1st Edition

Agriculture and East-west European Integration

Edited By Jason Hartell, Johan Swinnen Copyright 2000

    This title was first published in 2000:  This volume analyzes key issues of the process of integrating Central and Eastern European countries with the European Union related to agriculture. The issues include the comparative advantage of CEEC agriculture and its development under various accession policy scenarios; the likely policy developments in both the CEECs and the EU, based on economic, social and political economy considerations; the expected economic impacts and adjustment costs for the agro-food sector under various policy outcomes; the most important constraints for integration including policy convergence issues and internal constraints; and how integration will potentially affect trade and labour flows in the Union. The country combines detailed country-specific and region-wide empirical and theoretical analysis.

    List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Contributors, Preface and Acknowledgements, List of Abbreviations, 1. The Implications of European Union Accession for Central and Eastern European Agricultural Markets, Trade, Government Budgets and the Macroeconomy, 2. Baltic Agricultural Competitiveness and Prospects under European Union Accession, 3. The Competitiveness of Czech Agricultural Producers in an Integrated European Market, 4. The Effect of European Union Accession on Poland's Agricultural Markets and Budgetary Expenditures, 5. Slovenia’s Accession to the European Union: Implications for the Agricultural Sector, 6. Integration with the European Union and the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Agro-Food Sector, 7. Agriculture and Integration: Trade Liberalisation Versus Migration, 8. From Central Planning to the Common Agricultural Policy: Analysis and Political Economy Aspects of Agricultural Policy in Central and Eastern Europe, 9. Eastward European Union Enlargement and the Future of the Common Agricultural Policy, 10. The Impact of Central and Eastern Europe Joining the Common Agricultural Policy on Agricultural Protection


    Hartell, Jason; Swinnen, Johan