agriculture, irrigation management, and sustainable water technologies; and more.

This informative and accessible volume offers a comprehensive guide to this vital and necessary field of study.

Table of Contents


Part I: Water

A Statistical Assessment of the Impact of Agricultural Land Use Intensity on Regional Surface Water Quality at Multiple Scales; Weiwei Zhang, Hong Li, Danfeng Sun, and Liandi Zhou

Discussion on Sustainable Water Technologies for Peri-Urban Areas of Mexico City: Balancing Urbanization and Environmental Conservation; Tiemen A. Nanninga, Iemke Bisschops, Eduardo López, José Luis Martínez-Ruiz, Daniel Murillo, Laura Essl, and Markus Starkl

Part II: Soil and Land

Evaluation of Post-Harvest Organic Carbon Amendments as a Strategy to Minimize Nitrogen Losses in Cole Crop Production; Katelyn A. Congreves, Richard J. Vyn, and Laura L. Van Eerd

Sustainability of US Organic Beef and Dairy Production Systems: Soil, Plant, and Cattle Interactions; Aimee N. Hafla, Jennifer W. MacAdam, and Kathy J. Soder

Changes of Soil Bacterial Diversity as a Consequence of Agricultural Land Use in a Semi-Arid Ecosystem; Guo-Chun Ding, Yvette M. Piceno, Holger Heuer, Nicole Weinert, Anja B. Dohrmann, Angel Carrillo, Gary L. Andersen, Thelma Castellanos, Christoph C. Tebbe, and Kornelia Smalla

Part III: Energy and Greenhouse Gases

A Greenhouse Gas and Soil Carbon Model for Estimating the Carbon Footprint of Livestock Production in Canada; Xavier P.C. Vergé, James A. Dyer, Devon E. Worth, Ward N. Smith, Raymond L. Desjardins, and Brian G. McConkey

Diesel Consumption of Agriculture in China; Nan Li, Hailin Mu, Huanan Li, and Shusen Gui

Energy Savings by Adopting Precision Agriculture in Rural USA; Ganesh C. Bora, John F. Nowatzki, and David C. Roberts

Reducing Carbon Emissions through Improved Irrigation Management: A Case Study from Pakistan; Asad Sarwar Qureshi

Part IV: Impact of Population Growth

Impact of a Growing Population in Agricultural Resource Management: Exploring the Global Situation with a Micro-Level Example; A. H. M. Zehadul Karim

Crop Breeding for Low-Input Agriculture: A Sustainable Response to Feed a Growing World Population; Tiffany L. Fess, James B. Kotcon, and Vagner A. Benedito

Spatial-Temporal Variation of Population Growth and Sustainability of Food Grain Production in West Bengal, India; Sanjit Sarkar and Kasturi Mondal


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Kimberly Etingoff's background includes city and regional planning, farming, food systems programming, sociology, and urban geography. She studied at the University of Rochester and Tufts University and has done extensive field work with food systems and agricultural sociology. She has been writing and editing academic and educational books on topics such as nutrition, farming, and aspects of sociology for more than ten years.