1st Edition

Agriculture and Economic Development in East Asia From Growth to Protectionism in Japan, Korea and Taiwan

    A comparative study which describes and analyses the contribution of agriculture to the economies of East Asia. Until now, little attention has been paid to the agricultural sector which actually underpins industrial and commercial development. Recently, this sector has become the focus of increasingly bitter economic disputes, especially over protection and the use of import tariffs.
    A comparative framework is used, employing case studies from Japan, Taiwan and South Korea to highlight both the common characteristics of agriculture's role in East Asian development, and features particular to the political economy of agriculture in each country.

    Chapter 1 Agriculture and industrialisation; Chapter 2 East Asian agriculture; Chapter 3 The role of agriculture in Japanese industrialisation; Chapter 4 The state and agricultural adjustment in industrial Japan; Chapter 5 Agriculture and industrialisation in Korea; Chapter 6 Agricultural adjustment in industrial Korea; Chapter 7 The role of agriculture in Taiwan’s economic development; Chapter 8 Agricultural adjustment in industrial Taiwan; Chapter 9 Conclusions;


    Penelope Francks is Senior Lecturer in Japanese Studies at the University of Leeds. She is also the author of Technology and Agricultural Development in Fre-War Japan and Japanese Economic Development. Johanna Boestel and Choo Hyop Kim are completing PhDs on aspects of Taiwanese and Korean economic development at the School of Oriental and African Studies and the University of Sheffield, respectively.