1st Edition

Agricultural Transformation and Land Use in Central and Eastern Europe

By Stephan J. Goetz, Tanja Jaksch Copyright 2001

    This title was first published in 2001. By presenting research from a multi disciplinary perspective, this book will serve as an important reference tool for researchers and others interested in the land use issues of Central and Eastern Europe as well as agribusiness leaders seeking potential trading relations with and within these European countries.

    Contents: Central and Eastern Europe agricultural transformation in a global perspective, Stephan J. Goetz; Climate, soils and agricultural potential, Gudrun Loose; Social change and trends in rural areas, Rosemarie Siebert; Estonia, Elke Knappe; Latvia, Elke Knappe; Lithuania, Elke Knappe; Belarus, Dieter Dräger; Russia, Tanya Jaksch and Dieter Dräger; Ukraine, Hermann Mertens. Eastern European Countries: Bulgaria, Dieter Dräger and Tanja Jaksch; The Czech Republic, Tanja Jaksch; Hungary, Tanja Jaksch; Poland, Hermann Mertens; Romania, Dieter Dräger and Tanya Jaksch; Slovakia, Tanya Jaksch; Land use for forestry, Albrecht Bemmann; Prospects for the future, Tanya Jaksch, Rosemarie Siebert and Stephan J. Goetz; Index.


    Stephan J. Goetz, Tanja Jaksch

    ’...constitutes an excellent introduction to the changes taking place in the region...’ Geography ’...the work is commended for its thoroughness an the abundance of illustrations with 45 figures and some 130 tables.’ Land Use Policy 'For readers who have little knowledge about the current situation of agriculture in transition countries this book gives a good inside view on recent developments.' Journal of International Agriculture