2nd Edition

Agricultural and Agribusiness Law An Introduction for Non-Lawyers

By Theodore A. Feitshans Copyright 2019
    346 Pages
    by Routledge

    346 Pages
    by Routledge

    This introductory textbook provides an overview of the concepts necessary for an understanding of agricultural and agribusiness law. The text will help students of land-based industries with little or no legal background to appreciate and identify issues that may require referral or consultation with legal counsel. This new edition is fully revised and updated, particularly addressing developments in taxation and trade, and includes a new chapter on criminal law, an area of increasing relevance to agriculture.

    Each concise chapter addresses a different legal issue that those employed in agriculture and agribusiness may face, and both federal law and representative examples of state law are included. In addition to traditional topics such as contracts, property law, and estate planning, the book also covers more contemporary issues such as organic certification, animal law, genetically engineered crops, and food safety.

    Agricultural law extends beyond those directly engaged in farming to those in agribusiness who provide services and inputs to farmers, buy farmers’ products, store or transport products, manufacture food products and serve as intermediaries between farmers and consumers. The book will, therefore, also serve as a reference and a guide for those employed in agribusiness and agriculture.

    1 Understanding the U.S. legal system

    2 Finding legal materials

    3 Torts

    4 Nuisance and trespass

    5 Contracts

    6 Real property

    7 Landlord-tenant law

    8 Personal property

    9 Contracts for the sale of goods

    10 Secured transactions in real and personal property

    11 Estate planning and farm transition

    12 Family law, health, and end-of-life care

    13 Water law

    14 Business entities

    15 Animal law

    16 Organic, sustainable, fair trade, local, and urban agriculture

    17 Genetically modified organisms and intellectual property law

    18 Food safety

    19 Criminal law

    20 Pesticide law

    21 Conservation and environmental law

    22 Labor

    23 Taxation

    24 International trade

    25 Federal farm program law


    Theodore A. Feitshans is Professor of Agribusiness in the Agribusiness Program at the University of Mount Olive and Extension Professor Emeritus in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA. He is a past president of the American Agricultural Law Association.

    "This is the best textbook available in agricultural law specifically geared towards non-lawyers. It is clear, easy to read and covers the major topics of relevance for agribusinesses." - Marne Coit, MSEL, JD, LLM, North Carolina State University, US

    Praise for the first edtition

    "Excellent in terms of coverage, in terms of substantive content in each chapter, in organization, and in writing style. Professor Feitshans conveys a great amount of information crisply and clearly. He also uses examples to explain and to clarify the text, which greatly enhances the reader’s understanding of the legal concepts and issues."Drew L. Kershen, Earl Sneed Centennial Professor of Law (Emeritus), University of Oklahoma, USA. 

    "There has been a great need for an agricultural law textbook and Agricultural and Agribusiness Law fills that need. Theodore Feitshans is one of the preeminent agricultural law professors in the United States and does an excellent job of outlining complex legal issues in a practical way for law students." Tiffany Dowell, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist, AgriLife Extension Service, Texas A&M University, USA. 

    "This textbook is perfect for undergraduates or others trying to gain a basic understanding of legal issues impacting agriculture. From contracts to environmental law, topics are covered in a quick and easy to understand fashion. I highly encourage faculty and students alike to take a look at Professor Feitshans’ book."Paul Goeringer, Research Associate and Extension Legal Specialist, Agricultural & Resource Economics, University of Maryland, USA.