1st Edition

Agroecosystems Soils, Climate, Crops, Nutrient Dynamics and Productivity

By K. R. Krishna Copyright 2013
    552 Pages 133 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    552 Pages 133 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    Comprised of three sections, this covers the nutrient dynamics and productivity of global agroecosystems. It focuses on the major aspects that make up agroecosystems, such as soils, climate, crops, nutrient dynamics, and productivity. It introduces agroeocsystems and describes global soil types that support vast crop belts, then deals with the principles that drive crop growth, nutrient dynamics and ecosystematic functions within any agroecosystem. It also details the influence of agronomic practices and factors such as soil microbes, organic matter, crop genetic nature, irrigation, weeds, and cropping systems that affect productivity of agroecosystems.

    Agroecosystems of the World
    Agroecosystems: An Introduction
    Soils of Agroecosystems
    Wheat Agroecosystem
    Maize Agroecosystem
    Wet Land Rice Agroecosystem
    Sorghum Agroecosystem of Asia, Africa and Americas
    Finger Millet Cropping Zones of Asia and Africa
    Minor Cereals and Millets
    Soybean Production Zones
    Lentil Cropping Belts
    Chickpea Cropping Zones
    Cowpea Farming Zones of Africa and Asia
    Pigeonpea Agroecosystem of Asia, Africa and Caribbean Islands
    Black Gram and Green Gram Belts
    Horse Gram Cropping Zones of Asia and Africa
    Canola Cropping Zones
    Groundnut Agroecosystem
    Sunflower Agroecosystem
    Minor Oilseeds
    Cotton Cropping Zones
    Sugarcane Producing Zones
    Forages and Pastures
    Plantations Crops of the World

    Principles of Nutrient Dynamics
    Atmosphere Influences Nutrient Dynamics in Agroecosystems
    Nutrient Supply into Agroecosystem
    Nutrient Transformations in Arable Cropping Systems
    Nutrient Transformations in Flooded Wetland Belts
    Nutrient Recovery by Crops
    Nutrient Loss from Agroecosystems
    Nutrient Cycling in Crop Fields

    Factors Influencing Nutrient Dynamics in Agroecosystems
    Soil Tillage and Mulches Affect Nutrient Dynamics
    Soil Organic Matter and Nutrient Dynamics
    Soil Microorganisms and Nutrient Dynamics in Agroecosystems
    Weeds and Nutrients in Agroecosystems
    Irrigation Systems Influence Nutrient Dynamics in Agroecosystems
    Crops, Genotypes and Nutrient Dynamics within Agroecosystems
    Cropping Systems and Nutrient Dynamics


    Krishna, K. R.||